The Art of Costume Change and Nothing to Wear!

Because I go to lots of different SL functions and events, I always have to have the right outfits to hand to fit whatever is going on, but sometimes it all gets a bit much as my inventory is bulging with stuff, but being so unorganised, I have a job finding what I want to wear!  I wanted to go over to a 1920’s Chicago sim the other day and I think I spent three times as long looking for something to put on as I did being there!  I didn’t want to spend a fortune on something that I wouldn’t wear very often so I looked around a lot of stores.  I did find a nice dress in the end and I had a beret in my inventory that I put on just for something extra.  I teleported over to Chicago and there were a few people around, but I need to go back when there is more action taking place as it’s a role play sim with a gangster theme.

That evening there was a ‘do’ on at the West End Club and I didn’t realise till late.  I’d already changed out of my twenties costume and the West End theme was Angels and Devils!   I cheated, I went over there with a devil’s halo that I have in my inventory  but kept my day clothes on, everyone looked fantastic though with their devils and angels outfits.

Taking a break and going exploring is nice sometimes, without feeling I have to report on what the sim is all about as seems to be my SL habit!  I went over to a beautiful place called Runestones and got my horse out and wandered about.  I spotted a nice cottage and sat inside for a while by the roaring fire, even virtual places like that are relaxing and nice.

Last night I was back on the dance scene again, I went to a place in showcase called The Rock Store and found the people there very friendly, it’s a nice cosy club for Rock ‘n Roll and they will have a live band there in the next few days, so I’ll try to get back over to see them!  I couldn’t stay as the Beach Club was opening in Midnight Sands and dj Janis was on.  There I was looking through my inventory again for beach clothes!  In the end I found some shorts I didn’t even know I had with a Pixel Dolls top and some sandals,  I was ready!  It was a great night and I really will have to organise my inventory a little bit better for next time!!


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