Posh Office for the News Team and CNN with Popcorn!

I love the New London Village owned by Kat Kassner, I think her and her manager Laredo Lowtide have one of the best London sims, their buildings are exquisite and they are always doing something new and exciting there.  They let us have an office there too, which I really liked, we were in the older part of town and our windows were a little shabby and the roof leaked a little, but it was our base!  Then I got a call from Laredo saying did we mind changing our office to another location, and of course, we didn’t mind at all, but I got a shock when I saw where they decided to put us!!  We have moved into the Houses of Parliament and it’s fantastic, how nice of Kat and Laredo!  It’s a splendid building and the Big Ben clock tower is just amazing, so we are very happy!  Thank you Kat and Laredo!!

We have put our furniture in there and our posters, but we are still doing bits to it, so drop by and take a look!!   It was our usual Tuesday CNN meeting last night and when I teleported over to CNN Island I had a job to find the others as they weren’t quite in their usual spot.  Then I saw Nicole, Wolf and Any1 in the little diner by the car lot.   Nicole wanted us to sit down for a chat and we did, I handed some popcorn around and munched my way through the meeting.  Nicole says CNN may revamp the Island so that will be interesting to see what they do.

I told Nicole all about InWorldz and how in spite of all the bugs that needed ironing out, it was a pretty exciting place to be at the moment with all the people making a base there.  I had written an article about it, comparing it to SL, which I still love, but I’m happy to be in both worlds and I’ve even started a small business in InWorldz selling Christmas decorations.  We were joined by Hibiscus and Kake and we stayed on after Nicole finished the meeting to have a chat.

I went back home after the meeting and caught up on some writing, I had my visit to the Antiquity London sim to finish off as well as updating Our Virtual Trilogy, so I had plenty to do, as well as making Christmas decs for the shop!


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