Up on a Mountaion with a Tiger and Dancing in the Wrong Clothes

I’d written a story for CNN about an SL Zoo called Parktown Zoo  and I had found it to be a great place to visit with all the well sculptured SL animals.  I went on to the CNN meeting on Tuesday and Nicole the CNN Producer decided that we should try a different part of the island again to sit and chat.  She fancied the top of the mountain, so we flew up to a rickety bridge and settled down to talk.  So Any1, Ed and I made ourselves comfortable. 

 At the CNN meeting with Nicole we got onto talking about the article and about animals in SL and how good they were now.  Nicole wanted to know more about animals in SL so I looked into my inventory and gave her a tiger.  Actually it’s an old SL tiger, but quite a good one, you rez it to the ground and it follows you wherever you walk.  Nicole quite liked the tiger and she walked up and down the rickety bridge as we all held on as it swayed back and forth.

I told her to pass one to Henry ireport too, as I’m sure he would like to have a tiger at his meetings to keep all the ireporters under control!!  We had a good meeting and covered quite a few things.  Nicole said goodbye when it was all over and logged out.  Only thing was, she left her tiger there!

At that stage we all got up and thought we had better run before the tiger decided he wanted some virtual lunch!!!   Back at my house I met up with Drax and we decided to explore some medieval sims.  I put my nice new outfit on from Evie’s Closet.  It’s a wench gown and you get two versions, a tatty version which looks like a begger girl ‘s dress and a clean version which is lovely.  I donned the clean version and we set off.  We didn’t have much success as most of the sims seemed empty of people at that time, so Drax asked me if I wanted to go to Run Around Sue’s for a dance instead.  We didn’t change our clothes and we looked very odd indeed with all the other clubbers there, but we had a good time!


2 Responses to Up on a Mountaion with a Tiger and Dancing in the Wrong Clothes

  1. Bumped into your name on someone elses blog page. Your name caught my eye and so followed to this page. Unusual and very interesting. I like your writing. If you ever need a short article on astrology,just let me know. I will write one for you. Take care and good luck.


    Oh…..forgot to tell you. I am a PhD researcher on flight safety risk, and I am living in UK – Farnborough.

  2. Hi Danny,

    Thank you very much for your comments. Although I don’t cover anything to do with astrology here, it sounds to me like you should start your own blog!! If you do don’t forget to send me the URL. I hope you have a very Happy Christmas and a great 2011.

    Janey :))

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