My New Paradise!

October 29, 2010

I felt so depressed when I started looking for new land to buy in SL, all the plots were too big or they wanted a lot more for the tier than I had been used to paying at my previous home.  I’m renting a couple of shops now, so I didn’t really want to pay any more, especially for something that may not be permanent.  Plus the places I looked at didn’t appear to be private enough, although nothing is private in SL, I wanted a place I could chill and also build without people just dropping in.  I’d been looking for about three days when I suddenly spotted a rental place and one that looked very different.  I went over and decided there and then to rent!  I have my own very personal little island, it comes with half a dozen different settings at the click of a control unit and I can even change the sky to suit my mood!  What’s more it is almost half the price that I had been paying at my previous home!  Am I happy? you betcha!!

I put my little tiki building back and I went out and bought some real waves and now I have my base back!  It comes furnished so I don’t have to use my prim limit on furnishing and I have the option of buying extra prims should I want them.   It looks like they have a social side to the sim too, so it will be interesting to see what’s going on, it’s a new beginnings and maybe now it isn’t such a bad thing that I had to move!


Losing My SL Home is a Virtual Shock!

October 24, 2010

How suddenly things happen in SL, yesterday I had a message from my Estate Manager that she was giving up the sim and I would have to move.  I’ve had my parcel of land for 3 years and to be honest I was very fond of  it.  It does seem strange that you can become fond of something that’s only virtual, but it was somewhere I went back to that was my own little space, where I didn’t have to have people invading, which a lot of newbies or passers-by do if you haven’t got somewhere private.  I’d put in real waves and a little tiki hut and I loved my spacious house.  It’s lucky that I can take them all with me, but finding the ideal location again will be a job. 

It doesn’t take long to pack it all away and soon I was left with just the bare beach and I’m pleased I can put my pictures on the blog so I can look back at them.  I know how Hibiscus felt now when she had to leave Victoriana in SL, I know she was really upset at the time.   I started to have a look around for a new parcel, but it’s not something I will rush into as I want to find somewhere that suits me. 

Yesterday wasn’t all negative though, I asked Kat Kassner if I could open up a little Christmas shop in her New London and next thing she  had built this wonderful Dickens style store for me!  I have moved a lot of my Christmas Decorations and Trees in already and it looks really nice.  I stood outside chatting to her and Laredo as she worked on it.  Thanks Kat you cheered me up no end!!

Christmas Comes Early with My Little Shop!

October 17, 2010

I’d often wondered what I should make in SL, and I finally found something I really enjoy, Christmas Decorations!  It came to me when I was in Inworldz and got my shop there, which I have kitted out with lots of lovely colourful Christmas things!  Hibiscus suggested that I could rent some space on her land in SL where she has her wonderful Art Gallery of 19th Century paintings.  So I went over yesterday and started to set up shop.

The snow isn’t on the ground just yet but I had a lot of fun, I’m proud of myself that I have been able to make one prim sculptie Christmas Trees as limiting prims is a must in SL.  Although a few more prims, three in all, I enjoyed making some glass globes with Angels, Santa’s and Xmas trees inside which I added some sparkle to, only a little, I can’t stand too much bling! but you can switch off the sparkle by touching the globe as well if you don’t like it twinkling!  I’ve got garlands, wreaths, snowmen, one prim mistletoe! a gold lantern and even a free Santa and a couple of free pumpkins for Halloween (I didn’t make the pumpkins!)   I love building stuff, although it takes me away from writing a bit, it makes a nice change. Pop over and see Janey’s Christmas Shop and Hibs Gallery!

Sim Hopping Ending in a Virtual Crush!

October 10, 2010

I suppose it was always going to be one of those nights! too much going on and too many places to cover if I wanted to do some good ‘write up’s’.   I was lucky in the fact that New London had their Tardis Expo on early in the evening, so I went over there and spent some nice time with Kat, Laredo and the New London people at their Expo party. 

I had been looking forward to going over to see Brie and the team at the New West End club where they were having a Medieval night, or knight as the case may be, as I put on my knight in armour costume, (makes a change from a long dress!)  It was a lovely party and everyone had dressed up with lots of imagination and it was sad that I had to leave to follow-up the other stories I was interested in. 

I wanted to see how the John Lennon Peace Festival was going, plus I also wanted to pop into the Beatles Museum where  sim owner JohnWinston Vandyke has live concerts all weekend to celebrate what would have been John Lennon’s 70th Birthday.  JohnWinston’s great copy of the Cavern Club was rocking when I got there and I stayed and enjoyed the live band.

I then teleported over to a Woodstock sim to see how the Peace Festival was going, I got a schedule from a very helpful lady and continued to the Africa sim where a live band was playing.

From there, following the schedule I went to a sim holding an event about an architect called Nicolas Schöffer and his futuristic designs.  Finally I thought I would try to get over to the sim where Yoko Ono was appearing as her avatar to light the Imagine Peace Tower.  I left early for this knowing there would be hundreds of people trying to gain entry, even detaching all my bits of armour, Mysti and other ao’s to help stop the lag.  To my surprise when I did make it I was caught in a crush, a pile of avatars who had all been restricted to a tiny parcel on the sim.  We all stayed for a while hoping that we would have access to the event, but it was not to be for me, so I never did get to see Yoko and her light tower!  I’m really sorry I missed the second half of the Medieval night though, I expect they had lots of fun!