Sim Hopping Ending in a Virtual Crush!

I suppose it was always going to be one of those nights! too much going on and too many places to cover if I wanted to do some good ‘write up’s’.   I was lucky in the fact that New London had their Tardis Expo on early in the evening, so I went over there and spent some nice time with Kat, Laredo and the New London people at their Expo party. 

I had been looking forward to going over to see Brie and the team at the New West End club where they were having a Medieval night, or knight as the case may be, as I put on my knight in armour costume, (makes a change from a long dress!)  It was a lovely party and everyone had dressed up with lots of imagination and it was sad that I had to leave to follow-up the other stories I was interested in. 

I wanted to see how the John Lennon Peace Festival was going, plus I also wanted to pop into the Beatles Museum where  sim owner JohnWinston Vandyke has live concerts all weekend to celebrate what would have been John Lennon’s 70th Birthday.  JohnWinston’s great copy of the Cavern Club was rocking when I got there and I stayed and enjoyed the live band.

I then teleported over to a Woodstock sim to see how the Peace Festival was going, I got a schedule from a very helpful lady and continued to the Africa sim where a live band was playing.

From there, following the schedule I went to a sim holding an event about an architect called Nicolas Schöffer and his futuristic designs.  Finally I thought I would try to get over to the sim where Yoko Ono was appearing as her avatar to light the Imagine Peace Tower.  I left early for this knowing there would be hundreds of people trying to gain entry, even detaching all my bits of armour, Mysti and other ao’s to help stop the lag.  To my surprise when I did make it I was caught in a crush, a pile of avatars who had all been restricted to a tiny parcel on the sim.  We all stayed for a while hoping that we would have access to the event, but it was not to be for me, so I never did get to see Yoko and her light tower!  I’m really sorry I missed the second half of the Medieval night though, I expect they had lots of fun!


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