Christmas Comes Early with My Little Shop!

I’d often wondered what I should make in SL, and I finally found something I really enjoy, Christmas Decorations!  It came to me when I was in Inworldz and got my shop there, which I have kitted out with lots of lovely colourful Christmas things!  Hibiscus suggested that I could rent some space on her land in SL where she has her wonderful Art Gallery of 19th Century paintings.  So I went over yesterday and started to set up shop.

The snow isn’t on the ground just yet but I had a lot of fun, I’m proud of myself that I have been able to make one prim sculptie Christmas Trees as limiting prims is a must in SL.  Although a few more prims, three in all, I enjoyed making some glass globes with Angels, Santa’s and Xmas trees inside which I added some sparkle to, only a little, I can’t stand too much bling! but you can switch off the sparkle by touching the globe as well if you don’t like it twinkling!  I’ve got garlands, wreaths, snowmen, one prim mistletoe! a gold lantern and even a free Santa and a couple of free pumpkins for Halloween (I didn’t make the pumpkins!)   I love building stuff, although it takes me away from writing a bit, it makes a nice change. Pop over and see Janey’s Christmas Shop and Hibs Gallery!


3 Responses to Christmas Comes Early with My Little Shop!

  1. Your ornaments look great, good job Janey. I love Christmas, so I am enjoying having the decorations out. And do I spy some mistletoe? A girl can only hope!

  2. Hi Hib, I love Christmas too and I’m looking forward to exploring all the SL Christmas sims! There is some one prim mistletoe! I’ll send you a bunch, it might come in handy!! (only watch it! some of these SL Santa’s are a bit dodgy! could be someone just wearing a Santa Hat trying to collect kisses!)

  3. Oh well, I am ready to live on the edge, even if it includes dodgy SL Santas. Maybe I should get a Santa hat, too?!

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