Losing My SL Home is a Virtual Shock!

How suddenly things happen in SL, yesterday I had a message from my Estate Manager that she was giving up the sim and I would have to move.  I’ve had my parcel of land for 3 years and to be honest I was very fond of  it.  It does seem strange that you can become fond of something that’s only virtual, but it was somewhere I went back to that was my own little space, where I didn’t have to have people invading, which a lot of newbies or passers-by do if you haven’t got somewhere private.  I’d put in real waves and a little tiki hut and I loved my spacious house.  It’s lucky that I can take them all with me, but finding the ideal location again will be a job. 

It doesn’t take long to pack it all away and soon I was left with just the bare beach and I’m pleased I can put my pictures on the blog so I can look back at them.  I know how Hibiscus felt now when she had to leave Victoriana in SL, I know she was really upset at the time.   I started to have a look around for a new parcel, but it’s not something I will rush into as I want to find somewhere that suits me. 

Yesterday wasn’t all negative though, I asked Kat Kassner if I could open up a little Christmas shop in her New London and next thing she  had built this wonderful Dickens style store for me!  I have moved a lot of my Christmas Decorations and Trees in already and it looks really nice.  I stood outside chatting to her and Laredo as she worked on it.  Thanks Kat you cheered me up no end!!


6 Responses to Losing My SL Home is a Virtual Shock!

  1. Wow… was that the first land you moved into? If so, I think this was taken there: https://headburroantfarm.wordpress.com/2007/12/02/xmas-janey/

  2. Yes it was!! and that was the giant bear that Wheemzel gave me in the picture! I suppose to have a piece of land that long is a bit amazing in SL! sadly the sim has gone now!

    J :))

  3. I thought I had a lot more of your island – picture with you, me & Pinkie – but I can’t find them! I suspect they would have been taken direct to my inventory rather than emailed out to Picasa or Flickr… I’ll take a looksee next time I’m in-world.

  4. I think you did take a lot of photos, you always have been brilliant at taking pictures. They are lovely to keep as nothing seems permanent in SL.

  5. It’s a strangely ever-shifting place and no mitake 🙂

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