My New Paradise!

I felt so depressed when I started looking for new land to buy in SL, all the plots were too big or they wanted a lot more for the tier than I had been used to paying at my previous home.  I’m renting a couple of shops now, so I didn’t really want to pay any more, especially for something that may not be permanent.  Plus the places I looked at didn’t appear to be private enough, although nothing is private in SL, I wanted a place I could chill and also build without people just dropping in.  I’d been looking for about three days when I suddenly spotted a rental place and one that looked very different.  I went over and decided there and then to rent!  I have my own very personal little island, it comes with half a dozen different settings at the click of a control unit and I can even change the sky to suit my mood!  What’s more it is almost half the price that I had been paying at my previous home!  Am I happy? you betcha!!

I put my little tiki building back and I went out and bought some real waves and now I have my base back!  It comes furnished so I don’t have to use my prim limit on furnishing and I have the option of buying extra prims should I want them.   It looks like they have a social side to the sim too, so it will be interesting to see what’s going on, it’s a new beginnings and maybe now it isn’t such a bad thing that I had to move!


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