Camping? Me? Yes, Lol!

One of those days again, I got a message from Hibiscus telling me that the person who owns the sim where she has her land and where I have one of my Christmas shops, which I rent from her,  has not being paying the tier for the sim, so it has been reclaimed by the Lindens!  That’s it, you pay rent as probably Hib and the other renters have done in advance and there is nothing to stop you losing it, no way to make the person who let everyone down settle their debts!  It might be a good idea if the Lindens were to make it known to the people who live or have shops on the sims that the owner has stopped paying, so that at least the renters know to stop paying and look for somewhere else before they chuck more money away!   Talking of money, I went to a sim in the Destination Guide the other day called Off the Wall, and spotted some people sitting around a table.  I wandered over  and  realised they were camping for free money!  It was a good deal too, it was one Linden dollar per minute!  I decided to grab a seat and see if I could get everyone talking, as I remember when I used to camp, talking wasn’t really the thing I did much, I think I was quite shy as a newbie! 

And so I met Jackray, Caydence, Hugo, Maerl and Aleera.  It was sort of nice sitting chatting and I passed round the cups of green tea  and cake, so everyone felt at home.  I’m not sure what happened, but I jumped up out of my seat for some reason, so lost any money I would have earned, as Jackray told me you had to sit there for an hour to get paid.  I didn’t mind, the sim owner is generous to give people so much money for camping and it brought back happy memories of when I used to search for good camp sites when I was a newbie!  Changing the subject completely, I went to a beautiful SL wedding yesterday, Dottie Idlemind wed Gold Gazalet and it all went like a dream.  I ended up taking over a hundred photographs while I was there, the setting was gorgeous and the Bride and groom looked stunning.  We had a party afterwards at Janis Short’s HangOut Club so it was a day to remember.  Many congratulations to Dottie and Gold!!

You can see more photos of the Wedding in Virtually London (lite).


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