I’d Almost Forgotten What Griefing Was Like, I Only Wanted to Look at My Beautiful Gift!

I got a fantastic gift from Up4 and Rux who own Old Europe.  It’s a beautiful winter house, complete with snow and all the fixtures and fittings inside, you can even sit in there and see the snow through the windows, although it may not be snowing outside, a very clever idea.  I hadn’t anywhere to rez it as my new home restricts me to 50 prims, as it’s already furnished, and I find that’s enough to build my stuff.  I went off to find a sandbox to have a look at the little house properly.

I rezzed the box then opened the house and had fun looking at all the lovely things inside.

Next thing I was caught in a load of boxes filling the sim, some nutter had decided to grief everyone, I suppose it can be quite funny griefing, but then again it can be a nuisance when you are trying to sort stuff out by using a sandbox.  I sent an AR off as well as the griefer kept on without letting up, but never heard back from the Lindens.  It’s the first time I haven’t had confirmation that they have received an AR, I wonder if they have new policies on not checking them all out.

Anyways the winter house is lovely and Up4 and Rux have it for sale in their Old Europe Winter Village which I will go over and explore very soon,  it’s brilliant there, especially at Christmas.

I’ve had so much fun making Christmas stuff that I haven’t enough places to display it.  I made a skating snowman and skating penguin and I’ve just finished a white Christmas tree decorated with flower fairies.  I’m getting loads of ideas and playing about with scripts which is fun as well. 

I opened shops in Jura, Tropical Bliss and the New London Village and I really like setting up the displays, I’ll have to think about after Christmas soon, maybe a Fairy shop and some Easter stuff would be nice.  I think now I have found I like building small items so much I’ll always be wanting to build something!


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