A Hen Night in SL

Good friend Cutewillow Carlberg is getting married today and all the girls decided to go out on the town last night for an SL Hen night (a Hen night in the UK is when the bride-to-be and all her friends go out and get merry just before the wedding, similar to a stag night for the men!).  We started out at Brie’s home where she had set up some stuff for Cute, it looked lovely, Brie also had a game for us to play ‘Truth or Dare’   Princess gave us a box of goodies which turned out to be lots of stuff in the shape of, well! willy’s (penis’ for the want of a better word!), hats drinks, jewellery!  what more could we want for a Hen night!  We all played Truth or Dare which was a really funny, then we looked for a ‘girl’s night out’ venue in SL.

We found a place called Seductive Nights, a place for women only with male strippers, and we teleported over.  We were greeted by the hostess and a couple of male dancers who came down to dance amongst us.

Spotting Cute as the bride, one of the guys made a bee line for her and danced in front of her, which was fine until he decided to shed his clothes down to his underpants.

I notice Cute did a quick exit to the other side of the room and soon both guys didn’t have a stitch on.  They came up to us and talked a bit naughty as all the girls giggled and tried to move out of the way.  How amazing, just like a real life club, I never even realised they had these venues in SL, but then I suppose they have everything.

I hope Cute enjoyed her Hen night, it was an experience for us all and it was nice having a girls night out for a change.  I’m looking forward to the wedding later on today, I’m sure Cute and her fiance Jolly will have a wonderful SL wedding!


2 Responses to A Hen Night in SL

  1. Boye Jervil says:

    Male strippers in Second Life! What a job but I suppose someone has to do it. I would be hopeless at the task being totally inept in all things SL. I would be likely to rezz my ‘2-prim terror’ on my knee or some other silly place, and crash like you would never believe and return repining, Ruthed and bald to the amusement of all.

  2. Haha Boye!! Don’t be too sure, I’m positive some of those ladies would prefer to see a gentleman stripper like you would be! In my opinion, and maybe only mine! most girls prefer a bit of fantasy romance rather than just seeing someone quickly getting their clothes off! (unlike men watching women strippers that is!!)

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