Back in Knightsbridge!

I’ve been doing ok with my little Christmas shops, I love making all the bits and have added a couple of xmas trees with birds, one with our English Robin and one with Red Cardinals with a glarland and wreath to match on the Cardinal one.  The joy of making stuff is great, although my time is limited, its such a nice thing to do.  I have a few shops, a couple in a lovely Christmas sim called The Christmas Village at Jura, one in Tropical Bliss and one in the New London Village.  I wanted to get one more shop and decided to look back at Virtual London.  It was nice going back there, and it brought back  memories of happy times, of which there were many!  I explored all the sims, Mayfair, Hyde Park, Westminster, Kensington and Knightsbridge and looked at the shops that were available to rent.  I decided on Knightsbridge as I have always loved the gallery and it has lots of room inside for my trees etc.  I enjoyed setting my shop up and talking to the people dropping by who had come to see what was going on.  I’m not going to make a killing with my stuff for the sales, as I keep the prices low and I try to make everything very low prim as well (my trees are just one prim), so people can put up lots of decorations and still have their quota of prims left for their furniture.  I love walking around the London sims again looking at the shops.  It was good too to see so many friendly faces!


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