Such a Laugh in Murray!

I hadn’t been to Murray in ages, the place where I first entered SL over 3 years ago!  It had been plagued by griefers then and continued to  be used by them on and off ever since.   I went over to Murray with Drax and there were new people  there who I hadn’t seen before.  They were very nice and obviously SL car fans as the guy had a really nice range of cars in his inventory.  He kindly gave me a few cars and Drax and I decided to have a ride.  I managed to sit in the driver’s seat but Drax ended up sitting on the bonnet of the car, so he whistled and his mighty tarn appeared.  He climbed onto the big bird and I climbed on behind him and we took to the air circling high over Murray.  Drax is really good with the bird and handles it very smoothly, not at all like my driving!!  We landed back down and I tried a couple of the other cars.

We ended up in the little car shaped like an antique Ford, but it was very, very nippy!   Drax took a big chance riding with me as we zoomed off at top speed with me losing control!  The Lindens have altered Murray from the nice grassy plains to a beach type area with very large stepping-stones everywhere.  True to form I hit each and every stepping-stone and got stuck behind some deckchairs!  

I put away the speedy little car and got my Caterham 7 from my inventory, the car which I had frightened Hibiscus with when I took her for a ride in Virtual London! (think she liked it really!).  Drax climbed into the passenger seat and off we went, well my car was even worse, I ended up in the sea several times with Drax going ‘glug glug’ as he tried to breathe!  We finally got back onto the beach! However I think a griefer must have orbited us as we suddenly took off and landed in the next sim!  It didn’t make any difference though, my driving was so bad I might as well have griefed myself!


3 Responses to Such a Laugh in Murray!

  1. I’ve never been the same, Janey, since that drive through Virtual London!

  2. Drax says:

    Oh my, I was laughing the whole time! It was so much fun! I think in the future though, I will just ride the bird and watch from above. It’s much safer that way!!!!

  3. Huh!! I don’t know what’s wrong with you both!! a little fast driving and you want to take the bus and the big bird!! I was laughing too!! trouble was I had to spend all my time trying to avoid the other people who were standing there in Murray, for some reason the car seemed to want to go in their direction!! So it wasn’t my fault really we ended up in the sea!

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