Photo Contest a Big Success and Time to Relax Dancing!

I organised the London Photograph Competition for Virtually London (lite) over Christmas and I was absolutely stunned at how many people entered with excellent pictures.  I suppose this was the first really big successful contest I have run, and I decided to ask Kat and Laredo of New London if I could use the New Albert Hall to display the photos.  It was lucky that it is such a big grand building as the entries filled the entire hall and looked great!  Thanks Kat and Laredo!  You can go and see the pictures which will be on display for another couple of days!

Drax had judged the contest and it proved to be very difficult because of the amount of really good pictures, he spend ages on it and did a great job!    I’m still trying to get organised for my shop for the summer too, I put all the Christmas stuff away and have started to make some new things, but time has been against me so far!  Drax and I decided to take some time out though, and head for Run-around-Sue’s for a bit of rock’n roll.  We joined the line of dancers and had a really nice time!

I’m looking forward to another photo contest, probably at Easter, so I hope we have another good response like the Christmas contest!


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