So Much Fun In Second Life!

I’ve been pretty slow reporting stuff since Christmas, but gradually getting back into the swing of things.  Sometimes it’s hard to write about events, as there are so many going on, and finding time for just enjoying them as well, because I’ve been enjoying them too much lately, especially when you know most of the people in the virtual pubs and clubs and join in the banter, which flies around the room all the time!   I did go to maybe the best event I’ve ever been to this week though, it was in the West End Club run by Brie, Clive and Cute.  They are becoming masters of how a virtual club should be run and if this was a real life club I suspect they would be millionaires by now, simply because of their professionalism and ideas.  Brie wanted a Cabaret/Moulin Rouge evening and everyone just loved it including me!  I already had a showgirl outfit that I had bought as a special offer from Evie’s Closet, but I had never worn it before.  So I put it on and was ready to go!  The club, decorated by Clive was stunning, and it was a shame that it would all be taken apart again after the event.   Hibiscus looked amazing in her outfit and Drax and Boye joined us for a great night. 

Everyone had got into the mood of the evening, the costumes were gorgeous and Brie sent me a message that she wanted a few of us up on the stage to do the Can Can and Lady Marmalade with her.  By this time I was so lagged out, being nearly 40 people in the club, that my pictures weren’t the best quality, but I managed to get onto the stage and it was so funny!  Not to be left out the men also joined in the Can Can and luckily Drax, Simon, Brie and Hib were taking pictures too, which they have sent me (I’ll be publishing them in Virtually London (lite) with their comments about the night this week). 

No one wanted to log off, we carried on way past closing time and I think people would still be there now if they hadn’t needed to get to bed!   It was all too much, there was another costume event the next day, this time it was the Flintstones theme.  I bought a costume for 1 Linden off of marketstreet and met Drax who proudly made his own costume in ‘Appearance’.  We had those caveman clubs as well, when you type ‘bam’ in text you can clout each other over the head with them, I think everyone in the club that night had one of those!

In true caveman style we travelled over to the club on Drax’s big black bird, the nasty bitey Tarn!

The Flintstones evening was really good too and I’ll be putting all the pictures on the London blog for that as well.  Who says you can’t have fun staying at home with your computer!  Of course add all your virtual friends and you can’t fail to have a smashing time!


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