Taking To The Skies In The Gilded Gobbler and Back On The Ground 1920s Style

I remembered the other day that great designer Johnnytreadlightly Nightfire had given me a beautiful airship called the Gilded Gobbler some time ago.  Johnny and Alphonso who own Genius Inc make some fantastic stuff and the Gobbler has so much detail, it’s like a floating mansion.  I asked Drax if he wanted to go for a ride in it and decided a sandbox was the safest place to try it out.

I didn’t do too badly, I took off and slowly steered the ship around the sandbox with Drax sitting at the back probably worried about my driving, but he looked pretty relaxed!  The interior of the ship is beautiful and you could actually live it in quite comfortably if you had a spot of land to put it on when not flying.

I am pleased to say we landed safely with no broken avatar bones! so I’ll be taking it out again, maybe I’ll show it to Kat and Laredo in New London next week, as long as I don’t crash into Big Ben!  I’ve always stuck to viewer 1 in SL and suddenly thought I would try the Phoenix viewer again  and I’m glad I did, it’s opened up a whole new world of SL make-up for me, with the tattoo layer I can put different eyeshadow and lipstick without changing my whole skin!!  Hibiscus has tried it too and it means a  lot of new shopping trips for us!!  It helped last night as I wanted to look my best, I was going to a Rez day party which had a 1920’s theme.  I’d been to a demonstration in Virtual London in the afternoon, the people there were supporting the real life students who were demonstrating in Manchester about tuition fees and I hastily wrote an article to put on CNN about it.  They were a nice bunch of people in Virtual London and they are trying to support what they think is an unfair issue.   As the writing took a bit of time I didn’t have long to look around for an outfit for the 1020’s party.  It was Brie Janick, Barbie Bohemian and Clive Hissop’s joint Rez Day celebration and I guessed everyone would look stunning.  Luckily I found a bargain at Lemania, a gold evening gown with a 20’s look and quickly made a headband with a feather to add to the short bob haircut I also bought, so I was ready to go.  The party was just amazing, there were 40 people in that little club at one time and everyone had a brilliant time.

Brie excitedly called us over to pose  with her at the end of the evening and we all clambered around getting into position on the poseballs!

We took loads of pictures and I’ll be putting mine on Virtually London (lite) later in the week.  The West End Club owned by Brie, Clive and Cute is so popular and they work really hard to come up with new events all the time.  The crowd that go there are a really nice bunch of people and it’s good to have such good friend in SL and it’s always fun being with them.  I hope Brie, Barbie and Clive enjoyed their party!!


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