Valentine’s Day Hugs and Kisses With The Lindens

I intended to get over to the sim set up by the Lindens early on Valentine’s Day to see who was about.  It started at 7am SLT and finished at 7pm, so you never knew who would turn up from Linden Labs between those times.  Drax joined me and we said Hi to Cupid Linden and Courtney Linden, Courtney was bravely in the booth giving away the first kisses and hugs of the day.  Blondin Linden arrived next and said Hi, I’d met Blondin a couple of times before so it was nice to see him again at the event.  I lined up to get a hug from both Courtney and Blondin, taking lots of pictures as I went along.   I put an article on CNN just as I did last year to mark the event and found everyone very friendly.  I went back there again later in the day and saw Tiggs Linden, the cutest of avs in his little tiger outfit. One of residents Rip Vale was also a tiny and it made a great sight to see him and Tiggs exchanging hugs. 

Soon they were joined by other sweet little tinies and an avatar named Random Person.  Random was a little bit different, he had some comical avatar outfits and one of them looked like a potato head.

Friend Eliza Janus was at the event and she looked very beautiful in her romantic red dress covered in roses.  Eliza introduced me to her friend Misscheevers Borkotron who looked beautiful too in her black lace dress.

Hibiscus joined me later and we had quite a few Linden hugs, it was a fun day in SL.


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