New Land, New Home

I’ve been very happy in my Skysphere since I sadly lost my little piece of virtual land at Beasty Island.  The Skysphere was very private and also thanks to owner Haye, beautifully designed, so my stay there has been really nice.  Then friend Spooks Blackburn who owns Whitechapel 1888 got in touch and asked me if I wanted to share a quarter of a homestead with him, Hibiscus and Cliff.  They had also been through quite a bit, losing their previous parcels of land and Cliff had even lost a lot of money where he had paid his tier in advance.  So there I was, do I take this chance at sharing land with three people I know I get on with and can rely on to keep the homestead going? It works out to a lot more money than I have ever paid in SL for rent etc, but what a dream, a massive piece of land (by my standards) with lots of prims and good neighbours.  Like everything I do, I decided there and then that it would be a good option and I have my new fabulous SL home!

It was with much excitement that we all went over and took a look at the homestead, it was covered in sand in the beginning and it looked so BIG!  Drax came over and we rode the horses around, it was a wonderful feeling that I could start planning what to build.  Hib put her little gallery down, Cliff set to landscaping (he’s good he’s done it before) and Spooks worked none stop to put his fabulous Whitechapel 1888 back together!   I’ve had to let my Skysphere go, again with sadness, it’s been my home and felt like it, but I can’t afford to keep them all, but these are exciting times.  The homestead is called Jamaica Inn, so the first thing I did was try to make a copy of the actual real life Inn, though I have used a different stone texture and I’m not the best builder in the world, so it’s only loosely based on the real thing, but I have started to put my new home together.  I’ve included my Fairy shop so hope to get some callers passing by. 

I think I can safely say that we are all very happy with our new homestead, for me it’s a new beginning and I will probably change things all the time when I get bored with them, but basically I think I have found my piece of SL heaven.


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