Lover’s Lane and Old Europe

I’ve been spending a great deal of time at my new virtual home, building has become such a joy and I can see why people just want to build all the time in SL.  I love the animals I put there, watching the macaws flying is great, they bring a bit of life to the place.  I had some land at the back of the houses I built and I wanted to lay a path leading round to a gazebo at the end with a rock pool next to it,  then coming back to the shoreline where I built a bigger gazebo looking out onto the ocean.  I suddenly got the idea that it might be a nice place for people to come and chat or for couples and I’ve called it ‘Lover’s Lane’.  I’ve put some romantic poses along the way where people can quietly kiss and cuddle if they wish to.  Just along the way they can visit Hibiscus as she has a pavilion for dancing.  My Lover’s Lane isn’t anything extraordinary, but it’s somewhere nice to relax.  I was quite proud of my rock pool, I made my first little waterfall and I think it looks quite natural, who knows what I might build next, luckily I haven’t got room for Niagara Falls!

It’s been a terrible week for news, the Japanese Earthquake/Tsunami is the most tragic thing I can remember and lets hope lots of people can donate money to help to alleviate the situation as time goes on.  I hurriedly put a link on CNN to the Linden’s appeal which was probably one of the first funds set up, in SL anyway.  It got lots of hits and I think people were looking for places to donate to in real life too, as everyone wants to help all they can.  I have seen many sims with the official collection points since, and this is a great idea, at least people will know that their donations are going to the right place.  I saw one in Old Europe too, I’ve been setting up a stall there.  Up4 Dawes invited me over to open a stall in his fabulous Old Europe Market Fair and I’ve taken some of my flowers and fairy decorations along.  Old Europe looks as beautiful as ever and it’s been bustling with people since the market opened.  It goes on until March 31 with some great events happening, so there’s plenty of time to check it out.


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