Wonderful Friends Make My 4th Rez Day One to Remember

I want to thank all my amazing friends for giving me such a wonderful 4th Rez Day!  Good friend Eliza, whose own Rez Day was last week, invited me over to her lovely Magic Valley land where she showed me around and treated me to a Rez Day cake (she took the beautiful black and white photo, also see more pictures on Flickr).  Then my dear friend Brie Janick invited me over to the West End Club where they held a surprise Rez Day Party for me.  Ed, did an article for me on Virtually London (lite) too!  Thank you Ed!  You all made my day fantastic and I had a brilliant time!  (4 years is a long time in SL and I put together a little bit of my history on CNN to  mark the occasion.)


7 Responses to Wonderful Friends Make My 4th Rez Day One to Remember

  1. Neil999 Slade says:

    Janey, Congrats on your 4th rezz day…my 4th rezz day is today, so I know how you feel…my SL experience is one I would not trade for anything…hope someday we will meet in there…Neil999 Slade, “The Cowboy DJ”

  2. Eliza Janus says:

    Hello, Janey,

    look who is here. We must ” catch ” Him next year. Just like We planned. He must be on the group pohoto. Period. :-)))


    Eliza Janus.

  3. Hi Head,

    Thank you!

    J :))

  4. Hello Neil,

    A very Happy Rez Day to you!! Hope you have a great time! 4 years is a long time in SL so congratulations to you too!!

    Best Wishes
    Janey :))

  5. Hi Eliza,

    Yes would have been nice if Head had been in the group shot on your rez day, we will definitely capture him next year and get him to pose. You reading this Head? In fact all the Murray, Oak Grove people would make a fantastic picture!

    Janey xx

  6. HBA says:

    I’d love too – I wasn’t in-world that day 😦 but I’ll try again next year 😀

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