As CNN Leave Second Life its Goodbye With a Party Tonight!

December 29, 2011

Picture by Courtesy of Henry ireport

CNN island is closing in SL soon, there will be a final party tonight at 2pm(slt), so we’ll go along and say our farewells to producers Nicole and Henry’s avatars, as they won’t be coming into the virtual world officially as reps of CNN any more.  A decision I think, which may have been made some time ago and finally it’s come about.  It doesn’t really make a lot of difference to me, as I will go on uploading stories and still have contact via the website if there is a problem, so it’s really only the meetings that have stopped, the articles will still be vetted by CNN who will still have  SL Assignments on the site.  It’s been a lovely time for both me and friend and writer Hibiscus Hastings, we met at CNN and formed a great friendship; we were both there from the very beginning when ireport started out in its Beta form back in 2007. We have contributed our own little bit of virtual history to the internet with our stories of what a real community SL is, complete with all its wonderful population of designers, artists, theatre people and creators of what ever you can imagine in the real world being brought into the virtual one.  It’s been an honour for me to meet so many clever and interesting people and I’ve enjoyed every step of the way writing about them!   So I will carry on and want to thank Nicole, Henry, and all the CNN peoples I met who came in world to chat to us mere mortals! lol!  Looking forward to the party tonight, so just type CNN island on your map in-world and pop along tonight and have some fun!

Nicole ireport



Eliza’s Winter Wonderland and Her Christmas Message!

December 21, 2011

It was lovely of  friend Eliza Janus to visit Jamaica Inn to see our Christmas display and I saw that she had her own little winter wonderland where she lives in SL, in Bay City, so I went over for a look!  Eliza is very artistic and she has made a beautiful job of her Christmas scene.  Well done Eliza it really feels like Christmas now and I hope you have a brillaint festive season!

Eliza also sent a notice round with Christmas wishes in all different languages, I hope she doesn’t mind me repeating what she said here, as I think it’s a lovely idea being that we share our Second Life with people from all over the world:

“I wish you a blessed and peaceful Christmas, may the peace and joy that only the Christchild brings be with you and your family always.

 Niech czas Bozego Narodzenia uplynie w atmosferze radosci i milosci, a Nowy Rok spelni wszystkie Wasze marzenia. Wszystkiego najlepszego.

 Gesegnete Weihnachten und ein glückliches neues Jahr !

 Glædelig jul og godt nytår !

 Veselé vánoce a šťastný nový rok !”

Christmas In Jamaica Inn – Hibiscus, Drax and I are in Showcase with our Festive sim!

December 17, 2011

I love SL at Christmas time and this year I had a bigger piece of land than I had ever had before with friends Hibiscus Hastings, Drax Ember, Whisper Fearne and Cliff Chesnokov as neighbours.  Hib and I decided to make our parcels into a winter wonderland this year and I started back in October to get organised.  Hib has done a great job, she has a bob-sleigh run, a horse and sleigh and lots of other pretty bits as well as the ever popular Greedy table.  I asked Drax if I could extend the Christmas bits to his land too and he kindly agreed, so it’s quite an area, with some freebies included too!  I’ve written about it all on CNN as well and it was with great delight that we got accepted for the Destination Guide, so we’ve had a fair amount of visitors popping in already!  So pop over to Jamaica Inn and have some fun!