Eliza’s Winter Wonderland and Her Christmas Message!

It was lovely of  friend Eliza Janus to visit Jamaica Inn to see our Christmas display and I saw that she had her own little winter wonderland where she lives in SL, in Bay City, so I went over for a look!  Eliza is very artistic and she has made a beautiful job of her Christmas scene.  Well done Eliza it really feels like Christmas now and I hope you have a brillaint festive season!

Eliza also sent a notice round with Christmas wishes in all different languages, I hope she doesn’t mind me repeating what she said here, as I think it’s a lovely idea being that we share our Second Life with people from all over the world:

“I wish you a blessed and peaceful Christmas, may the peace and joy that only the Christchild brings be with you and your family always.

 Niech czas Bozego Narodzenia uplynie w atmosferze radosci i milosci, a Nowy Rok spelni wszystkie Wasze marzenia. Wszystkiego najlepszego.

 Gesegnete Weihnachten und ein glückliches neues Jahr !

 Glædelig jul og godt nytår !

 Veselé vánoce a šťastný nový rok !”


5 Responses to Eliza’s Winter Wonderland and Her Christmas Message!

  1. Pearline Sweetwater says:

    I agree completely! I have visited Eliza’s gorgeous Christmas display and it really does add to my enjoyment of the holiday. I’m so glad that some people have such creativity combined with the “holiday spirit” so that we can all enjoy it that much more.

  2. Eliza Janus says:

    Hello, Janey,

    what a lovely surprise. Thanks for stopping by. I enjoyed visiting Jamaica Inn. The whole place is just magical. Well done Janey, you are a lovely friend.



  3. Eliza Janus says:

    Hi, Pearline,

    it makes me happy seeing you here. Thanks for a lovely words.

    I am pretty sure that you would enjoy visiting Jamaica Inn, too. I will contact you in – world today and We could explore Janey’s place in Second Life together.

    Lots of Love,


  4. Misscheevers Borkotron says:

    Hello Eliza, Janey and Pearline

    A really lovely Winter Wonderland and blogpost to match! As Pearline said, such creativity combined with the holiday spirit really does add to the enjoyment of this time of year. Eliza, thank you for your wonderful display, Janey, thank you for your lovely post and Pearline, thank you for expressing so well in words about how such things enrich this season. The very best of seasons greetings to you all!!

  5. Hi Pearline, Eliza and Misscheevers,

    Thank you for your comments here and I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and a good and peaceful New Year! xxx

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