Five years in SL – My Amazing 5th Rez Day!

I can’t believe it’s five years since I joined SL, yet somehow it seems as if I’ve always been a Second Life resident!  My Rez Day was yesterday and I woke up and saw that there was a new article on Virtually London (lite), curiously I turned to the front page and there was this picture of me in my tiny avatar and blue dress, yes my little red panda av! but who did this, put this on Virtually London (lite)? well naughty Hibiscus Hastings, that’s who!  My friend Hib had remembered my Rez Day and was asking readers to guess who the red panda with a Rez Day was!  Friend Ed put a comment on there and I added one too, telling Hib I would get her later for this publicity!  That evening I thought I would take some photos for my Rez Day, we were scheduled to play Greedy Greedy later so that was how I was to spend my Rez evening.  I put on a nice dress and went over to Run around Sue’s because it was open early and I danced around taking pictures.  As I danced friend Drax logged on and came over, we chatted and I continued to take more pics and I mentioned it was getting near the time arranged to play Greedy, as Ed, Hib, Web, Drax and I were all joining in the game.  However, Drax was saying, wait till it’s time to start before we teleport, so I said ok, but got a bit suspicious after it got late and we should have gone over to the Greedy table.  Drax kept making excuses and by this time I guessed something was up!  He gave me an adorable beagle puppy for my Rez Day and I really looked forward to seeing it later that night (I rezzed it later and it’s so cute! I’ve yet to pick a name for him!).  Finally Drax said we ought to go over and we teleported to Hib’s land!  well as I landed I saw that we were surrounded by our wonderful friends!  Yes Hib had arranged a surprise party for me and I had a lovely time, best ever!  Simon dj’d for us and we danced the night away.   It was a Rez Day to remember and I managed to take some pictures as you see!  I’d like to say a big thank you to everyone who came along, TXBarb, Janis, Brie, Seany, Simon, Al, Poppy, Ed, Eliza, Pink, Nils, Truths, Nahi, Drax, and Hib (naughty Hib!).  (It was Eliza’s Rez Day a few days ago and I posted her celebration story on CNN .  I nearly put my Rez Day on there too, but CNN have hidden SL stories so far down into their new style  format that people can no longer just trip across our stories, so it looks like they have sidelined SL after all.  I read today that main media channels are losing a lot of their audiences to independent news channels because people think they aren’t getting the full real life news because they are being censored; apparently CNN have lost the most viewers, said to be 50%.  Maybe it’s time for the main media to realise that people are waking up to what is happening in the world today, it’s not only about them taking out the fun things like SL, it’s about them treating people like children who have to be fed the news they want them to read and not what is really going on. After all the world economy won’t make main media reporters, bosses etc exempt from the outcome that the governments plan for us all!)


10 Responses to Five years in SL – My Amazing 5th Rez Day!

  1. Eliza Janus says:

    Hello, Janey,

    thank you so much for inviting me to be a part of your 5th Rez Day in Second Life.

    Although I only stayed for a few minutes, I really couldn’t have been happier to be a part of it.


    Eliza Janus

  2. Johnny Night says:

    Happy belated rez day, Janey! (and Eliza!)

  3. Hi Eliza,

    I’m so pleased you could make it to the party, although you were having a lot of trouble with your computer, it was lovely to see you there! And thank you for your wonderful gift to me of the tree swing, it’s so pretty and I’ve put it in my SL garden! xxx

  4. Thank you Johnny, nice to see you here :))

  5. Eliza Janus says:

    Hello, Janey,

    it was a pleasure for me to be there. I’m glad you like the gift.


    Eliza Janus

  6. Eliza Janus says:

    Hello, Johnny,

    thank you.

    It’s a shame you couldn’t make it but next year We will make sure you are coming. 😉


  7. Alphonso Pidgeon says:

    Congrats Janey. Glad you had a good time. I would have been there, but I’m far too grumpy these days, and RL is a little mental ATM.

  8. You are never grumpy Alph, thanks for congrats! 🙂

  9. Eliza Janus says:

    Oh, sure He is ! 😛

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