A Blonde Evening!

I’ve been a bit of a ‘stick at home’ over the last few months, just love pottering around on my virtual  land and doing little bits and pieces, but prims are starting to run out! so I will have to curtail my buying new stuff and making new bits for a while.  The trouble is I like to change things all the time, I suppose doing a bit of creativity in SL is a calming and a pleasing thing, which takes your mind completely off of real life for a while.  so in a way it’s therapeutic, plus with a bit of luck you are happy with the results of what you have created.   I decided to go back out to the clubs this weekend though, and popped over to Janis Short’s HangOut for Truths’ Rez Day bash, which was great fun and then last night they had a wonderful formal Ball at the New West End Club.  I haven’t had a chance to put on a posh frock for ages, so I sorted through my inventory as I saw Hibiscus log on.  Hib wanted to go to the Ball too, so we both got ready.  For some reason I decided to have a change and go blonde for the night.  Is it true that blondes have more fun? well I’m not sure about that, but I did have a good time casting my dark long hair aside for the night.  The beauty of SL is that you don’t have to spend hours in the hairdressers, rezzing permitted of course, you can don completely different coloured hair and any style in a second (well you can just  hope you aren’t bald to the rest of the people and only seeing the hair on your viewer!)  I had a bright pink evening gown in my inventory, very glam looking, so I chose that and Hib looked stunning in a brown satin gown.  It was a lovely idea  having an Easter Ball and the club was crowded with owner/dj Cutewillow  playing some great music!  Everyone looked amazing and it’s nice to see the men in their smart tuxes too!  Yes this blonde had lots of fun, it was a really nice evening!!

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