Win 100,000 Lindens!!!

October 10, 2009

Nom main

I had a press release from Razi Semple of the Ministry of Motion the other day, and it is about a competition they are running there, which is just too good to miss.  When I read the prize money, I had to do a double take and look again, just to make sure I was reading right, the prize is 100,000 Lindens, which will be won by one customer on the 31st October 2009, the second and third prizes are fabulous too, with dance animations etc.  I’d met sim owner Nomasha Syaka a few months ago when I did an article about him, as he creates amazing Mocap dance animations and makes these fantastic guitars that you can play your own music on in SL.  So go over and see his sim anyway, it’s a great place to visit.  The competition is being run by the Ministry of Motion and Second Style Magazine,  you can find out more about how to enter in Our Virtual Trilogy blog.