Lover’s Lane and Old Europe

March 20, 2011

I’ve been spending a great deal of time at my new virtual home, building has become such a joy and I can see why people just want to build all the time in SL.  I love the animals I put there, watching the macaws flying is great, they bring a bit of life to the place.  I had some land at the back of the houses I built and I wanted to lay a path leading round to a gazebo at the end with a rock pool next to it,  then coming back to the shoreline where I built a bigger gazebo looking out onto the ocean.  I suddenly got the idea that it might be a nice place for people to come and chat or for couples and I’ve called it ‘Lover’s Lane’.  I’ve put some romantic poses along the way where people can quietly kiss and cuddle if they wish to.  Just along the way they can visit Hibiscus as she has a pavilion for dancing.  My Lover’s Lane isn’t anything extraordinary, but it’s somewhere nice to relax.  I was quite proud of my rock pool, I made my first little waterfall and I think it looks quite natural, who knows what I might build next, luckily I haven’t got room for Niagara Falls!

It’s been a terrible week for news, the Japanese Earthquake/Tsunami is the most tragic thing I can remember and lets hope lots of people can donate money to help to alleviate the situation as time goes on.  I hurriedly put a link on CNN to the Linden’s appeal which was probably one of the first funds set up, in SL anyway.  It got lots of hits and I think people were looking for places to donate to in real life too, as everyone wants to help all they can.  I have seen many sims with the official collection points since, and this is a great idea, at least people will know that their donations are going to the right place.  I saw one in Old Europe too, I’ve been setting up a stall there.  Up4 Dawes invited me over to open a stall in his fabulous Old Europe Market Fair and I’ve taken some of my flowers and fairy decorations along.  Old Europe looks as beautiful as ever and it’s been bustling with people since the market opened.  It goes on until March 31 with some great events happening, so there’s plenty of time to check it out.


Working on the Land and Tarts and Vicars

March 6, 2011

We’ve been having a laugh lately dressing for the different club themes and one theme in particular sent us searching our inventories to see how tarty we could look!  It had been a Tarts and Vicars night at the West End Club and  it took me ages to achieve this look, Hibiscus too, but it was a lot of fun.  Not often blond, it made a nice change for me.  We had a great time at the club, there were lots of vicars, nuns and even monks as well as loads of glam girls!

I just love being at my new parcel on the homestead sim Jamaica Inn and I’ve been doing all sorts, including making plants, which I’ve got for sale there and digging a pond.

I suddenly got it into my head that I wanted some ducks on the pond and travelled over to one of the animal places called Animania.  Well they had so many lovely birds and things that I spent a fortune.  I spotted some macaws and it was love at first sight.  They bob their heads move along the perch and suddenly take off, circling around the garden before landing back on their perch.  I started off with two, a greenwing macaw and a blue and gold and then decided to go back and buy the hyacinth macaw too, so now they all live happily at Jamaica Inn. 

I got my ducks too and a feeder for them!

There was a tale to tell though with the ducks.  When I first put the parent ducks in the pond they suddenly took off and disappeared.  I searched everywhere and in the end called the store.  A really nice lady called Anni came over and said that I needed to flatten out the bottom of the pond to give them a big enough swim area.  We couldn’t find the ducks so she gave me a replacement pair.   Anni left and I decided to put one of the ducks in the now altered pond, but as I did the duck flew off again, this time with my camera tracking it.  I was able to get it back, it had gone over to Spook’s sim and suddenly I spotted the first pair swimming in some water at the end of the sim near Spooks place.  Incredibly they had found some water and looked quite happy swimming about.  I gathered them up and returned them to Anni, thanking her for her help.  Well I got the ducks in my pond finally and went and bought a pair of ducklings for them to look after.  They are really sweet and look very real.

I’ve been working on the inside of the Inn too and nearly finished it.  I’ve installed the Truthball there so anyone passing can call in and have a game with it.  I’ve saved so many prims by using Johnnytreadlightly Nightfire’s furniture which looks amazing!  I did return to the animal place again and bought one last thing, a lovely blue butterfly, just like the ducks he flew off into the distance when I first put him down and I really couldn’t find him.  However, today I logged on and he was flying around in a different part of my land.  I also have Max the Siamese cat running around so it’s very lively and I’m beginning to think these virtual animals do have a mind of their own!

New Land, New Home

February 26, 2011

I’ve been very happy in my Skysphere since I sadly lost my little piece of virtual land at Beasty Island.  The Skysphere was very private and also thanks to owner Haye, beautifully designed, so my stay there has been really nice.  Then friend Spooks Blackburn who owns Whitechapel 1888 got in touch and asked me if I wanted to share a quarter of a homestead with him, Hibiscus and Cliff.  They had also been through quite a bit, losing their previous parcels of land and Cliff had even lost a lot of money where he had paid his tier in advance.  So there I was, do I take this chance at sharing land with three people I know I get on with and can rely on to keep the homestead going? It works out to a lot more money than I have ever paid in SL for rent etc, but what a dream, a massive piece of land (by my standards) with lots of prims and good neighbours.  Like everything I do, I decided there and then that it would be a good option and I have my new fabulous SL home!

It was with much excitement that we all went over and took a look at the homestead, it was covered in sand in the beginning and it looked so BIG!  Drax came over and we rode the horses around, it was a wonderful feeling that I could start planning what to build.  Hib put her little gallery down, Cliff set to landscaping (he’s good he’s done it before) and Spooks worked none stop to put his fabulous Whitechapel 1888 back together!   I’ve had to let my Skysphere go, again with sadness, it’s been my home and felt like it, but I can’t afford to keep them all, but these are exciting times.  The homestead is called Jamaica Inn, so the first thing I did was try to make a copy of the actual real life Inn, though I have used a different stone texture and I’m not the best builder in the world, so it’s only loosely based on the real thing, but I have started to put my new home together.  I’ve included my Fairy shop so hope to get some callers passing by. 

I think I can safely say that we are all very happy with our new homestead, for me it’s a new beginning and I will probably change things all the time when I get bored with them, but basically I think I have found my piece of SL heaven.

Valentine’s Day Hugs and Kisses With The Lindens

February 16, 2011

I intended to get over to the sim set up by the Lindens early on Valentine’s Day to see who was about.  It started at 7am SLT and finished at 7pm, so you never knew who would turn up from Linden Labs between those times.  Drax joined me and we said Hi to Cupid Linden and Courtney Linden, Courtney was bravely in the booth giving away the first kisses and hugs of the day.  Blondin Linden arrived next and said Hi, I’d met Blondin a couple of times before so it was nice to see him again at the event.  I lined up to get a hug from both Courtney and Blondin, taking lots of pictures as I went along.   I put an article on CNN just as I did last year to mark the event and found everyone very friendly.  I went back there again later in the day and saw Tiggs Linden, the cutest of avs in his little tiger outfit. One of residents Rip Vale was also a tiny and it made a great sight to see him and Tiggs exchanging hugs. 

Soon they were joined by other sweet little tinies and an avatar named Random Person.  Random was a little bit different, he had some comical avatar outfits and one of them looked like a potato head.

Friend Eliza Janus was at the event and she looked very beautiful in her romantic red dress covered in roses.  Eliza introduced me to her friend Misscheevers Borkotron who looked beautiful too in her black lace dress.

Hibiscus joined me later and we had quite a few Linden hugs, it was a fun day in SL.

Covering The Egypt Revolution in SL

February 12, 2011

I seem to have spent a lot of time at one of the Egypt sims over the last week.  You couldn’t fail to feel involved with wanting to know how the people of Egypt were doing as they bravely took a stance against the government  most of them hated.  Of course the younger people have Facebook and Twitter and all sorts on the internet, enough to see that people in other countries had more freedom and democracy.  I met up again with a couple of people I had seen in SL at the student fees demonstrations in Hyde Park. There they were again, only this time cheering the people of Egypt on, with their banners held high!

There had been some heated arguments over the week between people who supported the protestors and the supporters of the President.  In fact the owner of the sim seemed to be banning people who bad mouthed the President.  I managed to catch up with him to ask him if this was the case and he explained to me that he didn’t really support how the President ruled, but wanted a smooth changeover of government for the good of Egypt, which I thought was fair enough.  Most people were well-behaved in the sim, a few got me down a bit with their texting constantly  full of philosophy about peace and love, but I guess that’s just me, I’m more interested in actual results than listening to people baring their souls trying to be the great and the good.  I’d covered one story about the gathering in Egypt at the beginning of the week and then on the big day for Egypt, Feb 11, I went back there when the news came in about the President stepping down.  Of course it was what everyone was waiting for and there was an air of excitement as well as confusion as people asked if he had really gone.  I sent another small report to CNN as I stood there, just to mark the occasion and show the carnival atomosphere in the sim.  Even Pete Linden turned up and I don’t know him, but I said hello and took his picture anyway.

I think the people enjoyed gathering at the sim each day and having a cause, although from what I can understand there were no Egyptians there, it was plain that people wished them well from all over the world and I would share that too.  I wish them a very democratic future and much happiness, as well as remembering the people who died trying win their precious freedom that they are newly enjoying!   I had a strange encounter though, one person who said he had friends in Egypt and had made himself known to us briefly at the last CNN meeting, came over to the Egypt site.  I recognised him and said hello.  Next thing he wanted me to follow him, without any explanation, to another sim.  It was another Arab based sim and there were a few men standing around.  One had a group tag which said ‘Al Qaeda and Taliban’, next thing the man with the tag was IM me.    I responded and asked him about the tag and he admitted he admired them, not a great beginning to a conversation!  He then told me that an English girl called Ruth had been there the day before and converted to the Muslim faith and he seemed to think I would go down the same path.  I am always curious about people and their religions and started to ask him questions about what his faith meant and why he believed like he did, as well as what the thought about other religions.  I can only say that this did not go to plan for him, and he was not pleased to be questioned.  To my way of thinking, if people want to convince anyone how good something is, and have faith it in themselves, they should at least know all about it, so that they can answer, instead he just kept directing me to the writings.  People should be aware if they are travelling around to strange sims that you never know who you are talking to at the end of the day, these are real people and you don’t always know their motives.   Needless to say, I left and went on my way, none the wiser to what  he really thought, he muted me in the end as he didn’t like either my answers or my questions.  Lets have open debates and be able to ask those awkward questions, stealth convinces no one and only the gullible people believe everything on face value.  All in all it’s been an exciting week with Egypt achieving so much and it’s lovely to see them so happy and looking forward to the future.

Taking To The Skies In The Gilded Gobbler and Back On The Ground 1920s Style

January 30, 2011

I remembered the other day that great designer Johnnytreadlightly Nightfire had given me a beautiful airship called the Gilded Gobbler some time ago.  Johnny and Alphonso who own Genius Inc make some fantastic stuff and the Gobbler has so much detail, it’s like a floating mansion.  I asked Drax if he wanted to go for a ride in it and decided a sandbox was the safest place to try it out.

I didn’t do too badly, I took off and slowly steered the ship around the sandbox with Drax sitting at the back probably worried about my driving, but he looked pretty relaxed!  The interior of the ship is beautiful and you could actually live it in quite comfortably if you had a spot of land to put it on when not flying.

I am pleased to say we landed safely with no broken avatar bones! so I’ll be taking it out again, maybe I’ll show it to Kat and Laredo in New London next week, as long as I don’t crash into Big Ben!  I’ve always stuck to viewer 1 in SL and suddenly thought I would try the Phoenix viewer again  and I’m glad I did, it’s opened up a whole new world of SL make-up for me, with the tattoo layer I can put different eyeshadow and lipstick without changing my whole skin!!  Hibiscus has tried it too and it means a  lot of new shopping trips for us!!  It helped last night as I wanted to look my best, I was going to a Rez day party which had a 1920’s theme.  I’d been to a demonstration in Virtual London in the afternoon, the people there were supporting the real life students who were demonstrating in Manchester about tuition fees and I hastily wrote an article to put on CNN about it.  They were a nice bunch of people in Virtual London and they are trying to support what they think is an unfair issue.   As the writing took a bit of time I didn’t have long to look around for an outfit for the 1020’s party.  It was Brie Janick, Barbie Bohemian and Clive Hissop’s joint Rez Day celebration and I guessed everyone would look stunning.  Luckily I found a bargain at Lemania, a gold evening gown with a 20’s look and quickly made a headband with a feather to add to the short bob haircut I also bought, so I was ready to go.  The party was just amazing, there were 40 people in that little club at one time and everyone had a brilliant time.

Brie excitedly called us over to pose  with her at the end of the evening and we all clambered around getting into position on the poseballs!

We took loads of pictures and I’ll be putting mine on Virtually London (lite) later in the week.  The West End Club owned by Brie, Clive and Cute is so popular and they work really hard to come up with new events all the time.  The crowd that go there are a really nice bunch of people and it’s good to have such good friend in SL and it’s always fun being with them.  I hope Brie, Barbie and Clive enjoyed their party!!

So Much Fun In Second Life!

January 18, 2011

I’ve been pretty slow reporting stuff since Christmas, but gradually getting back into the swing of things.  Sometimes it’s hard to write about events, as there are so many going on, and finding time for just enjoying them as well, because I’ve been enjoying them too much lately, especially when you know most of the people in the virtual pubs and clubs and join in the banter, which flies around the room all the time!   I did go to maybe the best event I’ve ever been to this week though, it was in the West End Club run by Brie, Clive and Cute.  They are becoming masters of how a virtual club should be run and if this was a real life club I suspect they would be millionaires by now, simply because of their professionalism and ideas.  Brie wanted a Cabaret/Moulin Rouge evening and everyone just loved it including me!  I already had a showgirl outfit that I had bought as a special offer from Evie’s Closet, but I had never worn it before.  So I put it on and was ready to go!  The club, decorated by Clive was stunning, and it was a shame that it would all be taken apart again after the event.   Hibiscus looked amazing in her outfit and Drax and Boye joined us for a great night. 

Everyone had got into the mood of the evening, the costumes were gorgeous and Brie sent me a message that she wanted a few of us up on the stage to do the Can Can and Lady Marmalade with her.  By this time I was so lagged out, being nearly 40 people in the club, that my pictures weren’t the best quality, but I managed to get onto the stage and it was so funny!  Not to be left out the men also joined in the Can Can and luckily Drax, Simon, Brie and Hib were taking pictures too, which they have sent me (I’ll be publishing them in Virtually London (lite) with their comments about the night this week). 

No one wanted to log off, we carried on way past closing time and I think people would still be there now if they hadn’t needed to get to bed!   It was all too much, there was another costume event the next day, this time it was the Flintstones theme.  I bought a costume for 1 Linden off of marketstreet and met Drax who proudly made his own costume in ‘Appearance’.  We had those caveman clubs as well, when you type ‘bam’ in text you can clout each other over the head with them, I think everyone in the club that night had one of those!

In true caveman style we travelled over to the club on Drax’s big black bird, the nasty bitey Tarn!

The Flintstones evening was really good too and I’ll be putting all the pictures on the London blog for that as well.  Who says you can’t have fun staying at home with your computer!  Of course add all your virtual friends and you can’t fail to have a smashing time!