Caravans, Flying Crocs and Sinking Ships

April 10, 2011

I’ve been totally absorbed in my parcel of land lately, almost becoming a hermit away from the clubs and pubs around SL.  I’d been trying to think up something different to the gazebo I installed at the end of Lover’s Lane on my land, as I already have a gazebo, which looks out over the sea, I thought another one was a bit boring.  Then I thought of making a caravan, something I’ve never attempted before and I set to work.  After ages creating the sloping walls and trying to line them up with the roof, I finally got it looking reasonable.  My friend and neighbour Spooks Blackburn has been advising me about building poses directly into the prims rather than having pose balls, which of course save on prims as well, so I bought a kit of poses and scripts and I was really pleased with the results.  I decorated the caravan with some nice oak veneer and  fancy wooden tiles that I found in my inventory, laid a carpet inside and put a romantic painting on the back wall.  I scripted the roof so you can turn the light on inside the caravan and pick pink, crimson or gold lighting, which looks really snug.  Drax came over to see it and we sat with the new poses I had put in the doorway of the van and it was a nice place to chat.

I put some great romantic poses in the caravan at the end of Lover’s Lane and decided to put another caravan near the houses I built, so I just left the doorway sitting poses in that one.  I also bought some gorgeous fairylights from Lilith and Dolly’s Heart VR garden centre and the sim is looking very pretty with those installed. 

Later I went over to see Up4 and Rux in Old Europe, Up4 is kindly letting me have a stall in his Easter Market.  The sim is looking absolutely beautiful with all the Spring flowers and stuff.  Up4 had a special Easter crocodile, not a rabbit you understand, but a croc with rabbit ears and this one flies too!.  We climbed onto the croc and Up4 took me all around the sim, luckily the croc must have had his dinner because he didn’t bite!

Up4 gave me my own Easter Croc, so I can fly around and scare people, it did make me laugh, although it was sort of cute!  After seeing Up4 I made it to the West End club where Clive Hissop had built the most magnificent set I’ve ever seen in SL, he turned the inside of the club into the Titanic and it looked amazing.  He is so clever,  at the end of the evening the floor tipped and we started to sink, sliding into the sea!  It was a night to remember and Hibiscus will be writing it up for Virtually London (lite) this week, so don’t miss it!


From No Trousers to Clive and Pink’s Dream

September 29, 2009

I’d tried to distance myself from SL London a bit yesterday, as I’d written so much about all the events there over the last week, so I went off to explore.  I met a lovely little witch called Cerise earlier in the day and she brightened things up for me as we chatted and she showed me her swamp, I’ll go back and visit her she is a great little character.  I did finally end up back in SL London last night and went over to Knightsbridge only to be accosted by a crazy newbie with purple hair.  As soon as he got close to me he took off his top and trousers and stood there like an idiot, so I hit vanish and disappeared.  He went off, but I decided to accost him, so I followed him about asking him what he was doing and telling him to put some clothes on, explaining that no one was shocked and everyone knows that only newbies take off their clothes.  He turned on the defensive as you’d expect and he told me he had only come into SL because of being killed off in another game, I told him to look for Soho and he could wander around all he liked there in the nude, he disappeared never to be seen again!

Cl 1

Further up the road I could see Clive and Pink chatting outside the club so I went over to say hello and it was evident that there was nothing going on in the club as there was no dj.  We were joined by Hibiscus and Ed, and Pink was telling us about how Clive has made her a beautiful place to live.  Clive started making his own furniture when he lived in the apartment above me a long time ago, and even then he was making some really nice stuff, he clearly is a natural at building and also a very clever designer.  Clive and Pink invited us over to see their sim and we all went over for a look around.

cl 2

cl 3

 cl 4

 Clive had a speedboat harboured in the little cove and we wandered over to the garden he had made for Pink, but this was only the beginning, everything was so elegant and well planned.  Clive had said the house was big and this was indeed a mansion.  I was stunned at the layout, which you would only see in magazines in real life, which featured very rich people’s properties where they have designers advising them. 

cl 5

cl 6

cl 7

Clive and Pink had a small cinema off of the lounge and upstairs was nicely laid out with an open plan bedroom leading down to the bathroom with a  jacuzzi,  you could fill the jacuzzi with water by touching the tap, so clever!!  They even have their own club for those great parties they will have in the future, it was a total wow!!

cl 10

cl 11

cl 12

Outside of the mansion, Clive took us on a tour of the grounds, he had a network of caves with a giant fishtank  and coming out into the open he had little places where you could stop and relax including a small Buddhist temple to meditate.  Lots of lovely  little coves and even a volcano were included in the extensive landscape, Clive had levelled the land himself and landscaped the entire sim.

cl 13

cl 14

The mountain region was really something, with a fantastic view over the rest of the islands and finally Clive took me for a spin in the helicopter, which was just amazing and yes, he build that too!!  Thank you for showing us around Clive and Pink, you have the most magnificent home I have ever seen in SL, it’s a special place for two special people!!

Prim Perfect Party and Beachy UGC

May 4, 2009

Had two invitations to two events that I didn’t want to miss last Saturday.  The first one was from Saffia Widdershins, the owner/editor of fabulous Prim Perfect Magazine.  Saffia was holding a Fantasy Ball to celebrate the magazine’s second birthday.  The other event was at the London Underground Club, they had arranged a beach party and everyone was to turn up in beach wear to win some prizes.  I went out shopping for a fantasy outfit and ended up buying a dress from Barerose that I had actually always fancied, it’s called Lady of the Deer and it comes complete with Deer horns, lol!!  Well it’s a nice dress without the horns so I can wear it again!!  Hibiscus came over to the Prim Perfect party for a short while and everyone looked fantastic.   Saffia really looked gorgeous, she was dressed as a fairy all in white, quite the bel of the ball!!!  CNN have given some of us video making capabilities this week (sort of moving slide show!) as a little experiment and I did a short little video of the party for CNN, you can see it at   




Saffia’s party was lovely with everyone turning up in their fancy dress outfits and it was a hard decision to leave, but I had to get back to the club as I told Brie I would be there.  What a sight greeted me, all the people I know exposing their avatar bodies in their swimsuits and the club was buzzing, with 46 people at one stage, quite a lot for a sim!! 


Hibiscus and I were chatting and we decided that we had to get a picture of Clive Hissop who was, in our opinion, the Beach boy of the night!!!  Clive never, ever dresses up for the competitions in there, he is usually all dressed in his black leather looking very handsome, but for once he did put on the clothes for the occasion and Hib and I think he looked great!! So Clive you can threaten to sue me for printing this picture, but you should be grateful the News of the World never got it!!!


DJ Gen was the dj of the night and she did a great job with a lot of summer and Beach Boy tunes, it was so good that I didn’t want to log off when it was really late, I hope they do some more of those evenings, everyone loved it!!!

Funny time at the Underground Club

December 7, 2008

I went into SL London today to see who was there and headed for the Underground Club in Knightsbridge.  London team members Brie, Seany and cutewillow have been turning the inside of the club all Chrismassy, and they even have snow on the floor.  I’d seen Clive the alligator on the snow the other night as it only covered a bit of the dance floor then, he rolled on his back and wriggled his arms and legs in the snow,  in something they call a snow angel pose.


Brie asked me if I had tried the snow angel, so not to be left out I had a go and next thing I was freezing cold waving my arms and legs about in the snow.  Das Wade, London Director, also had a go, I bet his head was cold as he has no hair!!



When I got there today Clive was in human form, which seems strange after seeing him as a gator, you sort of get used to the characters that people take on, but he looked very handsome with his human av.  HelenH who dances in the club with Clive turned up in her gater outfit and it seemed a shame that they looked so different to each other.  Clive assured us that he will be back in his gator gear soon though, I hope he does spend some time as gator Clive as the pair of them, him and Helen are a bit of a legend in LS London. Thats cutewillow with Clive and HelenH in the picture below, she looked great in her Christmas outfit.


As the floor of the club was more like a skating rink, Brie put on a pair of ice skates and did some remarkable moves, twisting and turning in the air and even doing the splits, looks like we have an ice skating champion in our midst!




What with all the newbies coming into the Undeground club it’s quite a fun place to be, the staff are excellent, aways happy and doing their best to make everyone welcome.  I spoke to Hibiscus as well briefly today, as she is very busy in real life, but thought I would show you another picture of her as she has bought some new hair and looks really pretty, wtg Hib!!!


Clive and Helen’s Swamp Party

December 1, 2008

Clive the Alligator told me that he was having a party in the Underground Club on Saturday as it was his real life birthday.   He told me about Helen his friend, who is also an alligator, and it turned out it was a joint party for both their real life birthdays and Helen’s rez day as well.  Brie the London Director, called me over to give me a preview of the swamp she had created in the Underground Club for the gators birthdays, and I went over to have a look.  Although I missed Brie, I caught up with Clive and Helen and they looked really at home in the great swamp that Brie had made.



I went off in search of something to wear that was ‘swamplike’ but didn’t have much success.  In the end I put on a dress I already had and changed the colour to green, I already had green shoes so that was ok.  My friend Hibiscus came to the club and looked really beautiful, she had a fabulous gown on and had tinted her skin green.  Clive had his top hat and tails on and Helen had a cute dress and party hat, plus her little orange handbag she carries around.



I had spoken to Captive earlier in the day, as she told me about a great place to buy hair that had a sale on.  I mentioned the party and she, Roach, Treasure and Nez came over later to join in the fun.  The place was packed and I think Clive and Helen had a lovely time.  Of course the newbies were still arriving and you got the odd one walking around in his underpants, but that seems to be an ongoing thing in London now.  London manager Seany turned up in a swamp monster av, which was really funny, and there were lots of swampy outfits about. Anyway thanks Clive and Helen for inviting me to your ‘do’ it was a brilliant night.