Eliza’s Winter Wonderland and Her Christmas Message!

December 21, 2011

It was lovely of  friend Eliza Janus to visit Jamaica Inn to see our Christmas display and I saw that she had her own little winter wonderland where she lives in SL, in Bay City, so I went over for a look!  Eliza is very artistic and she has made a beautiful job of her Christmas scene.  Well done Eliza it really feels like Christmas now and I hope you have a brillaint festive season!

Eliza also sent a notice round with Christmas wishes in all different languages, I hope she doesn’t mind me repeating what she said here, as I think it’s a lovely idea being that we share our Second Life with people from all over the world:

“I wish you a blessed and peaceful Christmas, may the peace and joy that only the Christchild brings be with you and your family always.

 Niech czas Bozego Narodzenia uplynie w atmosferze radosci i milosci, a Nowy Rok spelni wszystkie Wasze marzenia. Wszystkiego najlepszego.

 Gesegnete Weihnachten und ein glückliches neues Jahr !

 Glædelig jul og godt nytår !

 Veselé vánoce a šťastný nový rok !”


Happy Rez Day Eliza!

March 26, 2011

Lovely Eliza Janus celebrated her 4th Rez Day yesterday as only Eliza could, she set some crazy poses and invited all her friends over for some fun pictures!  Eliza looked beautiful in pink and Alph gave her a big hug!  Hope you had a wonderful day Eliza!!!!

Meeting Nice People and Looking Around

April 24, 2010

The week seemed to fly past and once again we were at the CNN meeting with Nicole the CNN Producer.  Hibiscus, Ed, Latok, Kiko, Ernest, Vickie and Kake, who I hadn’t seen for a little while, were all there.  Kiko had been writing interesting articles about Geisha’s in SL and Nicole thought it would be a good idea if we all travelled over to see the sim, Little Yoshiwara for ourselves.  It was quite a party as the kind ladies of the sim showed us around, we were invited into the tea rooms to listen and ask questions about the Geisha customs.

Later in the week I went off exploring and landed in a romantic sim called the Duche de Coeur, it’s a really nice 17th Century village and just as I started to look around I met Charles Bamboo who came over to say hello.  Charles looked very handsome in his baroque outfit and he told me that he lived in the sim with his wife Summer Serendipity.  Charles was very happy to be part of the community there, and he showed me his blog which included a lovely film of him and Summer.  Summer joined us and I was stunned by her beauty, she had the most gorgeous dress, and her hair was amazing.  I asked if I could take some pictures of them and they said I could.  Charles asked me to come back and visit their house and I will be pleased to accept the invitation. Nice to meet you Charles and Summer!

I had a message from Headburro and he told me about his new log cabin he had built, and going by the pictures he sent me, it looked great, I always thought Head would be a brilliant builder and I don’t think I’m wrong!!  I met up with Drax and we decided to go over and look at  Steelhead near where Head lives.  It is a very nice sim, with lots of places to explore.  We actually landed near Head’s cabin and it was very picturesque, nestling into the hillside near a fast running river.  We will wait to meet up with Head and ask him to give us a grand tour if thats ok by him.

Finally my good friend Eliza popped into our London shop and it was nice to see her, Eliza is expecting a baby and looked very pretty with her little bump.  Congratulations Eliza, you will make a lovely SL Mum!!

Happy Rez Day Eliza – And Chat with Mayor of Victoriana

March 26, 2010

A very happy Rez Day for yesterday to the lovely dizzy and sweet Eliza Janus!  Eliza was celebrating her third Rez Day and she called all her friends over for a photo shoot.

Eliza had all the poses ready and we shuffled about trying to get into position, I think I picked a bit of a severe looking pose but thought it best to stay there once I was sorted, lovely Eliza was carried in the arms of Jason  and  Alphonso  and looked very elegant with a feast of goodies on her head, including what looked like her Rez Day cake! Poor Damanios ended up with a noose around his neck and I’ve no idea why!

I hope you had a wonderful day Eliza and I hope you will celebrate  lots and lots more SL Rez Days in the future, you are a star!!

I travelled back over, to the shortly to be closed, Victoriana last night and bumped into the Mayor who owns the sim and had a chat with him.  He is such a gentleman and kindly spoke to me for a few minutes.  There is so much sadness surrounding the closure of this top showcase sim that I decided to write another article late last night for CNN, I hope the Mayor doesn’t mind.  http://www.ireport.com/docs/DOC-424887   The picture below is me and Hibiscus having a great time in Tinytoriana, part of the Mayor’s sim, a few days ago before we heard it was to close.

Meeting Pathfinder, Thanks to Eliza, and Hunting Stories Down

March 13, 2010

Friend Hibiscus told me about how they had an event in Victoriana where she lives, and it was for tinies, she had got her own tiny avatar and it sounded like fun.  I was out and about exploring again, aways on the hunt for new stories when Hib logged on and I asked her to join me.  There she stood, this cute little Victorian bunny rabbit and it’s a strange thing, with tinies you instantly want to treat them differently, like they are tiny little creatures who are soft and gentle.  Hib seems to be enjoying her tiny role and I even ventured over to the shops to look at some tiny av’s, I might give it a go later on to see how people react to me as a tiny.

I had a message from good friend Eliza Janus this week and she told me that Pathfinder Linden was leaving Linden Labs, Eliza was upset that he was going, although I had not met him I had heard lots of good things about Pathfinder.  Being the vulture virtual reporter I have become, I decided, on the off-chance, to see if Pathfinder would agree to talk to me and I IM’d him.  He was very kind and came back to me and I asked if I could get a couple of photographs for a small tribute article.  He was really nice and said he had a few minutes to spare before a meeting and asked me to teleport him over.  Greeting Pathfinder I took a flurry of photos and ask him if he wanted to say a few words for the article, which he did.  Hibiscus was also in IM with me, and she arrived just as Pathfinder had to leave, which was a shame, Ed too wanted to come over but time was short and Pathfinder had to go, I’m honoured that Pathfinder gave me some of his time.  I enjoyed writing the article and posted it both on CNN and Our Virtual Trilogy

After chatting to Eliza for a while she said she wanted me to meet her SL brother Damanios Thetan, who is a great SL creator and designer, so I went over to see them both.  Eliza looked stunning with her long black hair and beautiful skin, I haven’t seen her for a while, so it was nice to catch up with her.

She introduced me to Damanios and we had a look at his wonderful artworks.  He is really an excellent builder and the design of the building was breathtaking, I’ll go back for another look so I can take my time seeing all of his sculptures.  It was nice of him to show me around and fun seeing Eliza again.

Goodbye Office and Great Beach Party

May 8, 2009

I got a call from my old boss Nikk Huet yesterday saying that the rent had run out on the DMGT building in SL Kensington and I had to collect all my stuff as they were going to gut the inside of the building on the floors above ground level.  It was with lots of sadness that Hibiscus and I went over there to collect our bits and pieces.



It had been a year since I got the Assistant Editor job with Nikk and then on to Editor and now I run the blog myself, a lot has happened really in a short time.  Hib, Pixi and me loved our office though, and it was a bit emotional yesterday to hear that they were taking it down.  Nijel, the Kensington Manager contacted me and said I could pick an office anywhere in Kensington to move to temporarily for now.  He said if I liked a building in real London I could choose that for this next build and we would then use it as a permanent office, so I will have to start looking today for a base.


After sorting our stuff out in the office it was time for a bit of fun.  Ruskin Thor was having one of his House Party events and it was to be a beach wear one.  So Hib and I changed into some summer gear and headed over to the Braveheart  Club.  Drax made it for a little while too and he had a striking pair of blue swimming trunks on and we all danced around in the beach setting to Rus’s great music.



Hib and Drax had to go off for their dinner and I stayed for a little while longer.  It was nice seeing Eliza Janus again, I hadn’t seen Eliza for a while  and she looked great.  The only thing was though, that SL was playing tricks on me and I could only see grey where Eliza’s top bit of her outfit should have been.  It was worse for Hib though as she could only see Drax as a cloud and that had been over two nights, so she missed the stunning blue swimming trunks!!!