Fun Exploring Sims, Queen Tribute Gig and Dodgy Dress

October 19, 2009

I’ve been going off exploring a lot the last few days and teleported over to a beautiful place called Mont Saint Michel, I’d gone on my own and climbed the staircases to the top of the amazing building there, I have never seen so many steps in SL and so much detail.  I saw Ed and Hibiscus come on line and as I was having trouble finding my way down, I called them over.


They too had trouble finding the right way down and Ed cheated and flew off, so Hib and I followed him in the end, admitting defeat!!  It is a lovely place to visit though, it’s in the showcase bit of SL and an astonishing building.  On Saturday night we had the Queen Tribute Concert that Brie  Janick, the Knightsbridge Manager of Virtual London had arranged.  Brie is really good at this sort of thing and she has many successes behind her, she knows just the type of events people love going to.  She even had a wall at the other end to the stage with all the Virtual London shops and businesses on, which you could touch to get the landmark to, and I am proud to say we had our ‘Virtually London (lite) and Our Virtual Trilogy’ shop which was advertised there.


We had really looked forward to this concert and it was a shame Hibiscus couldn’t make it, but Ed and I went along.  Then poor Ed said he couldn’t hear the music and tried everything to get it going, then he kept crashing and he missed most of it.  I really hate that, just when you find something you really want to go to and suddenly you find you have difficulties and keep crashing or things don’t rezz.  Talking of things not rezzing, before the concert I had gone along to a shop that advertised in group notices that they had some evening dresses for only 100 Lindens.  I went along and from the picture showing the front, the dress looked really nice, glittery top with a full pretty flexi skirt.  I decided to put it on once I had bought it and wore it to the concert, which was a bit out of place really as most people had casual clothes on, but I soon realised that if I had tried to change, my other clothes might not have rezzed, and the concert was so packed I might not get back on the sim if I left.  To make matters worse the dress from the back had, well no back, just a thin strap and the skirt disappeared into the floor, thinking logically, I should have tried to rez a jacket to wear, but never mind, you live and learn.  The only good thing for Ed was that when he was there between crashes, the tribute Freddie Mercury came over to us to sing, so at least I managed to get a shot of that.


Brie may well have another Queen concert as everyone enjoyed it so much, well done Brie it was brilliant and hopefully both Hib and Ed can be there for the whole thing next time.  Yesterday I was off exploring again, this time with Drax, we went over to a brilliant sim where there is so much to see, it’s called Enchantment Island and there are two museums, caves, woodlands and lots of other places, the lady who created this is very clever. 



Enchantment Island needs a few visits to see everything, we looked around one of the museums and went to explore the cave which was only a small part.  Quite exhausted we collapsed onto the Salvador Dali style virtual sofa to have a rest.  The Museum is full of surreal art and very interesting.  Definately a return visit to this one!