Haunted Isle and Robbie Williams Live Concert

October 23, 2009

A E 1

I went exploring with Hibiscus yesterday, over to somewhere called Erie isle, which is most unusual, as it’s a role play sim, a haunted one!   Being cowards me and Hib thought we would go in as observers to see what happens and we had a good old look round.  There were only a few people there and one of the role-players told me that it would be better later in the evening when more people were about.  It looks good though, it’s a well built sim with lots of places to explore, so we will go back and maybe this time have a go at the role playing!  

a e 2

a e 3

Tuesday I had been expecting to go to the CNN meeting, but there was no mention of it till the next day when Nicole the CNN manager had left a notice for the group saying it had been cancelled, but thanking everyone for putting their stories on that week.  By chance though, because we did not have the meeting I ended up at a really good event.  Robbie Williams was singing live in London and it was being broadcast into SL at the NAG sim at the same time.  One of the other ireporters Kiko Hunniton had sent out a group message to let us know it was happening, so thanks to her we had a great night.  Hibiscus and Ed logged on and we caught most of the show, which was fantastic!

Robbie 1

Robbie 2