Seeing Friends, a Wedding and Ireporter Nominations

October 15, 2009

It’s been a bit of an eventful week this week and a nice one too in lots of respects!   I had been invited to Roach and Garciella’s wedding which was on the 13th October.  It was a Neko wedding so the guests were required to wear cat’s ears and a tail.  I decided to make a tail, as I fancied doing a bit of building anyway, so I set about making this big bushy thing with red and purple feathers in it for a bit of colour, talk about fiddly, it looked ok when I had it in front of me with all the feathers joined, but when I put it on the feathers seemed to be dangling a foot above the rest of it, so I had to fiddle with it again to get it right, me thinks I should have just gone out and bought one after all!!  Luckily I had a pair of free ears in my inventory, so I just made some parts of them red and purple to match the tail, and they were scripted to twitch, which I wouldn’t have managed to make them do, if I’d had made them!

a ears ears

Before the wedding I went over to see friend Treasure Vhargon and she showed me her beautiful home.  Treasure is  very creative and has an eye for landscapes and furnishing and her place is breathtaking.  Treasure looked very stylish too, she had a Victorian outfit on and she is such a classy lady, she has the ‘it’ factor, something we say in the UK for someone who is always chic and glamorous and has a sparkling personality to go with it all!!  It’s no wonder that Roach and Garciella asked her to be their bridesmaid!

a ears Treas me tail

a ears treas close

a ears treas land

The wedding was absolutely lovely, it was a small group of Roach and Garciella’s friends and I really enjoyed it.  They seem so right for each other as they appear so happy in each other’s company!   I did take lots of photos and put their wedding story on both CNN and Our Virtual Trilogy   Treasure looked very pretty as their bridesmaid and she danced the evening away with the SL preacher after the wedding!!

a ears Roach close

a ears bridegroom

After the excitement of the wedding I wandered about SL yesterday and for some unknown reason, picked on a sandbox to land in.  What a coincidence, just as I arrived I saw a little figure next to me and guess what?  it was my little friend Nazna who I haven’t seen for quite a while.  She looked great, cute little av and sucking a lollipop.  I’m glad to say she is still a little devil, playing tricks on people and very funny, don’t change Naz you are a star!!  It was nice to see her again!

a ears Naz two

a ears Naz

Finally I had a nice surprise last night, I had an email from an ireporter called TheWarden who informed me that I have been nominated in a couple of categories for a Fan based CNN ireport Awards event.   It seems the ireporters themselves have decided to do these awards and what a lovely idea and I would like to thank whoever nominated me for their vote.  It did make me laugh though, yesterday I had superstar status with CNN and today it’s gone again, Hibiscus lost hers too a few weeks ago.  I haven’t been doing anything different, a story once a week and stuff, so who knows why their computer nicks the status back.  I have the feeling that if you upload anything daily, i.e. next doors cat going out and climbing on the garden fence, you can retain the status.  This time I think I can live without it and not get upset like I did last time!!  Btw CNN, if you are reading this, maybe it would have been a good idea for you to take up this award idea, I think TheWarden and his people have filled a much needed gap in the appreciation of ireporter stakes, after all they all work for no money.  Good luck to all the great ireporters who have been nominated!!