Christmas In Jamaica Inn – Hibiscus, Drax and I are in Showcase with our Festive sim!

December 17, 2011

I love SL at Christmas time and this year I had a bigger piece of land than I had ever had before with friends Hibiscus Hastings, Drax Ember, Whisper Fearne and Cliff Chesnokov as neighbours.  Hib and I decided to make our parcels into a winter wonderland this year and I started back in October to get organised.  Hib has done a great job, she has a bob-sleigh run, a horse and sleigh and lots of other pretty bits as well as the ever popular Greedy table.  I asked Drax if I could extend the Christmas bits to his land too and he kindly agreed, so it’s quite an area, with some freebies included too!  I’ve written about it all on CNN as well and it was with great delight that we got accepted for the Destination Guide, so we’ve had a fair amount of visitors popping in already!  So pop over to Jamaica Inn and have some fun!