Soho Vanishes And Now There Are Five

October 9, 2009

Blog 1

I’ve loved doing some stuff in Photoshop for our shop, we haven’t got many prims, so its a matter of putting up one prim posters and making the most out of the textures.  To start with there were three of us on the Our Virtual Trilogy, Hibiscus, Pixi and I, and we are growing fast, so it’s now Our Virtual Trilogy plus two.  We are honoured to have reporters Ed Follet and Boye Jervil join us, making us five. It will be nice to get some stories from the men’s angle on SL.  I have done some larger than life cut outs of us for the window and I am waiting for Pixi’s return so I can add her to the others in the picture.  I have also put a picture inside of Drax and I in a medieval sim, as I want to explore some role playing places to see what are the best ones.  It’s great getting dressed up in those lovely period clothes!

blog 2

Being curious I opened my map to see that Soho was still displayed on it, but it looked different somehow, so  I teleported over to Mayfair,  the next sim.   There is actually no sign of Soho now, it has vanished completely and there is just the pretty sparkling sea at the back of the Eros statue at the edge of Mayfair.  There is always something really sad about the demise of a sim, to me it is a sort of living thing and a little bit of SL history that is over for good.  I think in a way it’s nice that we have written about SL as people can look back on what was there, as things change so quickly.  I get a fondness for places, but of course, they are all temporary and subject to people keeping them going or deciding to alter them completely.  So our SL adventures with Soho in the Virtual London sim are finally over and we only have our pictures to say it was ever there.

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