Murray in Showcase

October 6, 2011

I saw Murray in showcase in SL and went back that day.  I decided to write about it, as it just isn’t the same as it was, we had such fun there!  You can catch the article at CNN



Such a Laugh in Murray!

December 28, 2010

I hadn’t been to Murray in ages, the place where I first entered SL over 3 years ago!  It had been plagued by griefers then and continued to  be used by them on and off ever since.   I went over to Murray with Drax and there were new people  there who I hadn’t seen before.  They were very nice and obviously SL car fans as the guy had a really nice range of cars in his inventory.  He kindly gave me a few cars and Drax and I decided to have a ride.  I managed to sit in the driver’s seat but Drax ended up sitting on the bonnet of the car, so he whistled and his mighty tarn appeared.  He climbed onto the big bird and I climbed on behind him and we took to the air circling high over Murray.  Drax is really good with the bird and handles it very smoothly, not at all like my driving!!  We landed back down and I tried a couple of the other cars.

We ended up in the little car shaped like an antique Ford, but it was very, very nippy!   Drax took a big chance riding with me as we zoomed off at top speed with me losing control!  The Lindens have altered Murray from the nice grassy plains to a beach type area with very large stepping-stones everywhere.  True to form I hit each and every stepping-stone and got stuck behind some deckchairs!  

I put away the speedy little car and got my Caterham 7 from my inventory, the car which I had frightened Hibiscus with when I took her for a ride in Virtual London! (think she liked it really!).  Drax climbed into the passenger seat and off we went, well my car was even worse, I ended up in the sea several times with Drax going ‘glug glug’ as he tried to breathe!  We finally got back onto the beach! However I think a griefer must have orbited us as we suddenly took off and landed in the next sim!  It didn’t make any difference though, my driving was so bad I might as well have griefed myself!

Robot Dances and the Darn Tarn!

May 5, 2010

The bank holiday was packed with things to do in SL, in fact it’s a good job I can teleport because I would never be able to cover everything otherwise!!  I wanted to call in on the Global Love day event which I had covered on CNN, as I wanted to see everyone there and also do a follow up story on how it all went.  I needn’t have worried about them, they were doing fine and I enjoyed my visit.  I called into virtual Kensington because there was a rumour that London Mayor Boris Johnson was in the sim, well the av had a shock of white hair like good old Boris, so I had to go and have a look, but I’ll tell more on Virtually London (lite), probably tomorrow!  While I was in Kensington I danced around the Maypole with Isobel, Ed, Gold and Piper, which was fun, then I teleported off to a Queen tribute concert at Brie and Seany’s West End club.  Eliza joined us and we had a great time, the tribute band was one of StageOne Production’s performances and they really do well.  Sunday saw the Abba tribute concert in virtual Hyde Park and the London team put on the show themselves.  Abba is always popular and the team went through their paces and put on a good show, it was great fun.

Back at the West End club they had a wacky dances theme and Ed and Drax were there too, shame Hibiscus missed this, she would have loved it, the sight of everyone doing soppy dances was hilarious, Drax came into his own with this one, he usually picks the strangest dances anyway and has me in stitches, but he found a robot dance and looked like he was directing the the traffic!

At the end of the evening we all got on the Bunny Hop dance and formed a line, snaking crazilly around the dance floor, funny how watching your avatar on SL can make you laugh so much, we had a great time.

Drax and I thought we would visit Murray to see who was about earlier in the day and there were only two people there, two ladies.  I found that I couldn’t move when I went to walk and Drax found the same, one of the ladies remained and said she thought she could cast a spell to get rid of whatever it was, it felt like an invisible prim, but who knows.  The lady av cast her spell, making it snow and, low and behold, the invisible barrier vanished.  I think Drax and I thought the same thing, that she may have put the barrier there in the first place.  Murray never changes, it’s still a place for people to try out their tricks which is part of its charm.  Drax decided to call his faithful Tarn and we climbed on board and escaped as the bird flew skywards.  I watched out for the darn Tarn’s beak though, he has tried to bite me before and he isn’t getting a second chance!!

Back to Murray, Greedy Game and Greedy Attitude

March 4, 2010

Friend Brie Janick, who is one of the Virtual London Directors, wanted me to come over with Ed and Hibiscus and see the new pub, The Three Bells in Virtual Knightsbridge.  The pub had been in Knightsbridge before but had been taken down when things were rebuilt and it’s in a slightly different location and looks great with Brie putting all the pieces back together again.  I popped over for a few minutes but Hib and Ed couldn’t teleport in so as we had a CNN meeting coming up shortly I told Brie we would be back after the meeting.  I’d done a couple of CNN stories, one on the new webviewer you can build if you are in the new SL Beta Viewer 2, which I told Nicole the CNN producer about, as I’m sure they can put it to good use in their sim and the other story I did about people having virtual babies.  I was honoured when CNN linked my baby story to their ‘Living’ page and it got lots of hits, I had an idea people might be fascinated with the baby thing in SL, they would either think it was cute or quite weird, which by the comments it was a bit like that.  After the meeting we went back to see Brie, and Seany joined us too.  They asked us to come and sit down at a gaming table in the pub and Brie talked us through how to play a game called ‘Greedy’.  Not being the sharpest knife in the drawer, I sat concentrating and think I got the hang of it a bit, but not too sure about the gambling bit, so I will look at the rules and have another go.  Luckily Ed and Hib were in the same boat, but Brie and Seany say it’s a great game and a lot of fun, so it’s worth us learning it properly.

Talking about Greedy, there has been a photo competition in Virtual Knightsbridge in the last few days and Ed drew my attention to the fact that the judging, which was done by the public going in and voting for the best picture, was not entirely being done honestly.  The contest was being run by Brie and I went over and had a look.  The gallery where the photos were displayed was busy all the time with one particular contestant’s friends dropping in to vote and then I was told by someone I know that they had asked him to vote for the picture too when he had gone in to look at who to vote for.  I know friends tend to vote for each other with these things, but this was ridiculous, around 420 votes cast, all sorts of people arriving and going straight to the picture and all for just 5000 Lindens, in real life just pocket-money for most people.  I did have words with the people there, but they didn’t think there was anything wrong with it, quite a greedy attitude to spoil the fun of a little competition where the other poor people’s photos never stood a chance no matter how good they were.

Drax logged on and came over to the gallery to see what was happening, after a bit we decided to head off to Murray as we hadn’t been there for quite a while.  As we arrived I could see friends Treasure Vhargon and Hairy Shamrock standing by the water’s edge, we were then joined by Tah, Gunter and Rubi and a couple of people I didn’t know, one of them a monkey called Nab who was great fun, fooling around.

In spite of all the fears everyone had about Murray being re-built as an Info Hub, the bit of land where we always stood and chatted hasn’t changed that much except for a few tropical trees and ferns, so it seemed ok to me.  A few people arrived and I thought there might be a bit of griefing, but nothing much happened it was just a nice friendly chat as the other people went off to look at a boat in the distance.  It was like old times and I really should go back more often to catch up with everyone, we’ve known each other for a couple of years now.

Visit to Murray and the Virtually London Blog

October 11, 2009

Murray blog

I had been sitting chatting to Hibiscus and Ed in our office in SL Kensington and TD Reinard popped in to tell us about the Halloween setting he had just built further up the road, it’s a truly fantastic haunted church and graveyard and he had gone to a lot of trouble to make it creepy.  I mentioned to Hib and Ed that this sort of thing made me want to open Virtually London (lite) again, as there are so many people working hard like TD to keep everyone in Virtual London happy and it only seems fair  that they should get a mention in a blog, so everyone knows their stuff is there, (besides hearing about it in the group notices which some people miss).  I thought about it long and hard over night and decided that I would publish events in SL London again on the blog, as we can’t fill Our Virtual Trilogy with just London news, but only short news items that I think will interest SL Londoners of places to see and forthcoming events.

Ghost main

Clive and Pink came into the office for a chat as well, and it’s nice to get visitors, the office feels more like a proper base now and my little cat Max runs around when I’m not there too.  In fact when I am there, he quite often ignores me now and goes over to Ed or Hib, I’m not sure how this has happened as I haven’t programmed him to do that, scary or what!!

murray Clive and Pink

When I logged on today I suddenly got a fancy to go back to Murray, my original home, just to see what it was like after all this time.  When I arrived the place was totally empty and I left my av there while I went off to do something in real life.  When I came back I saw that Rubi one of my friends had arrived and it was really nice seeing her again.  As we stood there we were joined by some more of the gang, Roach, Treasure and Captive (and Asahi who I had not met before), it was just like old times as we stood talking. It’s one place that stays the same, a little grassy area by the sea and it’s been the scene for griefing, parties, arguments, joy and tears, and I think we are lucky that, as everything else changes in SL, our first home always seems to be there to go back to!

Murray group

Murray group 2

Hibiscus Fights to the End and Murray Reunion

March 5, 2009

Hibiscus and I were talking about role playing sims like Gorean cities yesterday, and I suddenly thought about sword fighting, remembering the fun I had playing Combat Cards, (a sword fighting game using a card deck for the moves).  I asked Hib if she fancied learning it and she said she did, so we went over to the arena where I used to fight (and lose quite a lot, lol).   I showed Hib the rules and said it was best to fight the robot in the beginning until she got the hang of it.  So off she went and tried to work out her moves.  She did very well for a first time, although the robot did win in the end, but she had a couple of duels with him.



As she was doing well I asked her if she would like to fight me and Hib agreed.  She did ever so well, I am a bit rusty, but it all came back once I started playing.  It was a close thing in the beginning but I managed to dispatch her in the end.  Not sure about after she has practised a bit though, think I had better watch out!!




After the match I got a message from Ruskin Thor saying that mate Pinkie Delcon was logged on.  Pinkie has been away for a while with real life things, although I did speak to her for a little while when she logged on a couple of weeks ago, so it’s nice to see her back.  Hibiscus and I went over to Murray where Pinkie and the rest of the Murray gang were.  It was really like old times with most of us there and it felt like home again.  I should go over more often as it was great, and with a bit of luck they are all coming to SL London tonight for a bit of clubbing.  Ruskin being the top DJ at the Mayhem Club!  The Murray mates got together for an unusual group photo before we all logged off for the night. 



All At Sea Then Clubbing Again!

February 27, 2009

SL does some strange things, I only tried to sit on the chair in my apartment and I went off into the sea with bits of someone else’s apartment.  I often wonder if the Lindens do this sort of thing for a laugh!  I tried going back into ‘appearance’ as this sometimes zooms you back to where you are supposed to be, but it didn’t work this time, even if it did, you still end up with a slide instead of a walk or a quick waddle and then a slide, oh well, re-log and hope for the best!!



I’ve been trying not to spend lately, I can get carried away in SL, so many lovely things to buy and I have been trying to save a bit to keep Virtually London (Lite) ticking over, so I shouldn’t even have gone to the BareRose store, let alone buy anything.  But there it was this beautiful evening dress, so cheap and in about 4 different colours all for 15o Lindens.  Well as I was going out clubbing again (Ruskin was dj’ng in the Mayhem Club) I decided to treat myself.  Glad I did, it’s a nice dress and I can wear the other colours to other events.



Some of the Murray crowd were there at the club and it was lovely to see them, I must pop over to Murray soon, it’s been ages.  Captive and Treasure looked really glam, Cap had similar hair to me, only on her it looked really good, she has a knack of looking like an SL model, Treasure does as well, they both looked fantastic.  Little Nazna  turned up in a sort of wolf outfit and she said she was supposed to look evil.  Sorry Naz, you still looked cute!



Hibiscus looked really great in a new dress too, she always has new clothes, having a real talent for shopping and getting lots of bargains from good quality places.  There was quite a crowd in the club, Ruskin did really well as a dj and looked like he was really enjoying himself as well.  We had a brilliant time and the Mayhem club was rocking!!