June 25, 2010

What do you do when you can’t let your friends know what’s happened to you because you can’t get on line? Worry! yes, and that’s about all you can do.  For one reason or another real life played me up good and proper this week and I was off-line for three days, which isn’t like me, as I usually drop people an email or a message so they know not to worry.  I had stories lined up for Virtually London (lite) that I couldn’t put on, and things to tell people as well as places I’d agreed to go to!  My stories will have to wait till next week as new news happened in the meantime that really wanted putting on there and then.  What a difference a few days makes in SL,  as I came back to messages and people waiting to chat to me.   I can’t tell you how pleased I was to speak to the people I knew had been wondering where I had been!!  It only proves what a fragile environment we all live in with this Second Life and how much we care about the friends we have met in-world.  I hate to think that one day I might not  know what has happened to one of my friends if they suddenly disappear.  After chatting to everyone and sorting out a couple of problems, it was time to have some fun and I went to Brie and Seany’s Tropical Harmony sim for their Pirates and Wenches night, it was good to be back!!