Busy Halloween Night in Virtual London And New Jazz Club!

November 1, 2009

You wonder what SL will be  like without Halloween!  It seems it’s a big deal all around the world, celebrating the night that the witches and spirits come out to play.  Not so much for us in the UK, but it seems we are catching up a bit with trick or treat for the kids, which has become a custom over here too.  The grid had so many haunted places to visit this year and so many parties arranged, you couldn’t be everywhere  at once which was a shame.  I had already been to some early parties.  Hibiscus had looked fabulous in her witches outfit the other night at the Garden Cafe party, she got the dress as a bargain and she is good at spotting the right thing to wear.


I had been dressed as a witch too that night, and wanted something different for last night’s parties in SL London.  I went off wandering earlier in the day and went over to a store called Evie’s Closet.  I had covered Evie’s designs at the Virtual London Fashion Week and really loved her beautiful gowns, so I decided to join the group.  Luckily I did, as I got a free faery outfit on joining, and it was a gorgeous floaty dress with autumn colours.  I put it on when I got back to my place and decided it would look ok if I put a pale skin with it.  I found a goth skin and decided that would do for the parties.


I went over to the Mayhem Club in SL Mayfair, as their evening started earlier than the Underground Club, and the place was already packed out.  Ed joined me over there and people looked amazing, Ed had his Zombie skin on as well. 



SL London Director Brie Janick dropped into the Mayhem dressed as a ghostly bride and she looked great, I’ve no idea where she found that outfit, but it was terrific.  Brie was dj’ing at the Underground Club party later and I was pleased to see her call into the Mayhem Club.  There is something nice happening to Virtual London, a coming together of managers, Torric Rodas (who runs Mayfair)  and Brie seem to be working together now for all of Virtual London and you can see things have settled down.  There are things planned for Virtual London that sound just what we want there, I will, of course be publishing them in Virtually London (lite) as they take shape!  I was lucky last night though, I saw a couple of people in The Kensington building in Virtual Kensington, so I decided to go over and have a chat with one of them.  Hib had always said that The Kensington building would be ideal for the Jazz club that London so badly needs, and that is exactly what’s happening, a new Jazz club is being set up there.  I spoke to Almo Skytower, who was setting the whole thing up, and he appears to have the right ideas about how it should look with the right kind of music too, so I am waiting for him to send me the final details before I publish the good news to Virtual Londoners in a few days.


After the Mayhem Club I went over to the Underground Club and once again it was packed out.  I counted 50 people in Knightsbridge and another 50 in Mayfair at one time, just amazing!


UGC Manager Seany and his team had made the club look fantastic and in the end I could hardly move my camera about as the amount of people in the sim caused so much lag.  So much chatter was  going on that it was hard to follow in the text chat, people were having a great time and filled the text with banter and gestures!  One thing is a problem though, you get so many different chats going on, as the group chats start up as well, that you sometimes miss tags of people trying to IM you and you may not always be available if you are talking to one or two people at the same time.  Any Mr or Ms Lindens who are reading this, and I know you do sometimes, could you send a note to your boss asking if we can have a pre-loaded message in our IM response saying ‘Unavailable for IM’s a the present time’ that we can set, not just ‘Busy’ that stops us reading the local chat unless we have the chat window open.  From people like me’s point of view, sometimes I get three or four IM’s coming in all at once, I would like to pick one IM to answer at a time and be able to load the ‘Unavailable’ message on for any other incoming IM’s.  Just a suggestion!

Well I supposed Halloween is finished, but just around the corner is Christmas, (no not Winterval or EndofYearAval, Christmas!  like it should be!), so I will be looking forward to exploring all the sites that people will now be setting up, I can’t wait!!!


Visit to Murray and the Virtually London Blog

October 11, 2009

Murray blog

I had been sitting chatting to Hibiscus and Ed in our office in SL Kensington and TD Reinard popped in to tell us about the Halloween setting he had just built further up the road, it’s a truly fantastic haunted church and graveyard and he had gone to a lot of trouble to make it creepy.  I mentioned to Hib and Ed that this sort of thing made me want to open Virtually London (lite) again, as there are so many people working hard like TD to keep everyone in Virtual London happy and it only seems fair  that they should get a mention in a blog, so everyone knows their stuff is there, (besides hearing about it in the group notices which some people miss).  I thought about it long and hard over night and decided that I would publish events in SL London again on the blog, as we can’t fill Our Virtual Trilogy with just London news, but only short news items that I think will interest SL Londoners of places to see and forthcoming events.

Ghost main

Clive and Pink came into the office for a chat as well, and it’s nice to get visitors, the office feels more like a proper base now and my little cat Max runs around when I’m not there too.  In fact when I am there, he quite often ignores me now and goes over to Ed or Hib, I’m not sure how this has happened as I haven’t programmed him to do that, scary or what!!

murray Clive and Pink

When I logged on today I suddenly got a fancy to go back to Murray, my original home, just to see what it was like after all this time.  When I arrived the place was totally empty and I left my av there while I went off to do something in real life.  When I came back I saw that Rubi one of my friends had arrived and it was really nice seeing her again.  As we stood there we were joined by some more of the gang, Roach, Treasure and Captive (and Asahi who I had not met before), it was just like old times as we stood talking. It’s one place that stays the same, a little grassy area by the sea and it’s been the scene for griefing, parties, arguments, joy and tears, and I think we are lucky that, as everything else changes in SL, our first home always seems to be there to go back to!

Murray group

Murray group 2