Photo Contest a Big Success and Time to Relax Dancing!

January 9, 2011

I organised the London Photograph Competition for Virtually London (lite) over Christmas and I was absolutely stunned at how many people entered with excellent pictures.  I suppose this was the first really big successful contest I have run, and I decided to ask Kat and Laredo of New London if I could use the New Albert Hall to display the photos.  It was lucky that it is such a big grand building as the entries filled the entire hall and looked great!  Thanks Kat and Laredo!  You can go and see the pictures which will be on display for another couple of days!

Drax had judged the contest and it proved to be very difficult because of the amount of really good pictures, he spend ages on it and did a great job!    I’m still trying to get organised for my shop for the summer too, I put all the Christmas stuff away and have started to make some new things, but time has been against me so far!  Drax and I decided to take some time out though, and head for Run-around-Sue’s for a bit of rock’n roll.  We joined the line of dancers and had a really nice time!

I’m looking forward to another photo contest, probably at Easter, so I hope we have another good response like the Christmas contest!


Back to Murray, Greedy Game and Greedy Attitude

March 4, 2010

Friend Brie Janick, who is one of the Virtual London Directors, wanted me to come over with Ed and Hibiscus and see the new pub, The Three Bells in Virtual Knightsbridge.  The pub had been in Knightsbridge before but had been taken down when things were rebuilt and it’s in a slightly different location and looks great with Brie putting all the pieces back together again.  I popped over for a few minutes but Hib and Ed couldn’t teleport in so as we had a CNN meeting coming up shortly I told Brie we would be back after the meeting.  I’d done a couple of CNN stories, one on the new webviewer you can build if you are in the new SL Beta Viewer 2, which I told Nicole the CNN producer about, as I’m sure they can put it to good use in their sim and the other story I did about people having virtual babies.  I was honoured when CNN linked my baby story to their ‘Living’ page and it got lots of hits, I had an idea people might be fascinated with the baby thing in SL, they would either think it was cute or quite weird, which by the comments it was a bit like that.  After the meeting we went back to see Brie, and Seany joined us too.  They asked us to come and sit down at a gaming table in the pub and Brie talked us through how to play a game called ‘Greedy’.  Not being the sharpest knife in the drawer, I sat concentrating and think I got the hang of it a bit, but not too sure about the gambling bit, so I will look at the rules and have another go.  Luckily Ed and Hib were in the same boat, but Brie and Seany say it’s a great game and a lot of fun, so it’s worth us learning it properly.

Talking about Greedy, there has been a photo competition in Virtual Knightsbridge in the last few days and Ed drew my attention to the fact that the judging, which was done by the public going in and voting for the best picture, was not entirely being done honestly.  The contest was being run by Brie and I went over and had a look.  The gallery where the photos were displayed was busy all the time with one particular contestant’s friends dropping in to vote and then I was told by someone I know that they had asked him to vote for the picture too when he had gone in to look at who to vote for.  I know friends tend to vote for each other with these things, but this was ridiculous, around 420 votes cast, all sorts of people arriving and going straight to the picture and all for just 5000 Lindens, in real life just pocket-money for most people.  I did have words with the people there, but they didn’t think there was anything wrong with it, quite a greedy attitude to spoil the fun of a little competition where the other poor people’s photos never stood a chance no matter how good they were.

Drax logged on and came over to the gallery to see what was happening, after a bit we decided to head off to Murray as we hadn’t been there for quite a while.  As we arrived I could see friends Treasure Vhargon and Hairy Shamrock standing by the water’s edge, we were then joined by Tah, Gunter and Rubi and a couple of people I didn’t know, one of them a monkey called Nab who was great fun, fooling around.

In spite of all the fears everyone had about Murray being re-built as an Info Hub, the bit of land where we always stood and chatted hasn’t changed that much except for a few tropical trees and ferns, so it seemed ok to me.  A few people arrived and I thought there might be a bit of griefing, but nothing much happened it was just a nice friendly chat as the other people went off to look at a boat in the distance.  It was like old times and I really should go back more often to catch up with everyone, we’ve known each other for a couple of years now.