Five years in SL – My Amazing 5th Rez Day!

March 30, 2012

I can’t believe it’s five years since I joined SL, yet somehow it seems as if I’ve always been a Second Life resident!  My Rez Day was yesterday and I woke up and saw that there was a new article on Virtually London (lite), curiously I turned to the front page and there was this picture of me in my tiny avatar and blue dress, yes my little red panda av! but who did this, put this on Virtually London (lite)? well naughty Hibiscus Hastings, that’s who!  My friend Hib had remembered my Rez Day and was asking readers to guess who the red panda with a Rez Day was!  Friend Ed put a comment on there and I added one too, telling Hib I would get her later for this publicity!  That evening I thought I would take some photos for my Rez Day, we were scheduled to play Greedy Greedy later so that was how I was to spend my Rez evening.  I put on a nice dress and went over to Run around Sue’s because it was open early and I danced around taking pictures.  As I danced friend Drax logged on and came over, we chatted and I continued to take more pics and I mentioned it was getting near the time arranged to play Greedy, as Ed, Hib, Web, Drax and I were all joining in the game.  However, Drax was saying, wait till it’s time to start before we teleport, so I said ok, but got a bit suspicious after it got late and we should have gone over to the Greedy table.  Drax kept making excuses and by this time I guessed something was up!  He gave me an adorable beagle puppy for my Rez Day and I really looked forward to seeing it later that night (I rezzed it later and it’s so cute! I’ve yet to pick a name for him!).  Finally Drax said we ought to go over and we teleported to Hib’s land!  well as I landed I saw that we were surrounded by our wonderful friends!  Yes Hib had arranged a surprise party for me and I had a lovely time, best ever!  Simon dj’d for us and we danced the night away.   It was a Rez Day to remember and I managed to take some pictures as you see!  I’d like to say a big thank you to everyone who came along, TXBarb, Janis, Brie, Seany, Simon, Al, Poppy, Ed, Eliza, Pink, Nils, Truths, Nahi, Drax, and Hib (naughty Hib!).  (It was Eliza’s Rez Day a few days ago and I posted her celebration story on CNN .  I nearly put my Rez Day on there too, but CNN have hidden SL stories so far down into their new style  format that people can no longer just trip across our stories, so it looks like they have sidelined SL after all.  I read today that main media channels are losing a lot of their audiences to independent news channels because people think they aren’t getting the full real life news because they are being censored; apparently CNN have lost the most viewers, said to be 50%.  Maybe it’s time for the main media to realise that people are waking up to what is happening in the world today, it’s not only about them taking out the fun things like SL, it’s about them treating people like children who have to be fed the news they want them to read and not what is really going on. After all the world economy won’t make main media reporters, bosses etc exempt from the outcome that the governments plan for us all!)


Wonderful Friends Make My 4th Rez Day One to Remember

March 30, 2011

I want to thank all my amazing friends for giving me such a wonderful 4th Rez Day!  Good friend Eliza, whose own Rez Day was last week, invited me over to her lovely Magic Valley land where she showed me around and treated me to a Rez Day cake (she took the beautiful black and white photo, also see more pictures on Flickr).  Then my dear friend Brie Janick invited me over to the West End Club where they held a surprise Rez Day Party for me.  Ed, did an article for me on Virtually London (lite) too!  Thank you Ed!  You all made my day fantastic and I had a brilliant time!  (4 years is a long time in SL and I put together a little bit of my history on CNN to  mark the occasion.)

Taking To The Skies In The Gilded Gobbler and Back On The Ground 1920s Style

January 30, 2011

I remembered the other day that great designer Johnnytreadlightly Nightfire had given me a beautiful airship called the Gilded Gobbler some time ago.  Johnny and Alphonso who own Genius Inc make some fantastic stuff and the Gobbler has so much detail, it’s like a floating mansion.  I asked Drax if he wanted to go for a ride in it and decided a sandbox was the safest place to try it out.

I didn’t do too badly, I took off and slowly steered the ship around the sandbox with Drax sitting at the back probably worried about my driving, but he looked pretty relaxed!  The interior of the ship is beautiful and you could actually live it in quite comfortably if you had a spot of land to put it on when not flying.

I am pleased to say we landed safely with no broken avatar bones! so I’ll be taking it out again, maybe I’ll show it to Kat and Laredo in New London next week, as long as I don’t crash into Big Ben!  I’ve always stuck to viewer 1 in SL and suddenly thought I would try the Phoenix viewer again  and I’m glad I did, it’s opened up a whole new world of SL make-up for me, with the tattoo layer I can put different eyeshadow and lipstick without changing my whole skin!!  Hibiscus has tried it too and it means a  lot of new shopping trips for us!!  It helped last night as I wanted to look my best, I was going to a Rez day party which had a 1920’s theme.  I’d been to a demonstration in Virtual London in the afternoon, the people there were supporting the real life students who were demonstrating in Manchester about tuition fees and I hastily wrote an article to put on CNN about it.  They were a nice bunch of people in Virtual London and they are trying to support what they think is an unfair issue.   As the writing took a bit of time I didn’t have long to look around for an outfit for the 1020’s party.  It was Brie Janick, Barbie Bohemian and Clive Hissop’s joint Rez Day celebration and I guessed everyone would look stunning.  Luckily I found a bargain at Lemania, a gold evening gown with a 20’s look and quickly made a headband with a feather to add to the short bob haircut I also bought, so I was ready to go.  The party was just amazing, there were 40 people in that little club at one time and everyone had a brilliant time.

Brie excitedly called us over to pose  with her at the end of the evening and we all clambered around getting into position on the poseballs!

We took loads of pictures and I’ll be putting mine on Virtually London (lite) later in the week.  The West End Club owned by Brie, Clive and Cute is so popular and they work really hard to come up with new events all the time.  The crowd that go there are a really nice bunch of people and it’s good to have such good friend in SL and it’s always fun being with them.  I hope Brie, Barbie and Clive enjoyed their party!!

Surprise RezDay Party But Tinged With Sadness

April 1, 2010

My Rez Day had been and gone quietly enough, I’d told Hibiscus that I didn’t want any fuss, any presents or a party, I know they love to do those down at the Underground Club in Knightsbridge, so I thought that was it.  Hib sent me a lovely card though, that she had made herself, she is getting good at making things!  Friend Eliza who had her RezDay a couple of days before me did send me a present, a gorgeous rabbit to cuddle, whose nose actually twitches!  Thank you Eliza, but very naughty of you!!   Of course I didn’t reckon with Ed, he found out after the day and I told him I didn’t do presents, but he wasn’t to be put off and sent me a wonderful painting, thank you Ed!  Last night Ed seemed in a hurry to get to the Underground Club, I wanted to get over there too, as it was my friend Brie Janick’s last night to dj before her and her fiance Seany leave the London sims.  I didn’t want to miss Brie’s last time as dj, it has all been so sad, her job in the London sims, along with Seany’s post have been made untenable because of the politics going on there.  Brie and Seany don’t want to leave London, but left with little choice they are being loyal to the end and finishing their schedules.  Seany will dj on Friday, his final night.  Hibiscus was to join us later as Ed and I headed towards the club and I got the shock of my life when I walked in, Ed and Brie had  arranged a party for me and kept very quiet about it.  It was lovely, everyone wishing me a happy belated rez day and I had a really good night. 

Brie looked great as she dj’d and as usual she gave her bubbly friendly patter between the music, Seany danced just in front of the stage and you could feel the love in the room for them both, people are really upset to lose these two, one guy, and I won’t name him in case he joins the ban list, wore a billboard expressing his thoughts on the way things have been done.

We saw Das Wade and Cleo Charleville there, they hadn’t been in SL for a while, but they came to see Brie and that was lovely, all these people are friends for life and enjoy being part of a community.  I was proud to share my RezDay celebrations with Brie, it was her day really and when she finally broke down in tears near the end, we all wanted to cry with her.  Of course, she won’t see the back of us, as I pointed out to her, she will have a job shaking us lot off!! 

3rd Rez Day

March 29, 2010

I can’t believe it is my third Rez Day today, three years since I came into SL and I was afraid to talk to anyone in case I was doing it all wrong, never having played computer games, it was all a bit worrying.  But looking back over the three years I’ve met so many lovely people and made so many friends that I’d recommend it to anyone!! Happy Rez Day to me!!!

Happy Rez Day Eliza – And Chat with Mayor of Victoriana

March 26, 2010

A very happy Rez Day for yesterday to the lovely dizzy and sweet Eliza Janus!  Eliza was celebrating her third Rez Day and she called all her friends over for a photo shoot.

Eliza had all the poses ready and we shuffled about trying to get into position, I think I picked a bit of a severe looking pose but thought it best to stay there once I was sorted, lovely Eliza was carried in the arms of Jason  and  Alphonso  and looked very elegant with a feast of goodies on her head, including what looked like her Rez Day cake! Poor Damanios ended up with a noose around his neck and I’ve no idea why!

I hope you had a wonderful day Eliza and I hope you will celebrate  lots and lots more SL Rez Days in the future, you are a star!!

I travelled back over, to the shortly to be closed, Victoriana last night and bumped into the Mayor who owns the sim and had a chat with him.  He is such a gentleman and kindly spoke to me for a few minutes.  There is so much sadness surrounding the closure of this top showcase sim that I decided to write another article late last night for CNN, I hope the Mayor doesn’t mind.   The picture below is me and Hibiscus having a great time in Tinytoriana, part of the Mayor’s sim, a few days ago before we heard it was to close.

Happy Rez-Day Drax!!

December 1, 2009

Wishing a very happy rez-day to Drax!  It’s his second SL birthday and he doesn’t look a day over one!

I took him to New Brighton the other day to show him what a typical English sea-side looked like, as he is from America.  We went on the pier and they had those things that you put your heads through to take photographs.  Well we had a really good time, it was a lot of fun.

I’m not sure about his swimsuit in the picture below, but  at least it looks like he bought a good pair of shoes at last!

We finished up buying a doughnut each and sat down for a while to eat them, it was a brilliant day, I’m still not too sure about that Mankini though, hehe!