English Role Play and Back to Thentis

August 13, 2010

I’ve been looking around for English sims and came across a nice one that is set in the early 1800s’ it is the United Kingdom of Great Britain, Antiquity London.  It was very quiet when I first found it, but I went back there with Drax later on and we both dressed the part as it is a role play sim.  We sat for a while on the East India Dock and watched the boats going by.

The kindly Harbour Master told us about an Inn a little further down the road so we decided to have some refreshments.  Julie the barmaid made us very welcome and I had a glass of mead while Drax ordered some ale.

We listened as Julie chatted to a sailor and she gave some water to two dogs who wandered in and made themselves at home.  The Inn was a pleasing place to be and the mead was very good!  Drax and I decided to leave Antiquity London, planning to go back there again, and travel over to the Gorean City of Thentis.  I had to go home to get changed first, being a strict dress code in Gorean Cities, I didn’t want to look out-of-place or get rejected.  I put on my free woman dress, it’s blue as I am a scribe, (quite fitting for the amount of writing I do!), I can’t really come to terms with the face veil though, but it goes with the role, so I put it on, Drax thinks it stops me talking, so he’s quite happy that I wear it!!.  We teleported and landed outside the city.

Drax went marching off and I followed, he found his way around to the gates and shouted out to see if someone would let us weary travellers in!

A kind lady, another scribe, let us enter and made us welcome. Her name was Regan and she told us about how the city was going through many changes and being re-built in places.  Thentis looked very nice and it was good to visit it again, Drax had a little house there quite a while ago and he had enjoyed living there. 

We thanked Regan and said our farewells.  Drax has recently heard from a friend who was from the old Thentis and she has returned to the town, so we may go again soon and hopefully she can show us around.


Avatar The Movie is Fun Role-Play

February 10, 2010

At the last CNN meeting, the producers had mentioned that they were interested in anything to do with the movie Avatar in SL, so I set off to have a look.  I haven’t seen the movie yet, but had seen people dressed in the blue skins and stuff in SL, so I thought there must be something going on.  I ended up finding a sim called Pandora and went over for a look around.  I was relieved to see that I didn’t have to wear one of the character skins or role play, but could go in as a visitor, which I did.  There were people arriving all the time, so I guess it is very popular and both Hibiscus and Drax have seen the film and told me it was good. I looked around the vendor bit before going down to the forest were some people were already acting out a scene.   I got challenged by a girl who hadn’t seen my visitor tag, quite handy really, as I hadn’t wanted to disturb the others in their role-play, so I got chatting to BobCat and she let me take her picture which was nice of her.  It was her first day in Pandora and she seemed to fit right in. 

I tried to keep out of the way as a battle started and still managed to get shot, which I included in my article, it made me laugh at the time, as the people were so immersed in their roles.  It is a great sim and I went back with Drax to show him, as he could relate to it having seen the film.   I had another nice surprise at the CNN meeting as Nicole the producer said that they had put a link to my story on their Entertainments page, so it got quite a lot of hits, although not as many as Brie and Seany’s story, which is still my favourite.  But a big thanks to CNN again this week for giving me a link to their main site.

Party at CNN and Exploring Some Role-Play

December 16, 2009

Virtual London has had loads going on this week, live singers and tribute bands and it’s a good job that I have Ed and Hib with me, Ed did a great job of covering the tribute Bon Jovi concert Saturday night, while I covered the live artists Friday and the wonderful Maximillion Kleene earlier on Saturday at the opening of the new Cafe in SL Knightsbridge.  I have been wanting to wander about the grid lately and try out new sims, both Drax and I thought we would look at some of the role-play places again.  We went to a Greek sim and got chatting with a lady there who was very nice and told us a bit about it,  There was actually a battle just starting in the arena so we climbed to the balcony and looked down at the clash between the Greek soldiers and the Ottomans.

After watching the combat we got changed and planned on heading into a Gorean sim, stopping off at Murray on the way and who should be there? the naughty but nice Nazna skipping around and still as cute as ever!

We did teleport over to a Gor sim from Murray and it took ages for the buildings etc  to rez.  I followed Drax and we ended up in a wooden building, when the man in there challenged me.  I told him in brackets that we could not see, which means you are talking out of role play, and it seems that the role I played is not allowed in taverns, and this is where I had ended up.  I apologised for trespassing and followed Drax out again, he could not see either on first arriving, however the guy was very snotty and didn’t respond ‘off stage’ so I take it he doesn’t take kindly to strangers entering his ‘patch’ .  I wonder sometimes if they want visitors to their sims as another one we went to had just changed meters (something you wear to tell you your health etc) and when we enquired about getting the new meter we were told we couldn’t, so no role play there then!  Perhaps they find new people a bit of a challenge, maybe they like sticking to the same storylines all the time, who knows!

We will still travel around looking, it’s a bit of fun and you never know what you will find, we had gone to an excellent Medieval one the other week and the people were lovely, all playing their parts very well.  Drax is good at the role play and I am catching up a little bit and saying more, even if I’m not sure what is going on sometimes!   After all the exploring, we had a meeting at CNN Island yesterday  and Nicole quickly ran through some of our week’s stories and then announced that we should party for the rest of the time.  She took us over to the dance floor at the back of the meeting area and we all started to dance around, drinks in hand and Nicole even had the Christmas card I gave her last year for some reason, I think she was really getting into the spirit of things!

Nicole, Ed, Apollo, Hib, Widget and me had fun and it is the last meeting of 2009 so there is a long break till after the new year. 

Nicole said goodbye and Drax arrived for the last few minutes and we had stopped dancing, bit of a relief really, as he likes to do his breakdancing and usually knocks people over with his spinning around!  The conversation went all downhill from then onwards, fish puns!  like ‘you fin you know best’ and stuff like that, so funny!  Anyway it was a CNN meeting with a difference and I would like to wish them all a Happy Christmas and Great New Year for 2010!

Return to the Gorean City of Thentis

November 9, 2009

A few days ago Drax and I travelled to Thentis, you may have seen in the comments on this blog that Hilda from the Thentis sim invited me over to take a look around.  It was back to where Drax and I first met nearly two years ago, I had wandered into the old Thentis city and there he was.  He had been kind to me that day, offering to let me sit with him while one of the slave girls served him drinks.  I’d wanted to do a story on a Gorean sim and I was taking notes as I went along, little knowing that we would become good friends and have been on many adventures since.  At home beforehand, Drax donned his sword, and with his Gorean outfit he looked the true part.  I’d decided to go in as a Scribe Free Woman, as Drax had explained what the role was, and it seemed fitting for someone who does a lot of writing!

D 1

I’d wanted a nice dress for the journey and searched around until I found one at Evie’s Closet, it was a lot of Lindens, but worth it as the outfit was well made with the skirts moving gracefully as I walked.  Free women have to wear a mask over their lower face and I find this a bit strange, but rules are rules and it wasn’t as drafty as being dressed as a slave!  We set off and teleported over to a snowy Thentis which looked very prettily landscaped.  The gates were locked and there were not many people around, we had picked the wrong time to go really, and we will return when people are there, but we thought we would get the layout of the city this time around.  The new Thentis is very elegant with its light stone buildings and dwellings, we had scaled the gates and hoped Hilda would not mind too much if we did look around.

D 2


We met one of the slave girls Callie, who knelt shivering in the snow and we asked her a few questions before we carried on with our journey around the city.  She mentioned the gates being locked and Drax told her that he still had the key from the old Thentis (jokingly!!).  She kindly asked us if we would like a tour, but I was trying to find Hilda, so we declined her offer, thanking her.


As we wandered I saw Hilda on my radar and I sent her a message that we were in Thentis.  She came over to see us, and Hilda’s role is a slave girl to her Master Havoc Rau who owns the sim.  We told Hilda we thought Thentis looked very good, we were impressed with the city, but asked her why the gates had been locked.  She told us that they have been having raids, so it looks like there is plenty of action going on in the city.



We told Hilda we would like to return when we all have more time, (and I would like to thank her for inviting us over).  She took us back to the gates and kindly unlocked them for us to leave, we wished her Safe Paths and left the city.  We sat outside for a little while talking, we would like to go back soon and see some role play as well.  I will have to polish up on my Gorean greetings and etiquette, Drax is just a natural at it!!

 D 7

Haunted Isle and Robbie Williams Live Concert

October 23, 2009

A E 1

I went exploring with Hibiscus yesterday, over to somewhere called Erie isle, which is most unusual, as it’s a role play sim, a haunted one!   Being cowards me and Hib thought we would go in as observers to see what happens and we had a good old look round.  There were only a few people there and one of the role-players told me that it would be better later in the evening when more people were about.  It looks good though, it’s a well built sim with lots of places to explore, so we will go back and maybe this time have a go at the role playing!  

a e 2

a e 3

Tuesday I had been expecting to go to the CNN meeting, but there was no mention of it till the next day when Nicole the CNN manager had left a notice for the group saying it had been cancelled, but thanking everyone for putting their stories on that week.  By chance though, because we did not have the meeting I ended up at a really good event.  Robbie Williams was singing live in London and it was being broadcast into SL at the NAG sim at the same time.  One of the other ireporters Kiko Hunniton had sent out a group message to let us know it was happening, so thanks to her we had a great night.  Hibiscus and Ed logged on and we caught most of the show, which was fantastic!

Robbie 1

Robbie 2

Peaceful Linc Island

January 10, 2008

Another adventurous evening last night, my mate Drax, he who is honourable amongst men, but cannot be trusted by the free women,  took me into another dangerous area in a Gorean city for my research into the medieval style role playing.  Must admit, so worried about saying something out of turn in those places, that I am always glad to leave.  Can’t just go up to someone and say ‘Hi, how you doing?’ as the dialog has to be strictly medieval, which adds to the atmosphere of the place.  Thanks Drax for helping me you are a star.   I decided on something a bit more tranquil after I left Drax and went over to Linc Island to wander about on my horse Colin.  There was a lot going on in the distance that I could see, with dancing and stuff and they looked like they were really enjoying themselves.  I preferred just to wander on my own (with Colin of course).  Colin spotted a great statue of a unicorn and I had a job making him come away as I think he thought the unicorn fancied the look of him.


Linc (who are a real life clothing and lifestyle company) officially opened a new project on 7th January (see my cnn write up on http://secondlife.blogs.cnn.com/ ) selling clothes designed in Second Life to the real world via the internet.  I spotted the new shop on Linc Island that they have just fitted out, see below, also see second picture of Knibbel (owner) Designers Sherry and Arron and Knib’s personal assistant Violet, who have worked so hard to make it all happen.



Before I did the cnn write up, designer Arron gave me some of the new items of clothing and I must admit I have worn them an awful lot, as they are really cool, quality really does stand out in Second Life.  Anyway here is me in a couple of my model poses (Ugh!!) to show the waistcoat and pants off (not the netted vest, that’s from another source).  Anyway, if you want some really great clothes pop over the Linc and have a look.



I love to go to Linc, sometimes like being on my own, and its got a nice feel about it, with the gallery and artwork and stuff, but there is so much more on the Island to explore as well, the virtual reality room there will blow your mind and Lincs’ the place to go for a rave if that’s what you fancy.  Take a look see.