Big Hair and Where Have all the Storytellers Gone?

May 8, 2011

Sometimes you have to cheer yourself up, maybe real life is getting you down, or maybe Second Life gets a little humdrum sometimes, usually it’s because I’m busy with both and just reach a point where retail therapy is needed.  So the other day I went shopping and bought some hair.  I had wanted an ‘up’ style to go to the formal event at the New West End Club, but when I started looking around I couldn’t find anything better than the styles I already have.  In the end I settled for a luscious mane of curly reddish hair, which in hindsight made me look like I was going in for the Miss World competition on a bad hair day!  However I put it on and off I went to the Ball in my pretty pink dress, which was really a Christmas dress and has little trees all over it (I was hoping no one would look that close!).

Well no one said ‘I like your hair’ not that they should have done, but you know the sort of thing, you instantly think it looks horrible.  Hibiscus arrived and she did say it looked nice though, she is a good friend!  She looked lovely in her sleek evening dress!

Actually it is very nicely made hair and it has a re-sizer with it, so maybe I needed to shrink it quite a bit, hmmm, might try that next time!   Both Hibiscus and I went to the CNN meeting this week with Nicole the CNN Producer dropping in, yet no one else was there, very strange, maybe people are on holiday etc, but we seem to have lost some good writers.  It was a shock to see Any1 Gynoid had cancelled her CNN account, I hope she decides to come back, ireports are a lot duller without her!  In the meantime I’ll carry on as usual although real life is so very busy lately!