New Boots, New London and Kicking My House Into Touch!

June 10, 2010

Hibiscus and I had taken Pixi over to the wonderful store called Redgraves to get her a new skin and I had forgotten all the nice things there.  I went back to wander on my own and spotted some great boots that I instantly thought I needed more than anything else in the whole of SL.  They are biker boots and quite scruffy really with the belts and buckles undone, but a thing of wonder with so much detail.  I tried to fight it, but in the end I gave in and got them!  I was useless at fighting it the next day too, because I went back and bought another pair!!

Drax came over for a chat later and I ventured outside my house, can’t remember why, but he was inside and I was outside so I couldn’t be bothered to walk over to the front door, being extra smart, I clicked on the window to make it phantom so I could walk through it, and then it all happened!!  The house, which I have had for some time, must be scripted because it all went strange, like a giant jelly rocking about, poor Drax got thrown around as the house just moved  all over the place!!  I tried to edit it again to make it stable, but it wasn’t having any of it, and still wobbled around.  Luckily it’s in two parts and this was just one of them, but I decided to take it back into my inventory and try later.  We were left sitting on a door outside, good job it wasn’t raining in SL!!

Well I had to put all the fixtures and fittings back in my inventory as well and it will take some organising, but I suppose I was getting a bit tired of the same decor, so it’s a chance to do something else in there.  The next day I went wandering and found a very pretty sim to be alone with my thoughts. 

I sat on a fence and started to sort my inventory out, well I tried to, but you can never be alone for long, a couple came along on horseback and said hello!  Nice of them to stop, and they looked like they were enjoying their ride, they seemed curious to know what I was doing, but the mention of sorting inventories filled them with horror too! so they said farewell and rode away.   I had to get back to doing a bit of writing, so leaving my inventory still in its vast mess, I headed back home.  Then today I decided to head over to the Doctor Who New London sim to see what they had been up to over there.  They are getting ready for the World Cup match between England and the USA on Saturday, starting with a party tomorrow night at 1pm.  I met sim manager Laredo Lowtide and he told me where the party was to take place.  Laredo and sim owner Kat Kassner had kindly offered me a base in their sim the other day, and Laredo showed me a great shop I can use, so I’m looking forward to doing it all out, I hope I don’t put it away like I did my house though, hehe!!!