Back in Knightsbridge!

December 4, 2010

I’ve been doing ok with my little Christmas shops, I love making all the bits and have added a couple of xmas trees with birds, one with our English Robin and one with Red Cardinals with a glarland and wreath to match on the Cardinal one.  The joy of making stuff is great, although my time is limited, its such a nice thing to do.  I have a few shops, a couple in a lovely Christmas sim called The Christmas Village at Jura, one in Tropical Bliss and one in the New London Village.  I wanted to get one more shop and decided to look back at Virtual London.  It was nice going back there, and it brought back  memories of happy times, of which there were many!  I explored all the sims, Mayfair, Hyde Park, Westminster, Kensington and Knightsbridge and looked at the shops that were available to rent.  I decided on Knightsbridge as I have always loved the gallery and it has lots of room inside for my trees etc.  I enjoyed setting my shop up and talking to the people dropping by who had come to see what was going on.  I’m not going to make a killing with my stuff for the sales, as I keep the prices low and I try to make everything very low prim as well (my trees are just one prim), so people can put up lots of decorations and still have their quota of prims left for their furniture.  I love walking around the London sims again looking at the shops.  It was good too to see so many friendly faces!


Catching Up and Rocking and Rolling!

July 1, 2010

It’s surprising how a couple of days out has put me behind with stuff, I had stories to go on Virtually London (lite) last week that I had to re-think and other new stories to fit in this week, but at least I’m never short of content as there is so much going on with London related stuff in SL.   Even in Virtual London I noticed a new club has been built just along from our shop in Kensington.  I spotted Ed and Isobel outside of the new ‘Rendezvous’ and then Kensington Manager Rob Fentwich dropped by for a chat.  Rob was telling us that this club would be different to the other clubs with new management, so it will be exciting to have it just a stones throw away from where we are based so we can pop in to ‘boogy on down’ when it opens.  Isobel said she may be having a garden party and Rob was showing us the latest in Barbeques, I think this one was a giant marshmallow!

I met up with Drax later and we had a look at the SL7B exhibits (SL 7th Birthday).  We spotted a familiar sight, it was the Coach and Horses pub from Virtual London, and like last year, London had their own stand there.  The actual SL7B site is huge and I would have liked to have seen more notecards about the exhibits and what the ideas where behind them on each stand, but it is very much up to the person who builds each one and some did do that, but not all.  There were some fantastic builds there though and lots of people used their imaginations to make them stand out from the others.

Drax and I went over to Runaround Sue’s  after, for a bit of Rock ‘n Roll, it was lots of fun and we surprised ourselves at how good we could dance!

We had a great time, and who knows, maybe the new Rendezvous club will be for a bit of Rock ‘n Roll too, we shall have to wait and see!!

Surprise RezDay Party But Tinged With Sadness

April 1, 2010

My Rez Day had been and gone quietly enough, I’d told Hibiscus that I didn’t want any fuss, any presents or a party, I know they love to do those down at the Underground Club in Knightsbridge, so I thought that was it.  Hib sent me a lovely card though, that she had made herself, she is getting good at making things!  Friend Eliza who had her RezDay a couple of days before me did send me a present, a gorgeous rabbit to cuddle, whose nose actually twitches!  Thank you Eliza, but very naughty of you!!   Of course I didn’t reckon with Ed, he found out after the day and I told him I didn’t do presents, but he wasn’t to be put off and sent me a wonderful painting, thank you Ed!  Last night Ed seemed in a hurry to get to the Underground Club, I wanted to get over there too, as it was my friend Brie Janick’s last night to dj before her and her fiance Seany leave the London sims.  I didn’t want to miss Brie’s last time as dj, it has all been so sad, her job in the London sims, along with Seany’s post have been made untenable because of the politics going on there.  Brie and Seany don’t want to leave London, but left with little choice they are being loyal to the end and finishing their schedules.  Seany will dj on Friday, his final night.  Hibiscus was to join us later as Ed and I headed towards the club and I got the shock of my life when I walked in, Ed and Brie had  arranged a party for me and kept very quiet about it.  It was lovely, everyone wishing me a happy belated rez day and I had a really good night. 

Brie looked great as she dj’d and as usual she gave her bubbly friendly patter between the music, Seany danced just in front of the stage and you could feel the love in the room for them both, people are really upset to lose these two, one guy, and I won’t name him in case he joins the ban list, wore a billboard expressing his thoughts on the way things have been done.

We saw Das Wade and Cleo Charleville there, they hadn’t been in SL for a while, but they came to see Brie and that was lovely, all these people are friends for life and enjoy being part of a community.  I was proud to share my RezDay celebrations with Brie, it was her day really and when she finally broke down in tears near the end, we all wanted to cry with her.  Of course, she won’t see the back of us, as I pointed out to her, she will have a job shaking us lot off!! 

Visit to Murray and the Virtually London Blog

October 11, 2009

Murray blog

I had been sitting chatting to Hibiscus and Ed in our office in SL Kensington and TD Reinard popped in to tell us about the Halloween setting he had just built further up the road, it’s a truly fantastic haunted church and graveyard and he had gone to a lot of trouble to make it creepy.  I mentioned to Hib and Ed that this sort of thing made me want to open Virtually London (lite) again, as there are so many people working hard like TD to keep everyone in Virtual London happy and it only seems fair  that they should get a mention in a blog, so everyone knows their stuff is there, (besides hearing about it in the group notices which some people miss).  I thought about it long and hard over night and decided that I would publish events in SL London again on the blog, as we can’t fill Our Virtual Trilogy with just London news, but only short news items that I think will interest SL Londoners of places to see and forthcoming events.

Ghost main

Clive and Pink came into the office for a chat as well, and it’s nice to get visitors, the office feels more like a proper base now and my little cat Max runs around when I’m not there too.  In fact when I am there, he quite often ignores me now and goes over to Ed or Hib, I’m not sure how this has happened as I haven’t programmed him to do that, scary or what!!

murray Clive and Pink

When I logged on today I suddenly got a fancy to go back to Murray, my original home, just to see what it was like after all this time.  When I arrived the place was totally empty and I left my av there while I went off to do something in real life.  When I came back I saw that Rubi one of my friends had arrived and it was really nice seeing her again.  As we stood there we were joined by some more of the gang, Roach, Treasure and Captive (and Asahi who I had not met before), it was just like old times as we stood talking. It’s one place that stays the same, a little grassy area by the sea and it’s been the scene for griefing, parties, arguments, joy and tears, and I think we are lucky that, as everything else changes in SL, our first home always seems to be there to go back to!

Murray group

Murray group 2