My House

October 29, 2007

I really like my life in sl, but used to wander around looking for somewhere quiet to go back to, you know the sort of thing, somewhere to change your clothes, take a few minutes for yourself to reflect on things and make plans for the future.  Well I started to be interested in looking for a small piece of land to build a house on, somewhere that I could call my own.  I looked for ages and kept putting things off, then suddenly, by chance, I found the right location , a lovely spot with a beach (that’s a picture of it, above in the header), and it’s the best thing I’ve ever done.  I started to build things a few months ago and I built my little house, which I have altered about three times (which is still a little out of line, don’t look too close).  It won’t stay the same anyway, because I like to change things all the time, so who knows what it will look like in a few months from now.

I have a small circle of very wonderful friends in sl who I love to see, and they are welcome at my place any time, either if they want to see me, or to spend some time there if I’m not around, they know they can treat the place like their own.  I share my house with my pet squirrel, his name is Sammy, and he is very good company.  He is so tame he quite often perches on my foot whilst eating his acorns.  Sammy was a present from Headburro Antfarm, one of my best friends in sl.  He already had a squirrel (called McGrue) and I used to chat to McGrue whenever I called at Head’s place, so Head got me Sammy, (who is a cousins of McGrue) so I am never lonely with such a perfect pet.  My other best friend, Pinkie Delcon, comes round and we catch up on things and have fun.  I have so much to thank Head and Pinkie for, as they welcomed and supported me as a noobie in sl (especially when I had been targeted by a ruthless pair of weapon dealers who kept orbitting me for no reason) and I love them both and will always be grateful for all they have done for me (If only the weapons dealers knew, they did me a big favour, it is through them that I found my best buddies and between us we have a real laugh at their expense).

 As you can probably tell, I haven’t got organised yet, with my pictures and stuff, but bear with me and I’ll try to make this blog a little more colourful and interesting as time goes on.