Cher’s Murray Rehab, CNN Pancake and Great Bike

April 29, 2008

I do things on impulse quite a lot and usually they work out ok, but when I was looking for virtual land I did look round for a while before deciding.  I cannot say the same for my pal Cherish, I went with him to look at a piece of land and within a minute he had bought it!!!  Was a good choice though, is a beach front property and very nice location.  I could see how excited he was and I left him as he started to build stuff there.  When I came back the next day I was met by a completely different landscape complete with trees, grass, campsites and a lovely furnished house.  He has called it Murray Rehab and wants all his friends to hang out there as a change from the sometimes chaotic Murray.  Congratulations Cher on your first home, its super.

Murray is the same mad place, I decided to see what I have in my inventory and found a giant Hamster wheel, God only knows why I would have bought that, must have been at the Budweiser again before I went shopping.  Anyway, Stef was game and ran round in the wheel while me and Roach sat down to watch.

Great builder and scripter Alphonso arrived and gave us all free motorbikes, best thing ever, all different colour ones and they really get some speed up, I really loved zooming up and down Murray, even if I did land in the sea and couldn’t move at one stage.

And finally it was an odd CNN meeting tonight, all about food in SL for the first half.  Well I handed cans of Budweisers round to everyone there.  Only thing is I didn’t warn them that after three swigs they would stagger and fall over, oh dear!!!   Someone bought a giant pancake along so there was plenty of food to go round.

Best news of all though, is that my mate Headburro Antfarm is back and well.  He was stuck in one of SL’s strange half in and half out logging bugs and could not log back on.  Well wonderful Lindens have sorted it and he even made it to the CNN meeting to share the giant pancake!!!



Mysterious HBA Disappearance and Rude Guy

April 28, 2008

Strange things happen in Second Life and yesterday was the strangest yet.  I had a call from a pal Ryne (a very close acquaintance of Headburro Antfarm, my buddy) telling me that the sim Head was at had crashed taking Head with it and leaving him high and dry.  Head was no longer able to log back into SL and was stuck half ‘in world’ and half out.   The funny thing is that you could see him as a green dot on the map, spot his exact location, but not actually view him.  I flew over and had a look.

I have my radar which displayed his name as being within feet of me, but there was no Headburro hovering there, how odd!!  By chance I bumped into Osprey who was doing the same as me, looking for Head.  She thought that she might be able to bump him back into the system as well.

Nothing seemed to work though.  I met Ryne later and he too had a look, hopefully the Lindens will be able to sort Head out, as he has sent a bug report in.

 Had quite a large gathering at Murray the other night and we heard someong taking lots of pictures.  Turned out to be Nazna and what a good photographer she turned out to be.   I had not known it, but she took pictures of me, Captive and Treasure, putting them on giant posters by the group.

Captive looked very glamerous with her platinum hair and red dress.  Well next thing a guy teleported into the area and went straight up to her and said ‘yo bitch’.  Captive stood for a moment speachless and then said ‘you calling me a bitch?’  He went on to be very insulting and rude and I can’t go into his comments here for obvious reasons.  He was being flash and none of us were impressed, the guys were getting angry and Gil challenged him to go over to the scripted area of Murray to sort him out, but he ignored Gil, being the coward that he was.  I had a bit of a go telling him that no one wanted him here with that attitude and the guys gathered round him showing their support for Captive.  He gave up in the end and left, not the best way to make friends is it!!!

Finally heres just a couple of pictures of the bears I got from the Lindens the other day.  I collected quite a few and they are all really nice.

Dead Drunk and Cadging Bears from Lindens

April 26, 2008

Met Roach and Pinkie in Murray and they were discussing music, Roach is an awesome rock band member in real life and Pinkie is a fantastic poet.  Roach asked Pinkie for some of her poems and next think he has put one to music and sang to me and Pinkie over voice.  How cool!! he has a great voice and the song was really good, think we may have a new composing team here, hope they keep on with it.  Pinkie had to leave and a newbie arrived who was trying to wear a pair of trainers without first opening the box, so he ended wearing the box all the time.  Roach took him to one side and showed him how to open the box and wear the trainers, oh I remember those days!!! the boxes I put on by mistake, haha!  After the newbie left I gave Roach a can Budweiser and we had a drink.  We then got on to the Jack Daniels Whiskey and were falling about  drunk, bit shameful for the middle of the day!!

Don’t think Nic who came along was very impressed as I staggered in front of her.  Next think Roach had taken a nose dive as well!!  We thought it was funny though!

Later on when I joined the crowd in Murray it looked like a few of them were in the same state, we all sat down for a chat, even the griefers seemed to be leaving us alone for a change. 

I joined Pinkie later to look at the new garden that she is making.  Headburro popped over and said there was a Charity event in ‘Dreams’ where a large number of Lindens had gathered to be dunked in water for the charity.   Well we all went over for a look.   The Lindens took turns to sit above the tanks of water while the crowd threw balls at them to topple them into the water.  The crowd were good shots and they all got a dunking.

When I was at the SL congress meeting I had been surrounded my Lindens and missed my chance of asking them for teddy bears (which they are supposed to carry to give to people, so I’d heard).  Well not to be outdone again I stood and IM as many as I could asking them if they minded giving me a bear.  I am delighted to say that they all got back to me, and what a nice bunch of people they were.  Most of them gave me a bear and the two that didn’t said they hadn’t got round to finishing their bears off yet and they would send them on to me.   I have quite a few bears now and I’ll get back ‘in world’ to rez them into view and take a shot for the next blog.

Naughty Auties Fantastic Island Growth and Back to Murray

April 24, 2008

Met the lovely Rubi Hawker, Dave Sparrow’s SL Secretary in Murray, and she was telling me about how great Dave’s Naughty Auties Island looks now it has been expanded.  Dave had told me about it being finished a couple of days ago and I had meant to pop over.  So I went with Rubi to have a look, and wow, what I saw really pleased me.  The Island is twice the size it used to be and looks absolutely fantastic, so much room to move about and all very tastefully laid out.

One great idea, is that Dave has put in a library and he wants people to write their own stories to put in there, anyone at all can include a piece of their work and put down thier own thoughts and ideas as well as fiction if they feel like it.  So come on all you would be authors, poets and article writers get your keyboards whizzing!!!

There is a whole section of the beach for a ‘silent area’ where voice is not allowed.  It has a nice restful atmosphere about it and is complete with a little bar to get a relaxing drink and chill out.

A large pool has been installed for bathers, and of course, there is the 1L$ shop where you can get some real cool stuff for such a very low price.  Rubi told me that Malachi Rothschild helped Dave a lot by writing all the the notecards out, as well as helping Dave pick the furniture to set the place up, great that Dave is getting so much assistance from some wonderful people.  The Nauties group did encounter more trouble from griefers though, when they tried to hold a meeting on Sunday, shame on these nasty, spiteful people, they have been reported, and I think the Lindens should come down hard on them.  You can only wonder what goes on in the griefers’ heads, not a lot I would assume.

It was really nice looking round and I can recommend the Naughty Auties Haven at Chrystal Isle as a really nice relaxing place to hang out.   I headed back to Murray and Rubi joined us.  We stood chatting and Drax took centre stage by telling jokes, think he and Head are naturals for the stage, not sure though, whether some of Drax’s jokes may have come out of Gorean Christmas Crackers!!! made me laugh anyway!

Meeting at CNN and Griefer Report

April 23, 2008

We had our usual Tuesday meeting at the CNN Future site yesterday and as you can see by the photo it wasn’t overly crowded, but was a lively debate, which took Nicole, who was taking it, away from her planned agenda.  I mostly listened yesterday and it seems some of the people who had seemed to withdraw from the whole thing a bit were taking an interest again, which is great.  Think Nicole does a fine job keeping up with everyone as the topics bounce around from one thing to another as everyone has their say.

Strange thing is that I had taken some photos a couple of weeks ago showing Murray being griefed, as it was a really bad day and the griefer did what he or she must have thought was a good job at spoiling things for everyone else.  I had intended to do an ireport about it but thought I would wait till this week.  Anyway, last night Nicole was asking why people carried out griefing so I thought I would type up my report and submit it today.  I am delighted to say that they have put it on their main news again and you can see it at;jsessionid=D9D2CABA6C8BC3ACE5FE351BD7054BA2

CNN University Story and Murder in Murray

April 22, 2008

I got a message from my good friend Wheemzel the other day who told me about a wonderful girl who is doing a project to help teachers and professors at Universities to use Second Life as a tool in their lectures.  I put the story on CNN yesterday and they instantly put it on their main news page, so I was delighted.  You can see the story at  Thats a picture of Downtown Bloch the Georgia State University Mascot below.

When I arrived at Murray, I couldn’t believe my eyes, sweet little girl Nazna had finally gone mad and had turned into Naz the Ripper.  Yielding a large kitchen knife, I arrived just in time time to see her walk up to Roach and stab him numerous times, I could hear the knife whistling through the air as she laid into him.

Not satisfied with killing Roach she then attacked Captive and soon the pair were laying there in a pool of blood!!!

Nazna then headed over to me and I was very wary, as I could see the sunlight glinting on the bloody blade of the knife that she still carried.  As she reached me, I pushed her away, unfortunately for Naz she tripped and fell and I suddenly realised that she had fallen on her own knife.  Inadvertently, I had served justice in Murray by ridding it of Naz the Ripper, her legend however, will live on!!!

Murray is peaceful again now, although I suspect that Naz and the others didn’t really die and they will be back having fun there again tomorrow.  Just to show that Murray can be a nice friendly place, I took this picture below of me and Treasure having a nice chat and a swing together, great place Murray!!!



Show Must Go On Success and Sadness at a Move

April 20, 2008

I’ve been looking forwards to seeing ‘The Show Must Go On’ all week, I’ve been to Osprey and Enjah’s shows before and they are always a good laugh, they put so much into it.  This time was a little different, however, Headburro was to be one of the main artists throughout the show, the first one he has done, and he took to it like a duck to water.  He took the part as a ventriloquist’s dummy at one stage and it was hilarious, he also had main parts in other sketches and even showed us his bum at one stage, a sight I thought I’d never see!!!  Great show everyone and great debut Head, may there be many more appearances to follow.

At the end of the show we all joined in the dancing, as we allowed our avs to be animated, and we whirled around like mad things.  Well just my luck, I picked to stop dancing when it was all over and still whirled around like a nutcase.  Picked ‘stop all animations’ from the menu and appeared to stop dancing on my screen and stood there talking to Head and Nazna.  However, Head said ‘Janey has gone mad’ and Naz told me that I looked really silly whirling round, so I can only assume that to them I was still throwing myself about like a nut case on thier screens, thanks SL!!!  Anyway I apologise to them as I did not mean to be such a spectacle!!

You can never tell what is going to happen in Second Life as people change things around and move on.  Drax got a message saying that the nice house he was renting was being taken down as the owners were moving to another sim, all this, with only a couple of days notice.   It is such a shame as the house was really nice, spacious inside and very pretty from the outside.  I had looked on it as my second home and had a few bits and pieces round there to pick up.  I did feel sad going there after the show and seeing it for the last time, got quite attached to the place.