SL Gets Political and Greedy Too!

April 23, 2011

There seems to be so much happening with politics in the UK and all around the world come to that, as people are beginning to find money a problem, I’ve heard even retailers in SL have not been making so much.  Kat and Laredo in the New London Village have always been up to date with what’s going on in real life with the cut backs in the UK and they decided to put on a demonstration concert to show how they feel.  I’ve been getting involved in real life politics too, so I’m devoting some of my time to work there, but I couldn’t resist making my own personal statement to the government when I covered Kat and Laredo’s demonstration for CNN.  Of course, I’ve always been quite political, even back in SL when I met a Daily Mail reporter pretending to be Peter Mandelson and voiced my opinions as people round me told me in IM that he was the real Mandelson, either way it had been fun (shame it wasn’t the real Gordon Brown, I just read to my astonishment, that when he was Chancellor and he sold the UK’s gold at the time when the market for gold was at its lowest, he didn’t even  use the money for Britain, he used it to invest in and prop up the Euro! Plus Europe have a claim to our gold and dollar reserves since the Maastricht treaty was signed!).  The demonstration concert in New London was great as well, because dj Garf Serpente played some brilliant music, so even demos can be good entertainment!

On a lighter note, Hibiscus has installed a game called ‘Greedy’ in her gardens and she and Ed have really got to grips with it.  I tried to play it when Brie and Seany showed me ages ago, but I couldn’t pick up what was happening.  Well Drax and I decided to learn together and went over to Hib’s place, which is next to mine, and we had a go.  Of course Drax shone, running away with the points! but I managed to grasp enough to play the game.  (thick or what!).  So when Hib and Ed came on line Drax and I went over to play them.

We had a really nice time, but I still gambled too much and lost, it was more lack of knowledge about the points than me taking risks.  Drax won again, so he did very well.  I had a game with Hib when the others left, but she beat me hands down!  I really must practice some more!


Caravans, Flying Crocs and Sinking Ships

April 10, 2011

I’ve been totally absorbed in my parcel of land lately, almost becoming a hermit away from the clubs and pubs around SL.  I’d been trying to think up something different to the gazebo I installed at the end of Lover’s Lane on my land, as I already have a gazebo, which looks out over the sea, I thought another one was a bit boring.  Then I thought of making a caravan, something I’ve never attempted before and I set to work.  After ages creating the sloping walls and trying to line them up with the roof, I finally got it looking reasonable.  My friend and neighbour Spooks Blackburn has been advising me about building poses directly into the prims rather than having pose balls, which of course save on prims as well, so I bought a kit of poses and scripts and I was really pleased with the results.  I decorated the caravan with some nice oak veneer and  fancy wooden tiles that I found in my inventory, laid a carpet inside and put a romantic painting on the back wall.  I scripted the roof so you can turn the light on inside the caravan and pick pink, crimson or gold lighting, which looks really snug.  Drax came over to see it and we sat with the new poses I had put in the doorway of the van and it was a nice place to chat.

I put some great romantic poses in the caravan at the end of Lover’s Lane and decided to put another caravan near the houses I built, so I just left the doorway sitting poses in that one.  I also bought some gorgeous fairylights from Lilith and Dolly’s Heart VR garden centre and the sim is looking very pretty with those installed. 

Later I went over to see Up4 and Rux in Old Europe, Up4 is kindly letting me have a stall in his Easter Market.  The sim is looking absolutely beautiful with all the Spring flowers and stuff.  Up4 had a special Easter crocodile, not a rabbit you understand, but a croc with rabbit ears and this one flies too!.  We climbed onto the croc and Up4 took me all around the sim, luckily the croc must have had his dinner because he didn’t bite!

Up4 gave me my own Easter Croc, so I can fly around and scare people, it did make me laugh, although it was sort of cute!  After seeing Up4 I made it to the West End club where Clive Hissop had built the most magnificent set I’ve ever seen in SL, he turned the inside of the club into the Titanic and it looked amazing.  He is so clever,  at the end of the evening the floor tipped and we started to sink, sliding into the sea!  It was a night to remember and Hibiscus will be writing it up for Virtually London (lite) this week, so don’t miss it!