Captive and Roach Marry

August 30, 2008

The big day finally arrived and CaptiveOO7 Latte and Roach Benelli got married.  Congratulations to both of them, it was a wonderful wedding.  Captive gave me the shock of my life last night by asking me to be the maid of Honour, as Cher could not make it for rl reasons.  I cannot tell your how terrified I was right up until I was actually at the other end of the aisle and waiting for the others to follow me, as I was first to walk down the aisle.  Captive looked beautiful in the most gorgeous dress I have ever seen.  Our bridesmaids dresses were also very pretty and the men all looked great as well.  Little Naz made the prettiest flower girl.  Handsome Drax joined me at the reception and we had a great time.

Hope Cappie and Roach enjoyed their day, and may they live happy ever after!!!


New Bike, New Horse and Nearly a CNN Meeting

August 28, 2008

I met a very friendly guy in SL London the other day, I think his name may have been Doogie, but I’m not too sure, he seemed to be an explorer, but he was on the greatest mountain bike I’ve seen in the virtual world.  he explained that it was free from a place called Epic Conditions so later on I went over there and got one, if you go just look for the bike shop up the hill and its at the back of the shop.  

It’s great for getting round the London sims, the animations are really good with it, but don’t forget to take off any animation overrides that you may be wearing before you start peddling.  I saw Hib just before the parade the other day and she has bought a horse from the Lone Star Ranch, and he is beautiful, similar to my Del but with white stockings, so we had a good old ride around Hyde Park.

I had my horse the Gypsy Vanner and it’s taken me a while but I have decided to call her Rose, think it suits a Gypsy horse and its a sweet name for a sweet horse, she is lovely.  I hadn’t seen Hib for a day or two but we both met at the CNN meeting and I hardly recognised her.  She had a really nice Japanese outfit on from BareRose and also she had a new hairstyle with really suits her, she looked really pretty.

The meeting can only be described as a bit quick and I think they should have left it for this week. Some sort of conference thing was taking place about the American elections, a crucial part by all accounts so the reporters were busy with that and couldn’t really spare the time to see us, which was fair enough as it’s a big event over there.  Anyway, Vickie another CNN ireporter gave us her rendition of playing the bagpipes, so there was a bit of entertainment.  I think there is another conference next week for the other party, so I have no idea if they will have the meeting, we will wait and see.

Gigs and Griefers

August 26, 2008

Went to another great gig on Tribute Island, this time it was Joaquin Gustav’s tribute to Astor Piazzolla, a tango composer of the late 20th Century.  As you can see, me and Hibiscus looked a bit worried again, sitting in the same seats as last time, either the seats were uncomfortable or we don’t really dig the tango, but as it turned out Joaquin played some of the most beautiful guitar music we had ever heard, it was a wonderful gig.

Nikk got up to dance with Saffia Widdershins, the owner and editor of the Prim Perfect Magazine, and true to style she had one of the most lovely dresses on that I’ve seen in SL, the designers are so clever now that you can tell classy, expensive outfits just like in real life.

After the gig, Riel Radio played a great selection of music and I danced with Nikk and caught up with some news, it was a really good event and we will try to catch the other live gigs at Tribute Island in the future.

Well it was still quite early, so I went over to Murray after the gig and Treasure, Saab and Stef were there.   I was asking Treasure about her ‘furniture making’ and she rezzed a settee and a chair for us to see.  She is making some really nice stuff now.  I sat in the middle with Saab and Stef on either side and then Drax joined us. 

We had the regular flow of newbies or alts, some of which make out they are newbies, so Murray was having a normal evening.  We chatted until the inevitable happened, one of the ‘rent-an-alts’ started griefing.  The alt had started to IM me with newbie type questions just like before, so I knew what to expect, as he had singled me out from the others as usual, what is this fascination with me, lol, it must be love!!  Then the alt trotted off and the tired old boring wooden blocks filled the area, a bit like kids building blocks, suppose the griefer got the idea from the blocks his real life Mum got him for his birthday!

Drax, being my hero, did IM the alt to try to reason with him, but alas, it’s like talking to one of the blocks, only the blocks have better communication skills.  At the end of the day the people who are being paid to grief Murray are too thick to work out why they are being paid, because they are the ones risking being banned for life, the people doing the paying would not part with money if they could get away with doing the griefing themselves, because they know, with their track record, they will be banned for life (again! and this time not be able to come back as an alt), so let the stupid ones take the risks for them for a few lindens.  The whole thing makes me giggle I’m afraid, it’s not something you can take remotely seriously and its quite good bantering with them, gives me a laugh anyway.  It’s only a matter of time before one of the paid griefers spills the beans on who is paying them to the Lindens, when they think they have been unfairly banned, so it’s quite an interesting thing to witness.

Fun at the Carnival and Nice Evening with Friends

August 25, 2008

Well what a great weekend this turned out to be.  Brie and Seany, two of the London sim managers had worked non stop to help create a brilliant Carnival that lasted Saturday and Sunday to compliment the real life London one held this week (see for full write up on the virtual one). 

Drax, Hibiscus and me had decided to take our horses into SL Knightsbride and Mayfair to follow the parade, and it was great fun riding around seeing all the sights.  There was a buzz about the place, people had gone to a lot of trouble to dress for the event and it all looked really good.  Hib and I stayed behind to enjoy the funfair, we had a go on various roundabouts and even went on the dodgems (which Hibs thrashed me, being the better driver!!)

After all the excitement I went back to the apartment in Chelsea and Drax dropped in for a chat.  A little while later Ruskin and Treasure came round to see us and Rus was showing us some great animations he had just bought from Meike’s shop in London (read about Meike at )  Meike sells such clever animations and Rus showed me and Drax a really romantic one as he got down on one knee to Treausure.

We all went and sat in the dining room for a nice evening, I am lucky to have such good friends, we all had some virtual wine and it was the end to a perfect day.

Street Carnival in Knightsbridge

August 23, 2008


There is going to be a great Carnival in SL Knightsbridge from 12pm slt today and it continues tomorrow with some great floats going around the parade route.  Also there will be prizes of 1000 Lindens tomorrow for the best costumes, so get your glad rags on and get over there. (Street parade starts at 12pm SLT)

Fun in London

August 21, 2008

I had a call from Ruskin and he said that Ali had never been to the London sim, so I invited them both over.  Nice thing was that Pinkie came on line as well so she joined us, it was really good to see her.  We stood chatting in my apartment for a while, then we decided to catch a bus outside which takes you on a tour around Big Ben.  Sadly Pinkie had to leave, but Rus, Ali and me jumped on the top deck and the bus sped off.

It was a real laugh, we followed the route and then Ali had to say goodbye and we were joined by Treasure.  Rus got us all chips from the Fish and Chip stall and we headed off towards the Greyhound Pub in Kensington, stopping at my Office building on the way for a look round.

We went through the office lobby over to where the Greyhound Pub was, just over the road, chips still clutched in our hands.

Ruskin poured us a large whiskey and and we decided to sit in the booth seats and have a chat.  It was a lovely evening and it was nice to see the gang again.  I left Rus and Treasure to it, as it was getting late, and headed off back to real life.

Ruskin’s Olympic Style Shirts

August 19, 2008

My pal Ruskin Thor is fantastic at making clothes and he came up with some really nice tee shirts to support the British Olympic Team in Second Life.  He is selling them in Cher’s shop ‘Bonjour’ in Knightsbridge and they are a snip at 150 Lindens.  I have been wearing both versions and they bring many admiring comments, so get yourself over to Knightsbridge and buy one (or two!!).  Also see Virtually London (Lite) for more info.  Ruskin and Treasure posed for the picture above, and what a great looking couple they make, perhaps a modelling career would be right up their street as well.