Griefers In Second Life

November 28, 2007

‘Griefing’ in Second Life is a double edged sword, annoys you like hell when it happens to you, but sometimes makes you laugh (unfortunately usually at the expense of someone else, which shows the unkind, dark side of my nature).  Griefing can take many forms, you could be minding your own business walking down the street and some guy thinks its a brilliant idea to put a cage around you, knocking you off your feet and spinning you round and round in the cage.  I’ve had this happen to me a few times, walking along second life’s Knightsbridge, the trendy London site, out of the blue I was caged, turned out the avator wanted to chat to me and thought caging was a good idea to get my attention.   Well thanks pal, a simple ‘hello’ would have sufficed.  If you are a newbie reading this you can expect to be caged now and again, just because other av’s can tell you are new, by your clothes and hair etc, so best you change your appearance as quickly as possible. If you do get caged try to right click on the base of the cage which will give you back some control of the situation.  If you land in a place where people are using weapons (which can blow you many meters away, or even orbit you so you may have to re-log to get back to normal) it is best to take precautions and rez yourself a box on the ground and then sit on it until the griefing is over.  This does not protect you against every weapon, but sure is safer than just standing there.  In my panic as a new av, instead of rezzing a box, I pulled a shoe box out of my inventory by mistake, and sat on that.  It worked ok, but I still giggle at the thought of it, all my street cred vanished in a second.



My first home in Second Life was an area called Murray, where I met Pinkie and Headburro.  Before I met them I was griefed every time I teleported there (didn’t even know about sitting down to protect myself then).  Being stubborn as hell I decided the griefers would not drive me out.  The pair of av’s who thought they controlled Murray were weapons dealers called Minuet and Max, unfortunately I made things worse with Max, as I had, what I thought was a friendly joke with him about his attire, but my English sense of humour obviously did not cut ice with him, he was not a forgiving soul.  I got orbitted, caged, knocked off my feet, shot and trashed (they turn your av into a broomstick man with your bits all over the place).  I did have a laugh when I was trashed though, I used to shout out ‘oh no you’ve smudged my nail varnish again, or messed my hair up’ so that annoyed them even more.  I came back over and over and got talking to the other avs there and gradually I was accepted by the others.  Pinkie and Head gave me advice and I am eternally grateful to them, as I am now totally unafraid of griefers.  Another annoying griefing is the noisy boxes that fly through the air, or blocks that fall all around you.  I find the best thing to do is locate the griefer and go and sit next to them, take the griefing back to them so they have to sit amongst it all, it soon stops.


Goes to show how griefers can turn up anywhere.  Last night we were enjoying  an evening at Osprey Therian’s Gallery where she was announcing the winners of her photographic competition (well done everyone who won prizes by the way) and suddenly a gunman burst into the room telling everyone they were going to die.



Osprey, being the brave feisty lady that she is, quickly ejected him before he had a chance to shoot anyone, and we carried on with the awards.  It gave me a great photo opportunity for the blog and intrigued, I got in touch with the griefer Bourne Streeter when I got home.  I said I was going to use the photo for my blog and asked him why he did it.  He did not answer me as to why, but wanted to read the blog once I had done it.  I will send him my blog address and perhaps he can explain what motivated him in the comments.  I expect he’s usually quite nice once you get to know him, he’ll probably say he was having fun.

PS on a lighter note, completely different to above, because of a previous blog I did about the Isle of Weems, Wheemzel has thanked me by sending me a giant Christmas teddybear for my garden.  He’s lovely and you can sit on him and cuddle him.  Here’s a pic, thank you Wheemzel.










Club Crypt – New Club in Second Life

November 27, 2007

One of the cleverest people I have met in Second Life is eminent builder Rusty Heron, not only is he very clever, but he is one of the nicest people in our group of friends.  Just recently he has been very busy creating a new nightclub, Club Crypt, owned by Rusty, Citizen Loon, Sofy Graves, Alphonso Pidgeon and Vengeance Hammerer.  I hope they don’t mind me including their club in this blog, as it is a brilliant place to go for a night out.  I went along to the opening and was astonished at the work that Rusty had done, the place looks luxurious in every detail.  I soon joined the others on the dance-floor towards the back of the club and we raved the evening away.  (First picture is the genius Rusty)




Rusty showed me the large fireplace in the corner and said there was a hidden staircase behind it.  Nosy as ever, I went over and touched the wall, which slid back leaving a red carpeted staircase, I climbed it to the top, and it brought me onto a balcony, complete with table and chairs, overlooking the dance-floor, a very nice touch for anyone wanting a private evening away from the crowded dance floor.   There is another part of the club on the first floor for anyone who wants to be entertained by pole dancers (please tip them generously, they deserve the money if they are willing to do this to earn a few bob!).


The layout of the club is unique with its great staircases and lush interior, I spent a lot of time zooming round taking photographs, so please forgive me if you chatted to me on the dance floor and I did not respond, didn’t mean to be rude, I was just a bit preoccupied with the amazing build of the place.   



Think Rusty enjoyed himself as much as we did, he also created a dance stick that people can carry round with them (which gives a menu of whatever dance they want to do), what a smart invention by a smart guy.  Thanks for the invite Rusty hope the Club does really well for you and the other owners.




Newbie Look

November 24, 2007

My friend Headburro came round to my house last night to have a chat and see my Christmas decs (I’ve put the old house away, probably never to be seen again, and built a little cabin thing, well looks more like a summerhouse with snow, but there you go!).  We got chatting about skins and he told me about a really good shop for getting one, for those who don’t know second life, when you first create your 3D person (avator), you can chose what sort of person you want to be, and you have newbie clothes and newbie skin.  I chose a goth avator for myself, shame I don’t have any pics, but thought I looked really cool with my white skin, horrible newbie hair and dreadful black and red clothes.  Only when you see other people walking about with flowing hair, beautiful glowing skin and clothes that look straight off the catwalk, do you realise you have so far to go in the appearance stakes, and the shoes, such a lovely range of high heels instead of pointy newbie shoes with odd shaped heels that you start with.  I went through quite a range of different looks, quickly getting away from the goth phase, after I discovered I could do quite a lot in the appearance mode within the Second Life tools, changing my complexion, reshaping my features and adjusting my make up until I liked it.  Having only a little money, I search out many free clothes and shoes that I could modify and bargain hair that wasn’t half bad.  Well talking about a new skin with Head got me all fired up to change myself again last night, so he showed me where the shop was and we both bought some nice new eyes.  Head had to go off, so I went back to have a good look at the ivory skin that looked very glamorous on the model in the pictures.  I spied that you could buy a demo pack to try the four different types of make up that comes with the skin and bought one to take home.  Well I got home and tried it on, well, I was just hoping no one would spot me, as there I stood with ‘demo’ written all over me.


Well, panic stations, realised I could not change back that easily, as I just couldn’t go back to my old face that I had constructed out of the appearance tools (I’m sure there is a way but panic had set in and I was in a flap).  Dashed back to the shop and bought the skin, quickly putting it on, wore it for a little while and realised I hated it.  Well thank goodness for the wonderful people who give out freebies in sl, I found a free skin in my inventory that I didn’t know I had, that I could modify, and putting it on, quickly got back to the old me.


Well I read Headburro’s blog today and he nicely took the p……. out of my bits and pieces face, which was hilarious (go and see it at, its always a great blog to read anyway), so I though I’d get my own back, tehe.  While he was at my place last night, he was called away from the keyboard. He had been showing me his newbie look when he had chosen the ‘boy next door’ appearance.  I sneakily tooks some pics, awww didn’t he look so cute.



And below is a picture of Head in one of his up to date guises that we all know and love.  Well we’ve all come a long way from the first time we logged on and thought we were so stylish in the newbie outfits and shapes.  I’ll have to ask my other mate Pinkie who she came in as, I’ve only known her as her beautiful self (pictured below Head’s pic), perhaps she’ll tell me her story……








Combat Cards suicide mission

November 21, 2007

You might think I’ve kept a bit quiet about Combat Cards night on 18th November (last Sunday), well you are perfectly right if you think I’m sulking, haha.   It was more like a suicide mission for me, the only time I was on my feet was at the beginning of each match, got beaten so many times I lost count.  My own fault, partly that I’m a lousy warrior and partly that I hadn’t arranged my deck of cards properly, I got left with either no cards or red cards that I could not use. 



Destroyer Pinkie had soon dispatched me and then I fought Osprey,  I seemed to be able to strike her a couple of times, but it wasn’t to be, Osprey being a master of her game soon dispatched me as well.


Well, then I saw Headburro, who had turned up all kitted out as a Spartan Warlord, I could see the gritty determination on his face that I was already a gonna before I started (mind you the sight of that chest made me and Destroyer weak at the knees!)


and all too soon I was brought down with a vengeance (any Hollywood moguls who want any extras as cannon fodder, I’m up for it, very good at falling over!).


Well, slinked away from the Arena to lick my wounds, will definitely (once again) sort my deck out before next Sunday.  It’s a game that takes a lot of thought and skill, while I know I’ll never be that good at it I still really enjoy it all with my mates and we have a brilliant time.  Watch out Osprey, Destroyer and Headbut Sparta, looks like I may have to turn up with a gun next time, haha.



Headburro’s Rezday Party

November 19, 2007

How lucky I am to have such good mates in Second Life, there is always something going on. I had looked forwards to the party tonight, it was Headburro’s Rezday today, and we all had such a great time (for those not in Second Life, Rez day is the day when an avator is created, Head was one year old today).  Headburro is such a popular person and loved by us all, that people were arriving all through the evening to wish him well.  I had a bit of a freaky time, took ages to sort my clothes out and when I did arrive at the party my hair had vanished, eek, not a pretty sight.  Anyway I picked another hairstyle (that’s why I look a little different in the shots) and it made a change anyway. Head look really handsome in his suit and did us all proud.



Pinkie, Osprey, Ree, Hessa,  Anni, Knib, Forever, Marisa and lots of other people (forgive me for not knowing all your names) turned up to strut their stuff.  Pinkie looked great dancing opposite Ree, and Osprey boogied on down.    



I had baked a cake for Head, but just like my hair it kept disappearing, so, luckily I’d baked two, I sent one on to Head after his party. 


Head enjoyed it all so much that he rose to the occasion and his feet were in the air.  He said he’s had a great year and I can believe him, he’s one of the most creative people in Second Life and constantly in demand.


Funny thing, just like real life, you don’t go out for a couple of weeks, then two parties crop up at the same time.  Knib left Head’s party to get back to his own birthday party (that he was holding at his Island, Linc), so after Head’s ‘do’ we all ended up at Linc to wish Knib a happy birthday.


Happy Rezday Head and Happy Birthday Knib, we all have a lovely time, it was an evening to remember.                 





Icy Paradise at Island of Weems (part 2)

November 18, 2007

I thought I’d have a wander around today to see if I could catch anything interesting for the blog.  Well I ended up revisiting the Island of Weems to see if the owners had added anything new.  I met a breathtaking scene as I stumbled across another part of the island, above where I had previously explored, that seem to be formed out of a giant glacier.



Once again animals roamed free here, which is a lovely touch, and warily I photographed them being careful of the Tiger and the Polar bear who had a little cub with her.


I heard some chattering in the bushes and spied some red cardinals, looking striking against the whiteness of the snow, I can only wonder that they find enough to eat this time of year, lets hope someone, somewhere has put out some bird feeders and fresh water within their flight range.


Finally I came across a giant ice sculpture of horses rearing up into the sky, I had to take a closer look and what a picture it was with the snow flakes falling all around.




I make no excuses for doing another blog about the Island of Weems, as I enjoyed my return visit as much as my first one.  Thanks again to Wheemzel and BengalTiger for creating such a beautiful place, and I can only recommend that people go and see it for themselves.






Christmas at Island of Weems

November 15, 2007

Well Christmas is only a few weeks away and I just love this time of year.  I had intended going out tonight to photograph some animals as I’m entering a photograph competition.  The theme is ‘The Wilds’, Osprey Therian is holding the competition and I know the standards will be high, so I wanted to get some good pictures.  I searched for places with animals and teleported to a location that promised some wildlife.  On my arrival I met the most gorgeous scene, pure Christmas, a magical sight.



The deer were really friendly, as was the giant bear and I managed to get really close to them.  The falling snow added to the tranquility of the place, giving you the feeling that Christmas had already arrived.


There are beautiful chalets on the site (as seen in the first picture above, made by Julia Hather) and the detail was breathtaking, inside the chalet was cosy and snug for anyone wanting to spend a night in such a winter wonderland.


There is a large skating rink and you can get a pair of skates to ice dance with the skating snowmen there.  I donned a pair of skates and skated across to the Christmas store, which stocked everything you could ever wish for, for Christmas. 


I felt like a kid again as I entered the store and spotted Santa.  Couldn’t resist, I sat on his knee and told him my wishes for Christmas.  I ended up having a meal in front of the blazing log fire in the store, what a lovely setting it would be to bring a friend to. 



I was lucky enough to meet Wheemzel DeCuir, she and her husband BengalTiger Writer, own Island of Weems and they have worked so hard to make such a wonderful Christmas scene.  She told me that they also own Island of Kerry which has Airplanes, Helicopters, Boats and other vehicles, so I’ll have to pay a visit to that Island when I have time.  All in all they must be very busy people and I’d like to thank Wheemzel for letting me look around and take my pictures.  Pop over to Island of Weems if you love Christmas, you’ll be delighted.  (if you wish to visit just go to Search then Places in Second Life and type ‘Island of Weems’ and teleport straight there).