Wonderful Friends Make My 4th Rez Day One to Remember

March 30, 2011

I want to thank all my amazing friends for giving me such a wonderful 4th Rez Day!  Good friend Eliza, whose own Rez Day was last week, invited me over to her lovely Magic Valley land where she showed me around and treated me to a Rez Day cake (she took the beautiful black and white photo, also see more pictures on Flickr).  Then my dear friend Brie Janick invited me over to the West End Club where they held a surprise Rez Day Party for me.  Ed, did an article for me on Virtually London (lite) too!  Thank you Ed!  You all made my day fantastic and I had a brilliant time!  (4 years is a long time in SL and I put together a little bit of my history on CNN to  mark the occasion.)


Happy Rez Day Eliza!

March 26, 2011

Lovely Eliza Janus celebrated her 4th Rez Day yesterday as only Eliza could, she set some crazy poses and invited all her friends over for some fun pictures!  Eliza looked beautiful in pink and Alph gave her a big hug!  Hope you had a wonderful day Eliza!!!!

Lover’s Lane and Old Europe

March 20, 2011

I’ve been spending a great deal of time at my new virtual home, building has become such a joy and I can see why people just want to build all the time in SL.  I love the animals I put there, watching the macaws flying is great, they bring a bit of life to the place.  I had some land at the back of the houses I built and I wanted to lay a path leading round to a gazebo at the end with a rock pool next to it,  then coming back to the shoreline where I built a bigger gazebo looking out onto the ocean.  I suddenly got the idea that it might be a nice place for people to come and chat or for couples and I’ve called it ‘Lover’s Lane’.  I’ve put some romantic poses along the way where people can quietly kiss and cuddle if they wish to.  Just along the way they can visit Hibiscus as she has a pavilion for dancing.  My Lover’s Lane isn’t anything extraordinary, but it’s somewhere nice to relax.  I was quite proud of my rock pool, I made my first little waterfall and I think it looks quite natural, who knows what I might build next, luckily I haven’t got room for Niagara Falls!

It’s been a terrible week for news, the Japanese Earthquake/Tsunami is the most tragic thing I can remember and lets hope lots of people can donate money to help to alleviate the situation as time goes on.  I hurriedly put a link on CNN to the Linden’s appeal which was probably one of the first funds set up, in SL anyway.  It got lots of hits and I think people were looking for places to donate to in real life too, as everyone wants to help all they can.  I have seen many sims with the official collection points since, and this is a great idea, at least people will know that their donations are going to the right place.  I saw one in Old Europe too, I’ve been setting up a stall there.  Up4 Dawes invited me over to open a stall in his fabulous Old Europe Market Fair and I’ve taken some of my flowers and fairy decorations along.  Old Europe looks as beautiful as ever and it’s been bustling with people since the market opened.  It goes on until March 31 with some great events happening, so there’s plenty of time to check it out.

Working on the Land and Tarts and Vicars

March 6, 2011

We’ve been having a laugh lately dressing for the different club themes and one theme in particular sent us searching our inventories to see how tarty we could look!  It had been a Tarts and Vicars night at the West End Club and  it took me ages to achieve this look, Hibiscus too, but it was a lot of fun.  Not often blond, it made a nice change for me.  We had a great time at the club, there were lots of vicars, nuns and even monks as well as loads of glam girls!

I just love being at my new parcel on the homestead sim Jamaica Inn and I’ve been doing all sorts, including making plants, which I’ve got for sale there and digging a pond.

I suddenly got it into my head that I wanted some ducks on the pond and travelled over to one of the animal places called Animania.  Well they had so many lovely birds and things that I spent a fortune.  I spotted some macaws and it was love at first sight.  They bob their heads move along the perch and suddenly take off, circling around the garden before landing back on their perch.  I started off with two, a greenwing macaw and a blue and gold and then decided to go back and buy the hyacinth macaw too, so now they all live happily at Jamaica Inn. 

I got my ducks too and a feeder for them!

There was a tale to tell though with the ducks.  When I first put the parent ducks in the pond they suddenly took off and disappeared.  I searched everywhere and in the end called the store.  A really nice lady called Anni came over and said that I needed to flatten out the bottom of the pond to give them a big enough swim area.  We couldn’t find the ducks so she gave me a replacement pair.   Anni left and I decided to put one of the ducks in the now altered pond, but as I did the duck flew off again, this time with my camera tracking it.  I was able to get it back, it had gone over to Spook’s sim and suddenly I spotted the first pair swimming in some water at the end of the sim near Spooks place.  Incredibly they had found some water and looked quite happy swimming about.  I gathered them up and returned them to Anni, thanking her for her help.  Well I got the ducks in my pond finally and went and bought a pair of ducklings for them to look after.  They are really sweet and look very real.

I’ve been working on the inside of the Inn too and nearly finished it.  I’ve installed the Truthball there so anyone passing can call in and have a game with it.  I’ve saved so many prims by using Johnnytreadlightly Nightfire’s furniture which looks amazing!  I did return to the animal place again and bought one last thing, a lovely blue butterfly, just like the ducks he flew off into the distance when I first put him down and I really couldn’t find him.  However, today I logged on and he was flying around in a different part of my land.  I also have Max the Siamese cat running around so it’s very lively and I’m beginning to think these virtual animals do have a mind of their own!