All At Sea Then Clubbing Again!

February 27, 2009

SL does some strange things, I only tried to sit on the chair in my apartment and I went off into the sea with bits of someone else’s apartment.  I often wonder if the Lindens do this sort of thing for a laugh!  I tried going back into ‘appearance’ as this sometimes zooms you back to where you are supposed to be, but it didn’t work this time, even if it did, you still end up with a slide instead of a walk or a quick waddle and then a slide, oh well, re-log and hope for the best!!



I’ve been trying not to spend lately, I can get carried away in SL, so many lovely things to buy and I have been trying to save a bit to keep Virtually London (Lite) ticking over, so I shouldn’t even have gone to the BareRose store, let alone buy anything.  But there it was this beautiful evening dress, so cheap and in about 4 different colours all for 15o Lindens.  Well as I was going out clubbing again (Ruskin was dj’ng in the Mayhem Club) I decided to treat myself.  Glad I did, it’s a nice dress and I can wear the other colours to other events.



Some of the Murray crowd were there at the club and it was lovely to see them, I must pop over to Murray soon, it’s been ages.  Captive and Treasure looked really glam, Cap had similar hair to me, only on her it looked really good, she has a knack of looking like an SL model, Treasure does as well, they both looked fantastic.  Little Nazna  turned up in a sort of wolf outfit and she said she was supposed to look evil.  Sorry Naz, you still looked cute!



Hibiscus looked really great in a new dress too, she always has new clothes, having a real talent for shopping and getting lots of bargains from good quality places.  There was quite a crowd in the club, Ruskin did really well as a dj and looked like he was really enjoying himself as well.  We had a brilliant time and the Mayhem club was rocking!!




Art and Mayhem in London sims and Freddie Mercury Lives On!

February 23, 2009

It’s the start of the SL London Festival of Art which carries on over the week.   I put a few of my pictures in the Mayfair bit of SL London, first time I have ever entered anything there, but it’s fun. There have been quite a few artists displaying their work and also there are London themed pictures in sl Knightsbridge and Machinima films to see in SL Kensington, so it should be an interesting week.  See Virtuall London (Lite) for my first day of the write up.  While you are at it please click on my new google ads to see what’s on offer, they looks like they have linked Virtually London (Lite) to some good stuff!!


One thing continues to amaze me about the London sims though, I have to chase most of the stories up each week, which I must admit I enjoy doing,  but I question why the people who work there fail to promote coming events by letting me know.  I happened to see, by chance, that they were opening the club in SL Mayfair again, re-naming it and hiring new staff for a totally new clubbing experience.  They named it ‘Mayhem’ and I only stumbled on this the day before it opened, too late for me to promote it on the London Blog,  and it seemed they were struggling to get people there on the opening night. How daft is that!   I chase stuff up all I can, but it would be so easy for them just to give me a heads up on a note card.  It’s not the way I would do things, but I suppose everyone is different.


I found a great gig in SL and went over with Drax to see it.  It was a tribute band miming to a recording of a live ‘Queen’ concert and it was  for the War Child charity in real life.  The sim was packed out with people to bursting point, even after his death Freddie Mercury can still draw the crowds.



Ringing In My Ears, The Names Bond, James Bond!!

February 20, 2009

Been a funny old week.  Tried to get to two CNN meetings and was late for both, and being that they are only running for half an hour I was very late coming in at the end, apologies to Nicole and Henry!  They have huge crowds there now though, so doubt they missed me much.  I couldn’t really understand what was going on, it seemed at the end of each of the meetings we were ushered over to the car lot to look at someones car there, no idea if he is making them to sell in SL, or simply pleased with it, bit odd for a CNN meeting though, think a lot of the ireporters are newbies as well and they all want to be heard.


I love my apartment in Chelsea and like to go back there for a bit of peace and quiet.  I have my two goldfish for company and they don’t make any noise except for the occasional splash!  Just lately there has been a phone ringing somewhere in the block.  It didn’t go all the time so was hard to pinpoint where it was coming from.  I asked Clive he lives above me but he didn’t know.   Anyway I finally tracked it down to the penthouse suite where a film crew had moved in to make an SL movie.  I had heard them talking about the film, which is a spoof James Bond one, and it all looked like they were going to a lot of trouble and doing things properly.  


I saw the main actor had arrived, his name is Rosco Teardrop, so I asked him if he knew about the phone ringing and he looked around and spotted the phone on the side.   I asked him about the movie and if they had a press release so that I could include it in Virtually London (Lite).  He told me that this was a proper Internet movie and that it would be included in the SL London Festival of Art which starts in SL London today.  He was very nice and later apologised for the phone ringing, I hadn’t minded once I knew where it was coming from.  Someone once left a fruit machine in the flat above which made noises all day, but they did do that just to be annoying.    Anyway, the film is great and you can see it at


Magazine Event with Brilliant Winston Ackland

February 16, 2009

I had an invitation sent to me by publicist Jura Shepherd to attend an event put on by Role Magazine who are opening a gallery at their sim, which is a lovely idea.  The guest singer for the opening night was Winston Ackland, the real life singer who recently got a contract with 20th Century Fox for part of the soundtrack of the film Marley and Me, which was released Christmas day in the States. Jura herself writes for Role Mag and it’s one of the quality Second Life papers.  I should have contacted Jura to ask what to wear, it was my own fault, I have just been so busy that I didn’t do it.  Jura is lovely and she would have told me, but left to my own devices I thought that an opening night would mean formal wear, so I dug out a long red gown from my inventory and some sparkly jewellery.  I teleported over to the sim and landed in an isolated spot.  I saw the crowd was over to one side and when everying rezzed I made my way over.   There I was greeted by Winston’s lovely wife Sesi and her friends.  Too late, I looked at them all and they had smart day clothes on, each looking like something out of the Magazine, but not over the top like me in my evening dress.  Does this matter in SL, well yes it does a bit, you can still feel a bit daft, lol.  I had the choice, disappear and come back in something else, swap my clothes discretely there or just ignore it and carry on.  As they had all seen the dress ,I guessed the best option was to just carry on.



Jura turned up just after me and she looked stunning in her sexy clothes and thigh length boots, other people turned up in smart casual as well, only one other girl had an evening sort of outfit on and that was short at the front!!



Winston came on and it was a wonderful atmosphere as he started to sing, he was really nice and acknowledged everyone there, inluding me, but alas he kindly said I looked nice in my long red dress! no hiding it then, hehe.   Winston’s performance was amazing, choosing some of his own great songs and mixing them with an array of cover songs to suit everyone, and his style really went well with them all, making them his own.  Winston’s audiences and the people from Role Magazine seem a really nice crowd and the evening went well.  I will have to go back to take a look around the gallery they have opened as they are featuring two artists this month and it looks very interesting.



And the dress, well doubt if anyone was interested in looking anyway, it’s only SL, but goes to show you can still feel embarrassed even dressed in the wrong pixels!!  I will definately ask next time, but thanks for sending me the invite Jura and best wishes to Sesi and Winston who made it a fabulous night.

Teagan Linden and the Gang Give Free Kisses

February 14, 2009

It’s Valentines day and I wondered if anything was going on in SL.  I logged in and had a chat with Hibiscus and after she left for real life I started to wander around exploring a bit.  I then saw a group conference come up in chat and Natok , a member of the group, told everyone that the Lindens were at an Island giving out kisses.  At first I didn’t bother, but then decided I might as well have a look.  I teleported over and to my surprise landed near the lovely Teagan Linden who I had met before when she showed me and Headburro around the haunted asylum.  Teagan had been really nice and remembered to send me on a Linden bear with a few other bits and pieces, so it was good to say hello to her again.  She had amazing hair that kept changing colour, she was too busy for me to ask her where she got it, but it was really colourful. 


The sim was done up with Valentine Hearts and flowers and stuff and looked great.  Teagan said she had to go off and find a booth where she was to give out her free kisses. I flew around, although the lag was bad, I manage to see her giving out kisses.  Teagan being a Neko, half cat and half human didn’t even mind kissing a large mouse which he enjoyed immensely.




I saw Catherine Linden in the next booth and I asked her if I could have a Linden bear and she was very nice and sent me one, I have quite a collection now, thanks Catherine!!  She too was busy giving out kisses!


Next to arrive was Niko Linden, he looked very cute as a Neko and I did ask him for a bear, but there was a lot going on and he never answered, perhaps he doesn’t have any to give out though.   He stood chatting to everyone and joined the other Lindens to kiss people.


I spotted another Linden I had not seen before, Spike Linden (in the black tee shirt below) and went over to where he was.  He had quite a few people around and I asked him for a bear as well, and he kindly sent me one, thanks Spike.  Sorry though Spike!! I started a stampede as all the people around wanted bears as well then!!


I then got a message saying if I IM’d Cupid Linden I would get a Valentines gift.  So without wasting time I got in touch with her and she sent me some presents.  How nice of her to do that.  I spotted Cupid at one of the booths and decided to ask for a kiss as I’m sure Cupid is a special Avatar and only comes out once a year, I wonder which Linden plays Cupid!!  It was a fun thing for them to do and I got some great bears and gifts, thanks guys!!!



Packed CNN and Happy Rez Day Cappie

February 11, 2009

Hibiscus and I got a message from the SL ireporter’s group that there were to be two CNN meetings last night and as Henry Hanks was taking the first one and Nicole Saidi the second I thought I would try to get to both meetings.  It was also my friend Captive Latte’s first Rez Day so I wanted to get over for her surprise rezday party as well.  I got all dressed up when I first logged on so that I could just go over to the party from the meeting.  Well the meeting has picked up pace and there were lots of avs there, inluding Nicole as well.  Henry took the floor and made a valiant effort with all the new people there, who spoke with their own agendas, Henry did well though.  After the meeting Hib and I went over to the party at Caps home and waited with Roach and the other guests for Cappie to get home.



I haven’t been to Murray for ages and it was nice to see some of the old crowd there.  Little Nazna was there but unfortunately crashed before I could get her picture and there was Gunter, Natok, Tah, Dave and Garic among the crowd waiting for Cappie to make her entrance.  Cappie finally arrived, and didn’t she look just great!! she had a bunny girl outfit on and she looked so glam.



Everyone soon started dancing and having a great time, Roach had done the place up so nicely with party balloons and a bar, he really did her proud.






I had a lovely time at the party and wished Cappie a very happy Rez Day and I hope she has many more, her and Roach are such a lovely couple!!  I hurried on over to the second meeting at CNN and was surprised to see even more new people turning up.  Nicole started the meeting but regretfully for me I had to leave so only stayed for 15 minutes.  When I looked at the CNN site after, I realised that there are lots of ireporters, who report on real life events, now making their way into SL and getting involved with us ‘in world’ lot.  So from being only a few of us faithful ones at the meetings, from now on I suspect Nicole and Henry will be playing to a packed house.  Nice for them though, it’s what they want and it’s all taken off for them, well done you two!!

Fun in Africa!

February 9, 2009

It’s been nasty weather in real life for quite a few days now, and the nicest thing about SL is that real life weather doesn’t matter, you can just teleport off to any warm place that you feel like.  I met Drax the other day and we decided to go exploring.  We started out with the city of Krakow and went over to the crowd there to say hello.  They were very nice and the ones who could speak English had a good humoured conversation with us.  We carried on to Paris and joined the large group of people who spoke in French to each other, and only one answered when we asked if they spoke English and then he said only a very little.  Hmmm, well suppose you can ‘t blame them for not wanting to lose their language, but it would have been nice to chat, as I am sure most of them do speak English, better than my French anyway!!

Drax decided on somewhere completely different and we teleported off to Africa and it was lots of fun.  There is a big river running through the middle of the sim with a lovely waterfall at one end.  We spotted a rubber tube in the water and hitched a ride.



Good job Drax has big strong arms as he paddled furiously along the river trying to avoid the crocodiles.  In the end one caught up with us and capsized the tube.  Not to be beaten we hitched a lift on the croc, he didn’t seem to mind.



Finally the croc shook us off and we swam across to a Giraffe and some Hippos, for a better view all around the sim we sat on the Giraffe who just carried on eating, surprising how tame the animals are there!!


Drax was starting to get hungry, he was looking at all those animals thinking they would probably taste good in a hamburger, so we headed inland.  He spotted a drum and played it, making an awful noise and frightening all the animals away, he was happy though!!  We had a great time there and it’s a nice place to wander around, we even spotted a couple of people in a hot air balloon overhead, so there was probably a lot more to see there.  It’s a place we would go back to and we had a nice time.