Such a Laugh in Murray!

December 28, 2010

I hadn’t been to Murray in ages, the place where I first entered SL over 3 years ago!  It had been plagued by griefers then and continued to  be used by them on and off ever since.   I went over to Murray with Drax and there were new people  there who I hadn’t seen before.  They were very nice and obviously SL car fans as the guy had a really nice range of cars in his inventory.  He kindly gave me a few cars and Drax and I decided to have a ride.  I managed to sit in the driver’s seat but Drax ended up sitting on the bonnet of the car, so he whistled and his mighty tarn appeared.  He climbed onto the big bird and I climbed on behind him and we took to the air circling high over Murray.  Drax is really good with the bird and handles it very smoothly, not at all like my driving!!  We landed back down and I tried a couple of the other cars.

We ended up in the little car shaped like an antique Ford, but it was very, very nippy!   Drax took a big chance riding with me as we zoomed off at top speed with me losing control!  The Lindens have altered Murray from the nice grassy plains to a beach type area with very large stepping-stones everywhere.  True to form I hit each and every stepping-stone and got stuck behind some deckchairs!  

I put away the speedy little car and got my Caterham 7 from my inventory, the car which I had frightened Hibiscus with when I took her for a ride in Virtual London! (think she liked it really!).  Drax climbed into the passenger seat and off we went, well my car was even worse, I ended up in the sea several times with Drax going ‘glug glug’ as he tried to breathe!  We finally got back onto the beach! However I think a griefer must have orbited us as we suddenly took off and landed in the next sim!  It didn’t make any difference though, my driving was so bad I might as well have griefed myself!


Fun at the Beach Party

December 21, 2010

I’ve been to so many Christmas parties so far that when friend Brie Janick and husband Seany1235 Blinker sent out an invitation to a beach party at their wonderful home it came as a nice surprise.  We just needed something different to take our minds off of all the freezing cold snowy weather in real life!  I had been shopping at Pixel Dolls earlier in the day, they had a fantastic sale on.  I bought a little dress that could easily pass as a beach dress, so I put that on and went over to Brie and Seany’s place. 

Brie looked as classy as ever in her lovely navy and white outfit and everyone was already having a great time.

Drax, Hibiscus and Ed came over too and lots of our friends were there, as Brie played some great music. 

Brie told us to wander around and have a look at her new house, it was really beautiful, she is so clever at interior design and there is so much detail everywhere.  Loved your house Brie and Seany and thank you for a fantastic party!!

A Linden, The Oval Office, A Shop, A Ball, Wedding Vows and THAT Dress!!

December 13, 2010

Time is just flying past and now Christmas is only a couple of weeks away I just can’t believe it!   Of course it’s been a hectic time for me both in real life and in SL and I haven’t managed to cover all the stories I’ve wanted to yet, but will try to catch up.  I have been looking at Christmas and winter sims which has been really nice. I popped into one a few days ago and suddenly saw Blondin Linden on my radar.  I had met Blondin at the Valentines event that the Lindens put on back in February so I stopped to say hello.  I’m sorry about the picture if you are reading this Blondin, I never saw the sign for ‘Free Stuff’ hanging over your head when I took it, I can assure everyone that Blondin is  not a free gift in the sim!  I met Drax later and we travelled over to see the SL version of the Oval Office which was fun.  It was very well done and I asked Drax if it was like the real thing, (he had a glimpse inside the real one some time ago!)  Well he thought the carpet was a different colour! Maybe Obama’s dog had a few accidents in there, who knows!!  Drax sat behind the desk and I took some dictation, I think we sorted most of the world’s troubles between us! lol!

I had a call the next day from Up4 Dawes and his partner Rux who own the beautiful Old Europe sim.  Up4 invited me over to a live SLTV fashion show where the owner of Bliss Couture was being interviewed.  It was really good and while I was there Up4 suggested I might like to open one of my Christmas shops in Old Europe.  This was really nice of him and Rux and I went over to see.  Up4 sorted me out a fantastic store and I had a lovely time kitting it all out.  I’d like to carry on making things after Christmas and may make some fairy stuff, but I don’t know what else yet.  I’d like to say thanks to Up4 and Rux for giving me a chance to be in their lovely sim with my designs.  I’ve yet to explore the rest of the sim and enjoy the ice skating there, so that is next on my list!

There was to be a Winter Ball at the West End Club last Saturday and I had to look for something to wear.  I must admit, when I’m looking for a dress for a special occasion, the price tags of 500 to 800 Lindens do put me off as I can’t say I would wear the dress more than a couple of times, so I shop around a lot.  I was beginning to lose heart when I suddenly decided to look at Lemania as they always have some lovely outfits there.  As I landed there I instantly spotted it! a beautiful dress, all shell pink and floaty, not at all like I usually wear!  It was love at first sight, then I saw the price and I was head over heals in love! it was a special offer for L$100, so I snapped it up!  That left me money to go hair shopping too and I found just what I wanted.  So off I went to the ball looking completely different to my somewhat tougher and harder looking avatar style.  I’ll be writing more about the Ball in Virtually London (lite) this week.

The Ball was really nice and we had another ‘do’ to go to afterwards.  Truthsprincess and Truths were re-taking their wedding vows and invited us all along to their home to witness it.  They looking stunning and it was a very touching ceremony.  Afterwards everyone was dancing and there were only a couple of us ladies without partners there, so I went and sat on the bench to take some photos.  SL was playing up a bit and it was laggy for me, but I managed to take some good shots and so did Hibiscus who later joined me on the bench for a chat.

We had a really good time and Princess and Truths had made a wonderful setting for their party, everything was perfect for them.   They re-new their SL wedding vows every year and I wish them many more years of happiness!

Back in Knightsbridge!

December 4, 2010

I’ve been doing ok with my little Christmas shops, I love making all the bits and have added a couple of xmas trees with birds, one with our English Robin and one with Red Cardinals with a glarland and wreath to match on the Cardinal one.  The joy of making stuff is great, although my time is limited, its such a nice thing to do.  I have a few shops, a couple in a lovely Christmas sim called The Christmas Village at Jura, one in Tropical Bliss and one in the New London Village.  I wanted to get one more shop and decided to look back at Virtual London.  It was nice going back there, and it brought back  memories of happy times, of which there were many!  I explored all the sims, Mayfair, Hyde Park, Westminster, Kensington and Knightsbridge and looked at the shops that were available to rent.  I decided on Knightsbridge as I have always loved the gallery and it has lots of room inside for my trees etc.  I enjoyed setting my shop up and talking to the people dropping by who had come to see what was going on.  I’m not going to make a killing with my stuff for the sales, as I keep the prices low and I try to make everything very low prim as well (my trees are just one prim), so people can put up lots of decorations and still have their quota of prims left for their furniture.  I love walking around the London sims again looking at the shops.  It was good too to see so many friendly faces!